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Rich Countries Should Take Development Goals Seriously Too


Rich Countries Should Take Development Goals Seriously Too

Lyndal Rowlands

The UN’s new Sustainable Development Goals apply to all 193 UN member states, yet one year in some say that rich countries aren’t taking their critical role quite as seriously as they should be.

“What is an interesting, but also a scary observation, is (that the Sustainable Development agenda) is taken more seriously in developing countries than in many developed countries right now,” Mogens Lykketoft President of the UN General Assembly told IPS in a recent interview.


Rich countries didn't get rich by taking any other country and its people seriously.
Rich countries intend to stay rich by taking more from a country then they give back to that country in return.
That's the Capitalist way don't you know.


Not all rich countries like Germany and Iceland who use renewable and non-polluting energy sources, ignore development goals, .

And many poor countries like Africa ignore the population growth that is driving elephants, rhinos, lions and many other species to extinction, but that is not mentioned in the development goals.


Aspirational goals, indeed...

Basically, it comes down to who controls the purse, largess or otherwise.

This film shows where all the money collected to help the Haitian quake victims actually went:

(Someone in the forum originally provided this link.)

So long as the captains of Disaster Capitalism make the financial determinations, they will capitalize on others' traumas and tragedies for their own depraved gain. THAT is apparently the template.

And these people (or their political allies and supporters) now even bomb "Doctors Without Borders" hospitals, journalists, and wedding parties.

The fish rots from the head, and what's heading too many nations stinks more than any rotting fish!


I hear you on that population growth problem; however, the US is not to immune. Justice Scalia had 9 kids I believe, the Duggar women had 19 or so kids herself and got a reality TV show out of the deal. I agree over population needs to be addressed seriously. One thing also, Iceland is blessed to have geothermal energy, more then they can use, and I heard Iceland is looking in to ways to export their geothermal energy in creative ways.