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Rex Tillerson Is Big Oil Personified. The Damage He Can Do Is Immense

Rex Tillerson Is Big Oil Personified. The Damage He Can Do Is Immense

Bill McKibben

In one of the futile demonstrations that marked the run-up to the Iraq war, I saw a woman with a sign that read “How Did Our Oil End Up Under Their Sand?” In nine words she managed to sum up a great deal of American foreign policy, back at least as far as the 1953 coup that overthrew Mossadegh in Iran and helped toss the Middle East into its still-boiling cauldron.

Thanks to you, Bill McKibben, for not just describing Tillerson’s and Exxon’s past present and possible future damage to America’s REAL Climate Interests–but for your speaking up about the foreign policy these corporate giants play out every day. In their quest for profits and market share, to tie us to fossil fuels for now and the future on a boiling planet, they do terrible damage to other nations governing and possibilities for a better life, an autonomous life, for their people. Corrupting officials, or colluding with the already-corrupt, TIllerson and his brethren give America a bad name. And since our military and CIA overthrow democratic governments in service to our world-ranging corporations, these military-industrial men can also be said to have some responsibility for the 7,000 young service people lost to the Iraq/Afghan/Yemen incursions, and the yet to be counted 100’s of thousands of citizens in those fossil-rich or ‘strategic’ places we think we own.

So thanks for your work to save our U.S. climate, our world climate, and the depth of your human awareness.


I was particularly struck by the citation by Tillerson during the Senate hearing of “contract sanctity” as a criterion in dealing with countries. I would be very interested in seeing an historical analysis of precisely how Tillerson has ‘advised and consented’ throughout his career in the very specific cases of “contract sanctity”. From where I stand at the moment there seems to be a pattern of self-serving domination of a privilege to equivocate and turn on a dime no less than Sessions. I certainly hope that I’m wrong, but the comportment, timing, evasions and excuses seems to be Kabuki situated in a highly propagandized suspension-projection of a collapsing(ed) scramble.
“The bad actors have a jump on us,” said Tillerson. Recent history (past couple of centuries) renders that a mirror on Tillerson and most of US history that has been so white/green-washed and suspended in time according to ‘new pearl harbors’, etc…
I would submit Mr. Tillerson, that you utterly fail to recognize that the rest of the world DOES do history and who has ‘a jump’ on whom will be a debate well worth having.


Can a country run by a gambling Casino be a democracy?

Can a country run by monopoly capitalists be said to be run by a free market?

If solar is now more economical than fossil, doesn’t Trump’s pushing a dying industry go against free market forces?

Can monopoly capitalism ensure our welfare and survival?

Online Direct Democracy




“The disgrace is the long, slow reveal by investigative reporters that Exxon knew all about climate change as early as the late 1970s. Their scientists were so far ahead of the curve that management was taking precautions and planning strategy a quarter-century ago – building drilling rigs to account for the sea level rise they knew was coming, and plotting to bid for leases in an Arctic they knew would melt.”
This alone should have been enough to put Tillerson and colleagues behind bars.
$ociopaths R Us.


This is the clearest and most concise outline of the case against Tillerson for Secretary of State I have seen. Thanks Mr. McKibben.


Of course BIG PROFITS for capitalists are more important to capitalists than everything else put together!!! This is perfectly normal. Our only hope is to figure out how capitalists can get GREAT HUGE profits capturing, compressing, and storing CO2 by using it as fracking fluid in geothermal wells–and then put them up to it.

You have to wonder how somebody could own a gambling casino in Las Vegas (or anywhere else, Atlantic City, f’rinstance) and not have a thing to do with organized crime.

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That could make the American Regime the largest crime syndicate.

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or “Twitler”. Take your choice!