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Rich Mostly Fine But Poorest 'Completely Crushed' After Covid-19 Triggered 'Most Unequal' Recession in Modern US History

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/01/rich-mostly-fine-poorest-completely-crushed-after-covid-19-triggered-most-unequal

The last I read, the rich are doing way better than “mostly fine”’.They are making record profits!


It’s clear that opening up businesses too soon leads to economic collapse as well as more deaths. Sweden is a case in point–as well as FL, AZ, TX.


Check this out. Universal job guarantees now.


Notice Pilsner just joined.

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Governments have zero right to shut down people’s livelihoods. They can inform and educate their citizenries about COVID-19 risks. They can issue warnings and advisories. But they do not have a right to shut down businesses. And they do not have a right to prohibit people from assembling. Governments are not nannies.

Governments have seized dictatorial powers and stolen public wealth by fomenting hysteria over COVID-19. Let’s face it: COVID-19 is nowhere near as dangerous as we were led to believe.


If this doesn’t expose the hypocrisy and cruelty of both parties I don’t know what does.


Time to get caught up on things in Sweden. It is a case in point, but not the way you suggest.
Both daily cases, as well as deaths (now at zero), peaked months ago.
I’d supply the link, but CD won’t allow it. Google “covid 19 Sweden”.


I think you should restudy the situation. Your comment is way off.

Isn’t it just as bad working for a meat packing plant in Iowa where you are made to work among dozens or hundreds of covid positive workmates?


Harsh lockdowns have been the cause of wealth consolidation for the last 80 years? Trying to be partisan, going at such great links to support right wing talking points, brings out the fool in all of us. The so called left which is actually a non-affiliated group of identity politics voters, wears the same clothes.

Wisconsin’s republicans are responsible for whatever laxness there has been in shutting things down. Now, today, we have gone from a reasonable response by our democratic governor to the reopening stand of the republican senate, assembly, and SCOW.
We have become the worst in the nation now with our surging of cases, overwhelming our facilities.
This is not a democrat thing.

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I suppose in a free society we should have the choice to die on the job if we want .
Depends on what the employer does.

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Get over it. It’s not a creation of democrats.

It takes two to tango. Both “parties” which are ruling class divisions are responsible. Getting over it means get used to it.

You accept it. I can’t. It’ll never end if you just accept.

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If there are two paths that lead to the same place, I’d simply rather take the less muddy one to walk on.
I see NOTHING redeeming on the right.
On the left we have new blood that so far has shown promise.

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And what about the people who are employed by these companies? If their owner decides to keep the business open, while staying safe at home himself, the employees get to choose between death by pandemic, and death by starvation.

The government should protect all its people. Not just the owners. Forcing unsafe companies to close protects people.


Sarcasm tends to indicate an unwillingness to engage in reasoned dialogue. So perhaps I might as well pose this question to the nearby acacia tree. I’ll give it a try, though.

My neighbor is an outdoor ice cream vendor. He has a little pushcart with a freezer compartment. He normally does pretty good business at the park this time of year. He has an annual permit to sell ice cream to the public at the park.

Here’s my question: Do you think our local government (or regional or federal government) has the right — the natural authority — to stop my neighbor from selling his ice cream?

Please note that my neighbor has many VERY WILLING AND EAGER CUSTOMERS who want to buy ice cream from him. Please also note that my neighbor normally makes a comfortable living for his family (wife, three children, and elderly father) by selling ice cream.

Lastly, please note that my neighbor (like me) is a STRICT practitioner of proper COVID-19 health protocols. His elderly father lives in his house, and he’s super strict (as am I) about masks, gloves, hand-washing, and disinfecting everything.

Again… Do you believe that governments have a right — an inherent power — to prevent my neighbor from earning a living by selling ice cream in the park?

Thanks in advance for your answer!


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Many indoor work environments are unsafe during this viral pandemic. Governments have an obligation to advise and warn employees who are at risk of infection. Governments also have an obligation to provide monthly monetary compensation, indefinitely, to employees who choose to stay home because of a pandemic. NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE COERCED (economically or otherwise) INTO WORKING AT AN UNSAFE JOB.

If, on the other hand, an employee wants to continue working at her job, that should be her choice. Governments are not nannies. The era of Big Government needs to end. Governments simply have no natural right to coerce people, except in cases where their actions pose an obvious risk of harm to non-consenting others.

Odd. I have yet to see any of Trump’s slavish supporters standing up to the ruling class.

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Hey… all you homeless, jobless, american “takers” out there. When you’re desperate enough to break into houses and steal to survive - and you will be because just look at the response of our leaders - please start in the wealthiest neighborhoods.

Signed -
middle class guy just keeping head above water

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