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"Rex Is Here," Trump Says Vaguely After Reporting of Plan for Tillerson's Exit


"Rex Is Here," Trump Says Vaguely After Reporting of Plan for Tillerson's Exit

Jon Queally, staff writer

Trump White House reportedly has a plan to get rid of his Secretary of State by year which also includes nominating Mike Pompeo as replacement and then appointing hawkish Senator Tom Cotton to direct CIA


With utter predictability, the Republican Party (and, sadly, many Democrats) places party (and career) over country.
“Unforgivable” barely begins to describe their desertion of our country’s principles and laws.


For now we’ve been kind of dancing on the rim of the abyss that is fascism. But the abyss is a formidable enemy…


it also has a very charming gravitational pull and Americans have a hard time resisting the forces of gravity. Especially when tragedy is the likely outcome.


Will you elaborate?


So down and down it goes.
How low no one knows.

Hardly surprising
War clouds on the horizon.

Goodbye, tiller’s son,
Hello o pompous one.

And for the CIA we’ll see Cotton
As in “Old times there are not forgotten.”


the abyss has a way of sucking some people in, regardless of where they try to stand.


The takeaway? Calling your boss “a (expletive) moron” in public, truth aside, is probably not a good career move. But don’t worry, Rex will get along just fine.


…and the cliff walls are rapidly falling away into that abyss taking with them all life.


“Rex is here” followed up with “Believe me,” which is the death knell for T-Rex as SoS. Dismantling our democracy, our government and our place among nations one fell swoop at a time. We are in very real dire straits and the situation disintegrates every single hour of every single day. And all those DJT fans and staff will not be immune from the disastrous effects of this tyrant and his henchmen.


Now instead of big energy running things we’ll have the CIA, the most immoral criminal enterprises with no accountability and complete impunity, running the government directly. How can things get any worse? They are destroying the country in short order. The US empire is now firmly in the death throes and complete tyranny is just around the corner. Wars will be fought…for nothing, many will die, there will be few winners this time, if any. Yep folks, the generals along with their even worse brethren the CIA will be in complete control in a coup to end all the other coups before it. Hang on as things will get worse in short order. The financial coup happened in '08, the surveillance coup in '01(The September 11th attacks), the intelligence coup in 1963,(Kennedy) resulting in complete control of the most powerful military machine in history; Hitler would be envious.


Or as author James W. Douglass puts it “Unspeakable”.


I have to agree. Years ago I lost a good a good job at a country club when the food and beverage manager overheard me saying, to a dishwasher, "I’d like to go and beat the crap out of the GM. Next day I was sent packing. I never would have really done it, I was frustrated by all the extra work and cuts to overtime, ya know, what owners always do.


Oh, Rex will be fine. It’s the rest of us I’m worried about!


He has the golden/platinum egg to rest easy on and will probably breathe a big sigh of relief when all is said and done (of course, he will have to extend his apologies to VP for not getting done what was agreed upon prior to his becoming SoS…those pesky sanctions still remain but together they will find ways around them with the blessings of Congress and the WH). Another day, another disaster.


If a student says such a thing about a public school teacher and is reported, he/she will be taken by police and escorted to an ambulance (charging the parents–in our son’s case, $1500 for the ride) and he/she will likely go to a private prison of sorts for insane people mostly, and those falsely accused of being so. And spend the next month there being evaluated to make sure he/she is not a killer.

Then the parents will be charged again (even with good employer insurance, from hospital employment no less) from 3,000K and up for the fun.

When I stated to the police and school that this was completely uncalled for over-reaction, I was essentially told “Yes we know, but Kleebold and Harris forced us into being this way.”


REALLY?!? Tommy Cottonmouth, viper of the senate, sellout of his constituents, and blatant whore of Israel, running the CIA? This guy has already said that his first priority is the protection of Israel. Why is he not behind bars already?


When Rex called Trump: " an expletive moron" I knew his days were numbered.


Kind of ironic, isn’t it, that after years of lying about Big Oil’s major share of responsibility for Global Warming / Climate Change, the T-Rex gets in trouble with the ‘F***ing Moron’ for telling the truth!

Of course Tillerson’s ouster at this point is not necessarily good news:

IMHO, NightHawk has hit the nail squarely on its head:

. . .  which prompts me to re-post a haiku in honor of politicians everywhere (but mostly our F***ing Moron in Chief, Tweetle-Dumb):

        Man with Forkéd Tongue
        Leads Us Down a Crooked Path
        Into DEEP Kim-Chee . . .


Thanks, Fester. Your haiku hits the target as well!