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Rich Will Keep Getting Richer and 'Nothing Will Change, Says Bernie Sanders, Unless US Leaders Have 'Guts' to Take on Powerful Corporations

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/28/rich-will-keep-getting-richer-and-nothing-will-change-says-bernie-sanders-unless-us


When Sanders made his closing statement you could see just how far the Democratic Party has fallen, as none of the candidates on stage applauded his liberal populist message. Those other drones on stage seemed content to shuffle deck chairs around the Titanic, all the while still claiming that the iceberg isn’t that big. If mayor Pete and Kamala Harris are what the democrats are pushing as “progressives” these days, then god help us all.
And all these two “debates” served as were a distraction from Nancy leading the corporate dems into yet another capitulation to the likes of Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump.


“Rich Will Keep Getting Richer and ‘Nothing Will Change,’ Says Bernie Sanders, Unless US Leaders Have Guts to Take on Powerful ‘Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE’, along with the Empire’s dual Vichy-party facade of Democracy”.

Bernie only repeated his vague, two-word, sound-bite ‘16 campaign slogan of “Political Revolution” — but did not yet have the courage to extend it to this essential revolutionary call to action — for a true people’s peaceful “Political/economic & social Revolution Against EMPIRE”.

Until, Bernie has the guts and brains to fire a; loud, public, sustained, ‘in-the-streets’, but totally Non-Violent “SHOUT (not shot) heard round the world” to ignite this essential people’s peaceful Second American “Political/economic & social REVOLUTION AGAINST EMPIRE” — no effin thing will happen.

“Can’t see the FOREST for the TREES”

“Can’t see the EMPIRE for the ISSUES”

Get off the little effin distractive, dis-empowering, and DIVIDING ISSUES and see the effin EMPIRE folks!!

Bernie has to be a real socialist and ‘call out’ the EMPIRE.

Bernie, get the courage to say it:

“Political/economic & social REVOLUTION AGAINST EMPIRE”

2020, like 1776, is not so much an election, but a REVOLUTION AGAINST EMPIRE!


I could not get past the smug/condescending smirk on Biden’s face. Placing him right next to Bernie gave me the impression the DNC wanted to contain the “virus” and reassure corporate US America. I see collapse on the horizon unless there is a massive uprising.


Yes - Bernie is the most consistent progressive among all of the 24 announced candidates. Sadly, he crucially underperformed last night, a continuation of a pattern that I have observed especially in one-on-one interviews and in some town halls. The problem is not with his convictions or with his understanding of issues, but with his rigid refusal to depart from his stump speech to answer questions put to him directly. He also does not provide specifics and context. A case in point last night was the discussion about Central American migrants. Bernie could have – as he has done at least once – reminded viewers that US policies such as the overthrow of Pres. Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala in 1954, who attempted land reform, and the Obama-Biden-Clinton sponsored coup against Pres. Manuel Zelaya of Honduras, as well as the Reagan administrations support of the Contras in Nicaragua and ARENA in El Salvador, played central roles in making those countries unliveable. He could have brought in the fact that US government-subsidized agrobusiness has increased the number of migrants from Mexico by selliing corn there at such low prices as to put thousands of Mexican farmers out of business. It was a teaching moment and it was lost, sadly, because of Sanders’ rigid adherence to his stump speech.

Sanders must learn to be responsive to questions, must free himself from stock lines to deepen his explanations of policies, such as Medicare for All/Single Payer, and must adopt a more conversational tone in interviews if he is going to go all the way. Affect matters.


“Blow up your TV.” Reality shows like these “debates” are Donald Trump’s territory. Policy matters. Integrity matter. All the rest is horse manure.


Not much can be packed in the few seconds allotted by MSDNC and Wall Street Comcast. Bernie was not surrounded by neoliberals because of poor planning. He got about all he could out of his few seconds. Bear in mind, the DNC is (s)electing a candidate weather you and I like it or not.

Considering, Lester Holt, the Health Insurance Lobbyists, was controlling the questions …


Absolutely. The clintonites and their third way are fighting for their political lives. That’s why Haim Saban all but ordered uncle Joe to run. He and the other big money democratic donors really didn’t like the other center/right offerings in the primary field (too ethnic, too gay) So ol leering Joe got the phone call. They of course don’t actually want Joe, as even they don’t believe he could win. However, his candidacy has thus far done exactly what they wanted it to, drag the Democratic Party to the Right once again. This plan goes hand in hand with the phone call that Nancy got on the same day, the one where she was told to do nothing about Trump and his many crimes. They want Trump to fail as miserably as possible. The DNC can then sweep in and win back the White House in 2020 with a conservadem that will by contrast seem down right liberal when compared to the Trumpster fire.
It’s the same plan they had in 1992 and 2008. Don’t run to the Left. All you have to do is run slightly to the left of your opponent and you will seem progressive by contrast. However, we now find ourselves in a situation where slightly to left of a fascist is just a kinder gentler fascist.


Documentation of the institutionalized, written-in-stone “socialism” for corporations, the financial market and their political puppets needs to be charted, graphed, time-lined and compared to the historical train wreck of predatory capitalism, extractive genocide to which the majority of human beings are subjected under the diseased rubric of “consumer”.

From 17th century colonization and genocide of First Peoples, enslavement and the Middle Passage, to 21st century Flint, Michigan and charter schools, poisonous agribusiness, mining and fracking. The genius of human society based on cooperation, exploration of balances and - yes - love, is needed and has always been the generator for evolving through the worst of human mistakes.


Placement on stage was based on polling numbers - Bernie and Biden in middle and next to each other because they poll the highest.

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Thanks Alan. That was my impression too. Progressive change in the US will only be brought about through grassroots community based organizing and the building of mass movements. I also agree with the notion of winning local elections, which Sanders’ ‘Our Revolution’ also promotes. However, even local electoral politics is not very helpful without strong grassroots community organizing and ‘Our Revolution’ is not rooted in local grassroots organizing efforts.


I agree. I am and have been a Sanders supporter but I think age is taking its toll on his cognitive flexibility and his ability to be quick on his feet in responding, For instance, when challenged on how we would pay for Medicare for All, he could have cited the studies done, even by the right, that show big savings, he could have stated that everyone paying in would cover it, He could have noted that the unaccountable Trillions in the Pentagon budget never gets such scrutiny or skepticism or even talked about the cost of not having medical care for all. Instead he just repeated stale truisms. I could have done a better job on the stump but I’m not running for President. As much as I support Bernie, I’ve been more impressed with Warren recently.


“Hence I have no mercy or compassion in me for a society that will crush people, and then penalize them for not being able to stand up under the weight.”

Malcolm X, [The Autobiography of Malcolm X]

“Revolutions are bloody, there’s never been a bloodless revolution.”
Malcolm X


I did not watch the debate but based on some of the comments here, which I respect, sounds like Sanders did not shine. I see no alternative. If a clear message isn’t verbalized for the American voter who is so ill-informed that they are essentially ignorant, masse media corporate propaganda will rule our lives till we die. Grassroots, Green Party are simply “pie in the sky” at this point.

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Sanders ended strong. harris’s takendown of Biden hurt him but it was also one that she rehearsed and was anxious to do as she interrupted her way into it (as Rachel allowed her to).
The most interesting moment to me was when Rachel asked mayor Pete about the shooting of a black man in South Bend. I am certain this was a prepared scene and Pete knew she was going to set it up for him. His response was sooo memorized it was a little bit scary to me how he showed sadness, remorse, then pivoted to being a courageous MLK type hero.
Then the unexpected happened. Two people challenged him: Bennet and the guy from California. Pete cracked, he glared at one of them when they said “you should do something… fire the police chief…” I think that will hurt him.


Moon of Alabama thinks Tulsi Gabbard won the first night. He shows some polls. One is the number of Google searches after the debate.




This clusterfuck was designed to get the attention away from Bernie and his progressive agenda and focused on ANYONE else. IT proved to me (yet again) that the Party 3rd Way ‘leadership’ would rather lose the whole thing than get back to and FDR type agenda.


10 people on stage is not a debate, its a press conference. This press conference was DESIGNED to make Sure Bernie didnt ‘shine’ .


I see and how fortunate for the DNC!

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They want Trump to finish off Iran and trash America too for the disaster capitalists. He is doing his job well and Americans are so stupid they can’t see what is happening right in front of them.