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Revolving Door in Washington Spins as Dept. of Energy Official Gets Top Job at Nuclear Company


Revolving Door in Washington Spins as Dept. of Energy Official Gets Top Job at Nuclear Company

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Government watchdogs are raising serious concerns that Dan Poneman, who served for years as a high-ranking Department of Energy official, has just taken a job as president and CEO of a nuclear enrichment company that has long received special treatment from the federal government, including on his watch.


“The lobbying aside, it’s really just the appearance that this job was
some sort of reward for the favorable treatment they were getting from
DOE. It’s just that appearance that needs to be respected.”

Lobbying aside? Just the appearance? What?

No, this is called the merging of corporate power and governance that serves corporate power. It is the rule of the oligarchs and needs to be stopped.

I’m so sick of these mealy mouthed statements from “progressives”.


“Ethics? Ethics? We don’t need no stinkin’ ethics!” Any elected or selected government official.

  • The only thing that counts today is: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  • the rest is all just Kabuki.


The fleecing of Americans …We have been had!..No shit…our lawmakers sanction this criminal activity…You hire wolfs to look out for the chickens…Nothing good ever happens from that…Yet they do nothing to stop it,>>>>VOTERS do nothing to stop it…The only candidates we get are already vetted by corporations groomed by the powers that be …To run get elected and earn their bribes…BOTH parties…The Dems and Pubs should combine parties and call it the Ka_Ching party…PayMe PlayMe…is their motto.


International events show clearly that there is no future on our planet while the USA remains as it is.
It has become clear that the US’n assertion of being Americans is effectively to be The Americans amongst the fecund variety of people who live on the two huge continents of the Americas. It is an expression of exceptionalism that riddles US English, or ‘American’ thereby effectively stealing the birthright of all other Americans. It is exceptionally silly and childish but it is a huge and destructive presence of astonishing conceit.
For a long time now many have been telling these ‘Americans’ to heal themselves and leave the world alone (Go Home Yankee) but the persistent flood of killing shows ‘Americans’ are proving incapable of doing so and indeed home is England and Europe.When we see the wisdom of the first settlers of the American continents become prominent in the way of life of the place currently known as ‘America’ then we can entertain some optimism about the place.
I repeat, there is no future for this world while the ‘Americans’ stay as they are. Theirs is a retarded culture that proudly finds expression in brutality. Even the accent has taken on the characteristics of a terrible smell. Any discussion with a whiff of it is a like a meal with bad ingredients. Significantly, this also happened to the English accent in the first half of the 20th century. In this sense the ‘American’ is almost a hundred years behind the English times. In the beginning is the word and, in truth, events are showing the ‘American’ is a mistake; should never have been by the name he has adopted. Indeed ‘Americans’ make the English seem innocent, which is an amazing achievement for anyone who reads history.
This understanding is what anti-‘American’ really means and events prove that to be accused of this is the current most significant mark of honour and integrity.