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Rex Tillerson Denies Oil & Gas Subsidies Exist, While Company Profits From Them


Rex Tillerson Denies Oil & Gas Subsidies Exist, While Company Profits From Them

Janet Redman

Rex Tillerson on Wednesday, under oath, denied the existence of fossil fuel subsidies. This is dangerously incorrect. In fact, the Oil & Gas Industry receives more than $17 Billion in Subsidies per year, and according to our new analysis ExxonMobil likely gets as much as $1 billion of that.

Former ExxonMobil CEO, Rex Tillerson, testified in front of the Senate Foreign Relations committee and may be about to head the State Department – and it’s not looking good for the climate.


Tillerson: “I’m not aware of anything the fossil fuel industry gets that I would characterize as a subsidy.”

Translation: "I'm too fucking stupid to understand my industry, but will make a great SOS."

Oh well, SOS is a distress code, after all...


Global elite known about climate change for last 40 years

We can understand nothing about the way inequalities have exploded for forty
years, and the accompanying movement towards massive deregulation, if we don’t
admit that a good part of the globalized elite had perfectly understood what was going
on with the bad news about the state of the planet, which, thanks to the work of
scientists, began to crystallize at the beginning of the nineties.

Since the threat was real, the elites drew the conclusion that it would be necessary
to adopt two opposing courses of action. First, give up the post-war liberal dream of a
common world created by the modernization of the planet—so, let’s cut ourselves off as
quickly as possible, through deregulation at any price, from the rest of the inhabitants to
whom we sold this dream of universality; secondly, systematically organize long-term
denial of this ecological change, which nevertheless brings in not just the environment
but what is called the Earth-system.

Facing The New Climate Regime moves politics beyond class and social issues

I begin with the simple idea that climate change and its denial have been organizing
all of contemporary politics at least for the last three decades. Climate change plays the
same role that social questions and the class struggle played over the two preceding

This is a very short, readable article by a Frenchman worried that Europe will follow Trumpism.

Bruno Latour is internationally known in many fields and I view him as one of the small group of significant world wide thinkers.

Europe Alone --- Only Europe


Rex Tillerson denied under oath that oil and gas subsidies exist? No, not incorrect, Rex, being under oath committed perjury.


Thank you for writing this piece Janet Redman!

I happened to catch Tillerson's forked tongue lie about subsidies (among other things--- but felt too nauseated to continue listening)

This is what amoral CEOs do so well. It came out as smooth as silk----- without batting an eye and of course, cloaked in nationalism.


there is allso the deal exon / Tillerson made with Putin for half a trillion dollars worth of oil in the russian artic , but they cant get at it because of U.S. govt .sanctions on Russia, this is why trump praises Putin, this is why he picked Tillerson, I would think one of his first acts as pres. will be to lift those sanctions so exon can get to work and in the process make themselves obscenly wealthy, it is allways about oil and lots and lots of money. Just like the bushes in the middle east.
Same trough different pigs is all.
Who knows perhaps there is a sex tape that was being held over his head in order for trump to ensure Tillerson got the nod.