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Rhode Island Resisters Confront 'Coward' Paul Ryan on Behalf of Wisconsinites


Rhode Island Resisters Confront 'Coward' Paul Ryan on Behalf of Wisconsinites

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Paul Ryan couldn't make time for his Wisconsin constituents during last week's congressional recess, so locals asked people around the country to hold the GOP House Speaker accountable as he visited other states.

On Thursday in Rhode Island, members of the resistance did just that.


Bill Clinton was a democrat, or just a rat who cut welfare for the poor and needy then put millions of low level criminal offenders behind bars with his 3 strikes crap. We need to get rid of both democratic and republican parties because they both are corporate controlled and obsessed with militarism and greed.


Yes, it's all about money. Money is hard to come by, but they exist for money period.


The political class, in their heavy handed/ brain dead approach to eliminating town hall meetings has simply ensured that their constituents create ever clever ways of embarrassing them. Nothing bothers the political class more than having the rabble make fun of them. Democracy always finds a way and it does make one chuckle. Another victory of sorts.


Couldn't the Kenosha crowd find an Eddie Munster dummy to put in the empty chair ?

Gutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other "domestic" programs have been in Ryan's crosshairs since he arrived in DC in 1999. He thinks that because he and Scott Walker messed up Wisconsin they can mess up the entire nation. Its good to see bright lights shining oin this rat wherever he goes.


How does this guy keep getting re-elected time after time. I guess gerrymandering and voter suppression which dems do nothing about it and so now they and we the people have to live with it.

Why haven't the dems over the last three decades or more of "Alec" countered these vile people in state house after state house? It leads me to believe because they are one in the same, however, dems throw a few crumbs.


Although not about national members of "the political class", local state legislators held a public forum sponsored by (guffaw) the local Chamber of Commerce, and during or subsequent to the meeting, a legislator twitted (excuse me) tweeted how much a waste of the legislator's time this was, because citizens were democratically telling the legislators what they should do, not aristocratically asking the legislators what the peasants (whoops, sorry) public should do. It certainly seems the same sort of psychology has firmly gripped "the political class" inhabiting Washington, D.C., ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE. Thus it is, the Damnocraps express, "Ya' mean, ya' mean (splutter, splutter) ya' want us ta' stand up against Trump?! Well (splutter, splutter) I don't know if we can do tha-a-a-t"!


One of our local Trump apologists told me that in this week's speech to Congress Trump promised "to keep Social Security and Medicare SOLVENT".

Trump is now using the language Ryan has used for decades in attempting to gut these and other "domestic programs".

It is easy to keep any program, private or public "solvent" by charging beneficiaries more and delivering less which is precisely what the gubmit has already been doing with these programs for at least three decades. Trump and Ryan will simply increase the spiking up of what beneficiaries pay and spiking down what they receive, to a greater order of magnitude than has previously been seen.


Somebody made the wise observation that for the elites and their stooges (read Ryan) the world is actually theirs; it belongs to them. We just happen to be in it.


Keep the pressure on. These elitists, most of whom have never worked a day in their lives, are gutless cowards who could not fend for themselves, not even for a few days. When I see the Republican scum picking fruits and veggies for, say, a week, then I will pay to hear their defense of their deliberately cruel psychopathic agenda.


Fantastic show of solidarity!