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Rich Nations Aren't 'Paying Their Fair Share' to Mitigate the Climate Crisis, Says Report Released at COP24


Rich Nations Aren't 'Paying Their Fair Share' to Mitigate the Climate Crisis, Says Report Released at COP24

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Rich countries—and the United States in particular—aren't "paying their fair share" in terms of taking concrete actions to mitigate the global climate crisis, according to an independent review released at the COP24 talks in Poland, where world leaders are discussing how to meet the aims of the Paris agreement.


“Although the Paris agreement’s primary objective—limiting global temperature rise within this century to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels…”

That is inaccurate. The primary goal was to stay well below 2C. The goal to stay below 1.5C was an “aspirational goal.” Neither goal looks like it will be achieved the way things are going. Staying below 1.5C is now virtually impossible given the present circumstances and staying below 2C would be very difficult unless some major breakthrough occurs. To actually achieve a goal it would probably have to be raised to at least 4C which is a totally disastrous level of warming.


No Major Polluter Countries are paying anything! They have no intentions to change their ways at all. So, why not write another article about the on going problem while we kick the can?


We live on a planet. Every city on this planet now uses pretty much the same resources.

Which city is ready to stop doing that?


This represents 10s of billions in potential profits as long as a market for hydrocarbon energy remains. Governments of the 1 percent will act to ensure there always a market for this stuff.


Is this any surprise to anyone on this site. Our future is beyond bleak. Do the unborn a favor and don’t have children.


The little girl holding the sign that says: SYSTEM CHANGE; NOT CLIMATE CHANGE has nailed it! We will never be able to address climate devastation and mitigate the problem until we change the system.


Unfortunately, by the time we change the “system”, it will be too late - way too late.


Gilets Jaunes’ (Yellow Vests) List of demands against the Macron government, and all corporations, are fairly straight out of the Bernie Sanders playbook. The entire global social and environmental systems are fast approaching eminent collapse and we need a new world order, and not the one George H.W. Bush envisioned. Here’s a negotiable list of demands by La Resistance:


12 years is not long, and I agree, too late.


Yes, thanks for your link and reply.


Nope, an educated, informed and socialistic society like France demands these reforms and we have for longer than you fucked up country has been in existance. Yanks, not so much. No offense, but I’m watching CBS news and there was not a mention of the issues that gilets jaunes’ raised against Macron. Just how cops behave badly. Awesome propaganda. Meanwhile China is launching a mission to the dark side of the moon and Amerika continues to kill more in the ME and destroys more ME infrastructure. Splendid example of “freedom through peace”. Amerika needs a regime change big time. Pathetic.


Cities are not the best idea ,they create clustered humans .What might work for humans is clustered communities .


Yeah, if any country in the world needs regime change it is the Amerikan Empire, but the pathetic thing is it is not going to happen!


Whether they are the best idea or not, there are tens of thousands of them using the same resources, right now.


What works in community structures is to a large part cultural in my opinion. Check out China. Check out Africa. What they have in common is rising packaging waste, rising energy usage, rising transportation desires. There are many ways to design and to lead reductions in climate destroying actions.
Set the direction. Don’t start with too many constraints. And don’t go to far afield of what you know, or you are doomed to failure.


A new large oil field was discovered in Texas and New Mexico. Now isn’t that just dandy!
There will be more of them in Antarctica and Greenland and the Artctic when they can look under the ice.