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Rich Nations Failing to Meet Climate Obligations at Expense of Poor: Report



Morality is dead. ... And we have killed it.


I'm all for helping poor countries...with technology and expert workers and advise. Just sending them money is stupid and counterproductive...and will just end up in some "President for life's" numbered Swiss bank account.


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I don't know, I really have no REAL HOPE. Some days, I can :weary:get it up" ... but mostly, I am too aware that we have hit the eight ball, it's trajectory is set and no one can stop it.....


Sorry guys, but, it's one of those days.... I will always try to do my part. I will work and fight, but overall, I really think we are so screwed. Don't worry, I won't tell those out there are not aware, how I feel....


Great and Powerful Question. Perhaps when the term does not enter the decision-making narrative it is at its most honest expression.


If one actually needed any further proof that the corporate personhood is psychopathic then this exercise in futility should provide it. I hope that the Paris talks were at least a fine good time as their carbon treadmarks far outweigh any effective of future benefit..


There are several ways of looking at this. The first is that the wealthy nations have burnt coal and oil for around 350 years and therefore they have a moral obligation etc.

However, in the last 70 years the rich nations have pretty well stabilised their populations, whereas the poor nations including the modern industrial giants of India and China have enjoyed massive population expansion since 1945. This population expansion has most certainly benefitted China and India in respect of driving their economies. The Chinese population of 1.3 billion is double that of around 1959, whereas the British population has expanded by 4 million since then.The Indian population likewise; around 450 million in 1947 (double that of 1897 and 5 times that in 1842 during the Sikh war) has tripled in the last 70 years. Africa's population has also blown out enormously.

Vietnam, around 30 million when being terror-bombed by the USA, is now about 84 million; Thailand's population has probably also doubled in the same time. Indonesia; Philippines;Pakistan; Nigeria etc etc.

So just where does lie the moral obligation?

However, the one thing of which I am certain is that greed and stupidity will always beat humanity and common-sense, and so you think we will stop at a 2 deg C increase? No way, not till Shanghai and Bangkok and London and New York and Bangladesh and Calcutta etc etc etc are under 10 feet of water.


Yeah, be sure not to tell the unaware, because if the aware hits critical mass civilization could fall well ahead of terminal climate change, and all the nukes and spent pools would meltdown...


Forget morality. If you're young, you should be focusing on survival:


Raking leaves is good exercise and far less noisy. Why use a leaf blower and then go to the gym on some stupid exercise machine?


"Because the U.S. and the European Union (EU) can afford to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and because they have benefited financially from burning coal, oil, and natural gas for centuries, their pledges amount to roughly a fifth of what they owe on climate action, the coalition said. Japan has pledged a tenth, according to the same metrics."

No one can afford to switch to renewable energy unless the price of the fossil energy is taxed to account for pollution cost.


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