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Richard Cordray, Who 'Held Big Banks Accountable,' Announces Resignation From CFPB


Richard Cordray, Who 'Held Big Banks Accountable,' Announces Resignation From CFPB

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

An Obama appointee, the embattled Cordray had led the consumer watchdog since it began in 2011


Anyone with self-respect and integrity will not stay with this crooked, criminal, conniving administration thus sounding a death knell for our government and our democracy. Goldman Sachs now owns and operates the treasury and the economic advisory function in the WH.

Another day, another disaster.


. . .  Which means it WILL be another Tweetle-Dumb-appointed industry hack.  Or maybe Jared or Junior . . .


Can persons convicted of treason be appointed…a rhetorical question? Besides, would be kinda difficult to conduct the duties of the office from a prison cell…unless they have unlimited access to the prison library and a computer therein… Never know with this current cabal of criminals.


“Brought to you by the joint venture of ‘Mission Accomplished, LLC’ and ‘Make America Great Again, LLC.’”


And they want another financial meltdown so they can run over the 99% and make another million, and they will be cheered on by the lemmings who voted for them


They have a mega military and weapons budget- why? So, they can hire the military to protect themselves from all of the gun toting crazies.


Right. Wouldn’t want to take those odds.


Here it is … so openly and brazenly out in the open now …

Cordray himself has been in the crosshairs of some Republicans, and earlier this month Trump reportedly asked a group of lawmakers and financial services interest groups what to do about him, but apparently expressed the view that ousting him would make him a “martyr.”>


I thought the penalty for treason is death. I don’t want to get my hopes up.


With executive clemency at his disposal, you know rump will appoint his kind of criminal.


Considering the band pf pirates running the US, the White House and US Capitol Building need to be redecorated as pirate ships with the jolly roger replacing the stars and stripes on the flagpoles.


when those with any sense of the public welfare and the rule of law leave or are driven from government - what do we have left?


Donald can’t allow anyone with integrity and commitment to the public welfare to serve in his administration.