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Revulsion and Revolt: Backlash Against Indiana's Pro-Discrimination Law Grows


Revulsion and Revolt: Backlash Against Indiana's Pro-Discrimination Law Grows

Jon Queally, staff writer

If you want to see the band Wilco play this Spring, you won't be doing it in Indiana.


Watch as the energy that should be directed at the endless war culture of the congressional-military-industrial complex continues to put it’s hobnailed boot on the neck of a supine US electorate. See the picture in the article using McCarthyite guilt by association (except instead of the army or state department being associated with communists it is the governor being associated with the views of certain supporters of this legislation) to tar and ferather all sauporters of such legislation.
Be assured that the executives of Goldman-Sachs, the Carlyle Group, and Acadame Services are clinking their champagne goblets in a toast to the art of P.R. misdirection as the masses are effortlessly moved from protesting Fergueson MO to despising the entire state of Indiana. In magic the art of misdirection seeks to divert attention of the audience away from the hand doing the illusion to the other hand doing all manner of flourishes designed to distract attention from the significant that is happening before your eyes. Watch out for the magicians of PR! Thy are past masters of the art of misdirection.
To bring some balance to this discussion consider that there are laws on the books of certain states (Florida and Wisconsin are but two of many examples) that permit criminal sanctions against those cohabiting without benefit of a marriage license. Those laws are either being removed or in process of same for no other reason than disinterest in their enforcement.
If left alone this stupid law would have the same fate. However, this delicious bonbon is irresistable to those already fighting two wars (Iraq and Afghanistan still)and itching to get involved in military action against: Syria, Iran, Lebanon, and Gaza–and who knows? maybe even in the Ukraine!).
To bring further balance to this discussion, businesses are hungry for paying customers and homosexuals have as much money as any other group in the US (as specifically targeted campaigns by everything from credit card providers to travel agencies, and the hospitality industry have proven).
In 2012 the CEO of Chick Fil A fast food restaurants publicly disclosed his opposition to gay marriage. For a while it was good for public outrage (queer folk had “kiss ins” in or in front of Chick Fil A restaurants). In time the protests went away and the restaurants stayed in profitable business as they do to this day.


While your post makes a very valid observation, the line quoted above appears to cast Pence in the role of victim. He is not. His appearances on TV trying to defend this law and refusing to answer direct questions about its ramifications make it clear that he is completely on board with its hateful purpose.

Sadly, you could have made your point - a good one - without this sentence. Why you chose to taint your own argument is hard to understand.



Bravo. Washington State and Connecticut have denounced this Pro-Discrimination law in Indiana. Hit this Governor of Indiana in his pocket book and refuse to do any business with this bigot until he rescinds this repugnant law!


Poet, I understand the point about distraction, but I disagree with your misdirection couching it in the terms that those opposing this brutal legislation are in essence assisting those pulling the strings of Empire.

The fact remains that this legislation allows direct discrimination against the LGBT community.

Also, I find it bizarre that you are engaging in misdirection regarding those who are fighting against injustice relative to police brutality in Ferguson.

So the answer is what? To just go along with these injustices?

Also, I get the distinct impression that you resent the LGBT community personally.


To Spotless:

Sorry for the errant distraction and on reconsideration I agree with you that it could have been better to leave it out of the entire comment. Also thanks for the spell check!

To Psychedelic Chicken:
You wrote:
“The fact remains that this legislation allows direct discrimination against the LGBT community.”

The facts also remain that if this addiction to endless warfare, endless pollution, and the implicit royalty of Bushes and Clintons being the leading candidates for the presidency continues unabated, it won’t matter what kind of other laws are on the books because the empire will have check-mated everything else.
You also observed:
“Also, I find it bizarre that you are engaging in misdirection
regarding those who are fighting against injustice relative to police
brutality in Ferguson.”

The strategy is called “divide and conquer”. Blacks and the LBGT community are convenient targets to attempt to divide the US population because the people of this country have despised these minorities consistently throughout their history here and those communities have a developed strong tradition of vigorous public demonstrations against such bigotry.
So we pass a law that the religiously devout are sure to support and those who are members of such communities are bound to oppose. Then we stand back and watch the fur fly.
Meanwhile we go to our buddies at the American Enterprise Institute, the Koch Brothers foundation, and others of similar ilk and beg for the proper language and money to sell the TPP, more pipelines to transport toxic substances over prime farm land or virgin wilderness, ever more hundreds of billions of dollars to promote the latest wars in the middle east, etc.

So the answer is what? To just go along with these injustices?

The answer is to expose those who discriminate on the basis of such laws and to note that most people in business really would rather have the business income than go around posturing their religion in front of the share holders of their corporations. It is also to keep yourself focused on the bigger picture of what is being done by those who promote such legislation to dominate the lives of all people by any means necessary.

You also offered the following parting shot:
“Also, I get the distinct impression that you resent the LGBT community personally.”

This gives me the impression that you are a member of that community. If so or if not let me say categorically that I do not resent anybody based on their sexual orientation. There are LGBT community members who are annoying, or short sighted, or contentious people–such behavior I do resent and it has nothing to do with their sexual orientation.
Also, I do not include you, Psychedelic Chicken, in any of those categories of disliked conduct. So whether you be L, G, B, or T you are still a member of the good ol’ USA–unless you are Canadian which is almost as good (uh oh–I sense Saskatchistani is going to be ticked off at that one!) Seriously and sincerely, no offense intended to anyone.


It is time that the Supreme Court took this issue up. We are supposed to have religious freedom. That never meant that one religious bigot can impose his religious belief on others. What about the religious beliefs of the rest of us unbigoted good people. The people who want this law are no better than religious people expounding Sharia law.


Arkansas just passed the same law.
I guess it’s true. The south shall indeed rise again. Let’s not make the same mistake this time. If they want to go, I say buy them a plane ticket out of town, because a train ain’t fast enough.


While the focus of attention is on anti-gay and other forms of discrimination that this law opens the door to, an equally, if not more important aspect of this law is its extension of discrimination in guise of religious freedom to corporations and businesses using the broad definition of what is meant by a “person.”

Businesses have religious beliefs - WTF???.


This Indiana law is merely a symptom of the right-wing radicalism that has taken over city councils and state legislatures in dozens of states, and it’s driven by bat-guano-crazy religious fundamentalism. This law about “religious freedom” is tame compared to what these folks really want to do to gays, atheists, liberals, foreigners and literally everyone else who doesn’t share their strange superstitious beliefs.
All you “moderates” out there who belong to and/or contribute to a superstition-based group should consider that the next time you drop a dollar into a collection plate or send your next tithing check. Some very large and very powerful “mainstream” religious groups are complicit in this right-wing fanaticism, although they piously deny that in public. America is entering a very dark and dangerous place, and it’s time to start seeing these “faith-based” – i.e., irrational-superstition-based – groups for what they are and realize the tremendous damage they inflict on our society in many ways.


Dear Governor Pence, The fact that your Legislature passed the Indiana Religious Freedom Act and that you signed it is all the evidence that anyone needs to know your state is a place where intolerant bigotry exists. You reveal your own stupidity when you attack civil rights advocates and the media for exposing the law for what it is: permission to discriminate.


Yeah, the propaganda machine is five steps ahead of any effort to educate even the most astute of us on it’s multi-nested levels of indirection and lies. They’ve got literally thousands of brilliant, driven, extremely well compensated folks cranking out some of the most brilliant rhetorical mythology ever devised.

Sadly, characterizing the sophistication of the charade is not an effective foil against it. Anyone interested enough to follow these byzantine machinations is already convinced of the fact that virtually nothing on corporate media is journalistically valid anymore. Problem is, it’s far worse than that.

Expounding in here on the relative levels of misinformation within the tornadic hype of the public information space is pretty much deck chairs on the Titanic. Very interesting deck chairs, mind you, but somewhat distracting as well, in that it presumes that us having a more detailed knowledge of the propaganda process itself will reduce it’s effectiveness. Bit it doesn’t really, any more than us having an even more detailed understanding of the atmospheric effect of CO2 will lesson its effect on the climate for the rest of the ignorant world.

Indeed it’s too late for anything. Clinton gave away the last of the Free Press with the Telecommunications Act of 1996. About the only thing left to do as far as effective enlightenment goes, is maybe find your old high school classmates on Facebook who still think one party is better than the other and hammer them as hard as they will tolerate (and not unfriend you) about how there is not a nickel’s difference between them. That may eventually lead them to the realization of their own illusions and send them out to the nosebleed channels for alternative news and maybe, when it gets so bad we can’t take it anymore they’ll join us and do the only thing that’s left to do that will make any difference anywhere. Massive, relentless civil disobedience. Later.


Bigotry thinly disguised is stll BIGOTRY.


Some say it was over when European and American business interests won the Civil War and re instituted the despised National Bank and began the One Party political system the world’s elite benefit from to this day?


Well, my only reason for thinking that the money hadn’t completely ruled since then is that the democratic traction gained in the 1930s from the blow back of the Great Depression was significant enough to return top tax rates on the upper crust as high as 90% for individuals and 50% for Corporations throughout the 1950s. That was serious downward wealth distribution, the likes of which was never seen before.

As well, the media was demonstrably a populist advocate as late as even 1980. They avidly covered any public demonstrations at all, exposed the War in Vietnam and Watergate scandal, and in the late 70s the correspondents at CBS’s 60 Minutes could make CEO’s everywhere cower in fear with a simple phone call requesting an interview. No back room deal was safe.

All of it, gone, by the end of Clinton’s first term. Hence, my concern that, if there is not another serious, sudden Depression to wake people up, we’ll be buried so far under mythology and misinformation that nothing will be able to break the Technological stranglehold that can be exerted these days.


mlucid remarks:
Yeah, the propaganda machine is five steps ahead of any effort to
educate even the most astute of us on it’s multi-nested levels of
indirection and lies. They’ve got literally thousands of brilliant,
driven, extremely well compensated folks cranking out some of the most
brilliant rhetorical mythology ever devised.

It is useful to remember that Emanuel Goldstein, the supposed leader of the resistance against Big Brother in Orwell’s 1984 was actually working on BB’s side and trying to ferret out those opposed to the regime.
I well remember Amy Goodman interviewing a leading computer hacker who had adopted the name Emanuel Goldstein as his blogging name. Amy in her forgetfulness (or was it ignorance?) asked him to explain the origin of his name. As the computer hacker did so it went completely over Amy’s head–the idea that this guy could possibly be working for those whom his activities were supposedly harassing.
Amy just plowed forward wanting to know what he found out and what kind of harassment the US government was giving him. Had she been sharp enough, she could have asked the guy directly: Are you working for those whom your activities are harassing or not? If yes, for what reason are you doing this hacking? If no, then why did you adopt such a controversial name for your activities?
Alas! The moment was lost and Amy managed to fill fifteen or twenty minutes of air time with the mundane details of his activities and what sort of harassment he received from the government for doing them. The bureaucratic maze is a house of disorientating mirrors designed to hypnotize those who delve too deeply into their origins and purposes.


I haven’t spent time really looking into this issue, so maybe I am missing something. Without looking into it further, it just seems like the answer should be based on common sense. It really depends on the service the business owner provides.

Basically, a business owner should be made to service clients up to the point where that service doesn’t impinge upon his own beliefs or freedom.

Should a Muslim baker be forced to bake a cake with a disrespectful image of Muhammad on it? Should a black baker be forced to bake a cake with a symbol of the Ku Klux Klan? Should an Amish baker be forced to bake a cake with symbols of war? If not, then why should a baker who, in their personal beliefs, believes it to be wrong, be forced to bake a cake denoting a gay marriage in some way?

If it is a generic wedding cake then yes he should have to sell his generic wedding cakes to everyone. But he should not have to be forced to bake a cake with pictures of a gay couple on it. He should not be forced to bake a cake with pornography on it, or anything else that he morally or religiously opposes.

If liberals are for freedom and equal rights, that should apply to everyone equally – even those they may not particularly agree with.


Tried to read the actual text of the law. didn’t understand a word of it, so I guess some lawyer somewhere interpreted it the way it is and everyone jumped on it

That being said, what sane business owner would decline service to a customer? Even the Indiana Chamber of Commerce blasted it. Who came up with it in the first place if it wasn’t geared towards businesses that seem to totally be against it?


Chick is still in business to be sure but they most certainly do not have my business.