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#Rexit: Report Indicates Tillerson Contemplating Early Departure


#Rexit: Report Indicates Tillerson Contemplating Early Departure

Julia Conley, staff writer

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is considering a "Rexit," CNN reported on Monday.


I envy the nihilist’s freedom to laugh at this shit.


A billionaire who was the chief executive of the largest energy company in the US for a decade-plus (and in the top three in the world) will not countenance criticism or obstructionism from anyone, let alone an inept narcissist prone to berating any and all who dare challenge him or his dictates. He has been in the upper echelon of global business to know a fool when he sees one. He took the job for his (and Exxon’s) self-aggrandizement and when he settled in, realized he was in over his head as was his “superior.”


Tillerson is no angel, he is a crook too but a much more sophisticated one. Tillerson knows the art of fooling the people and setting the neo-con agenda very well. Too bad for Trump if Tillerson does indeed leave Trump will become an even easier target and more vulnerable to impeachment.


self-aggrandizement or enrichment…or both?

interesting how many different kinds of evil there are.


hopefully at some point, these rats leaving will decide to get together and mutiny.

someone wake me up from the nightmare and let me know when congress grows a pair and admits they’ve been brown-nosers to the upteenth degree and can’t wash their faces off …and need to do SOMEthing besides bend over or drink themselves to sleep.


He must have accomplished what he set out to do in the Position.

What was it?

We’ll probably never know.


Yes, all you filthy 'privileged one’s, GO, just PHKN GO!! Nose in the air asswipes!! Usually up someone else’s butt…hope ya’ll go down in flames as you deserve!!


‘grow a pair’ of maybe ovaries since testicles are weak as a baby.


Oh we know - get over the restrictions to Exxon’s huge Russian contract.


Congress people quickly change their religion after they are bribed, why else would a true public servant seek endless reelections? Congress people should be sacrificing personally and financially in the line of duty to the people and our nation. Unfortunately they are made up of ~100% crooked bastards who would do almost anything to get elected. Once in congress they are corrupted with money and favors by the wealthy corporations and individuals to do quid pro quo. Washington is rotten to the core and cannot be redeemed. We need a new generation of people who are willing to work for the majority hard working average Americans not for the rich and powerful.


if…if… i ever had any respect for a congress in my decades of political activity, it’s totally gone now. this is so disgusting, i can’t even truly find words… they’re not in denial simply about climate change…they’re in denial about a revolution…what empire has not had one???


timebr… you are absolutely correct. unfortunately, the picture you paint of leaders, elected or not, is not contemporary. our own US history is full of this rot…and anything i study about other countries,other cultures, including eras long past, shows the utter rot of the human being. i don’t know of any solution!!! here, focusing on this “home,” how can any new generation come about when they’ve been herded, brainwashed in schools and by the media, and taught such violence, bigotry, and greed by the more powerful older generation? how can altruism even form a germ???

at this point, i can’t even find too much solace in the few pockets of goodness that there ARE.


Hi Tom, I am an idealist and will die as one, can’t help being dreamy Utopian and see nothing wrong with it.


“Rexit.” Gee, that’s cute. Almost as much as “Trumpcare.” Never tire of seeing and hearing that obvious oxymoron.
If Rex leaves, there’ll be yet another faux patriot in his place.


It just dawned on me that “Rexit” rhymes with “Wrecks-It” . . .

So after Tillerson leaves will s’Moochie get promoted to head State?  He IS a successful businessman, after all!


Fester, you make some good observations.


I’m waiting for one of these GOP wimps to denounce Trump & quit the party.

But no, they continue to pull down their pants & bend over while they’re being whipped.

And they call US snowflakes?


Recently, I cancelled my electronic subscription to the Washington Post. I also often delete emails from common dreams. I am a Canadian and another recent choice I’ve made is not to watch late Canadian network news, Finally, I switched off PBS last night. Why? The ridiculousness of US federal politics, particularly the behavior of Trump et al. Just too much of an assault on sensibilities.
And to hear otherwise intelligent commentators state how they ‘thought he would have begun to learn’ or for supporters saying ‘yes, he can be his own worst enemy’ is just beyond the pale. We need to face the basic nature of the individual and how much past behavior will inform future behavior. This summer, I’m reading Canadian Geographic and another mag called Canada’s history. At least there is rational content. I have to say I DO respect Common Dreams goals. However, I’m Canadian and can contribute only by cheer leading - – when I can bear to open your email newsletters. I have travelled extensively in the US since the 1960’s, but recently had an opportunity to do that and passed it up. Travelled through Northern Ontario both ways on a trip to Toronto to see a daughter. Dave Whitehead, North Battleford, SK.


Good Lord, it was so obvious that his raison d’être was to get sanctions lifted so as to finalize the Rozneft/Exxon deal…if it seems that can’t happen he has no reason to exist.