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Richard Kirsch: It Is Always Darkest Just Before the Dawn


Richard Kirsch: It Is Always Darkest Just Before the Dawn

Diane Ravitch

My mentor Lawrence A. Cremin, a great historian, attributed this saying to Charles Beard, but apparently it predates him. It is always darkest just before the dawn. Just when things seem utterly intolerable, remember that there will be another turn of the wheel. For those who were plunged into depression by the election, here is an article by Richard Kirsch of the Roosevelt Institute, that offers hope that the worst eras in American history were followed by bursts of progressivism.


Here's my hopeful thought. I hope there were more stupid people who voted for Trump than evil people. I believe the old saying that "you can't very easily fix stupid, but it's at least a possibility" is encouraging. Turning around evil seems more difficult. I worry about the other old saying: "It always seems darkest before the shit truly hits the fan."


I've often heard radical/revolutionary types say that things have to get worse before they can get better. Unfortunately, history shows that most often things just keep getting worse until some ultimate bottom is reached, by which point immense damage and destruction have been wreaked. As I peer into my crystal ball, I think it is very unlikely that we have reached the bottom with Trump's election. Our descent is just beginning. Look out below!


Always such nice words except when one remembers dictatorships that lasted for decades. Think of Franco's Spain or Qaddafi, the Saudi Arabian princes, Saddam Hussein, or in African countries. Then there's that darkness to think about. Stalin's darkness led to 20 million souls sent to their slaughter with millions killed in an engineered famine in the Ukraine. How about Hitler's darkness before the dawn. Yes, for 7 years it was all about rebuilding Germany and making Germany great again, then came 1939 and WWII followed in 1941 by the Holocaust. Yes, dawn came again after 60 million people died and Germany lay in ruins. The United States has always assumed that it's above the fray. There's this kind of manifest destiny and some kind of 'light upon the hill' that we have repeated to ourselves ad infinitum. However, this election has shown that we are not above the fray. We may long for the light of the dawn and work for it but things could get very dark because Trump is not the only dark figure on the horizon. Obama has had his finger in the dyke against the rabid, right wingers who make up the Republican Party. That finger is about to be removed. Apres la tempete, le deluge!


I agree with the comments so far (3) that we may have to hit bottom before real change can occur, and we aren't there yet. It most certainly will be the millennials that take up the torch of the '60's and '70's and run with it. They have lost much and for them the future is dim (as it is for us older ones).

That being said, I have been saying for weeks (since Pence was chosen) that he is the real face of this Trump mess. Trump is not the problem and is not going to be the problem: Pence is, and will be the face in the White House. We know who he is, and he is not some psycho with limited attention span, limited vocabulary, a groper and sexual deviant.

We are better off without HRC in the Oval Office and everyone needs to get on board with that. This is indeed bad, but it would have been much worse with her at the helm, and apparently some saner minds realized that, and stopped her run. At least I keep telling myself that although there are some who believe there is another plan in place and that one did not include her. (See Linh Dinh's great article).

I don't believe the DP can be turned around to Green (or a real 3rd Party emerge with real power) in 4 years. Those in the DP are entrenched and are not going to leave of their own accord. They fail to understand getting in bed with HRC destroyed the DP. As stated by several, this was class warfare and they abandoned the working class and us 99 Percenters. Buyers remorse is going to rapidly set in when those who catapulted him to a win discover who he is and will not do what he promised.

I still believe he never thought he would win and was caught totally off guard (see the expression on his face he was declared the winner. Also see her face when she realized her guaranteed win was a wet dream without orgasm). Winning was never his plan. He has passed (as he said he would do weeks back) the reins to Pence while he amasses more wealth, more enemies, and continues his con.

He is facing criminal rape charges on a 13-year-old (at the time). He is facing fraud charges in NY. There are countless lawsuits against him pending over the university scams, his fake Foundation, etc. He may be impeached. He may be forced to resign, but Pence will remain in place.

He. Is, The. Threat. To all of us and what remains of our fragile democracy. Forget Trump. Stop whining about HRC.
Do not be silent. At this stage we have much to lose and much to gain by taking a stand. And the millennials are going to do just that. A complete and total Stasi America is staring us in the face, and the Far Right Repubs are eager to make that happen.


Yes, M'am! Hope springs eternal, and we're the better for it.

Maybe my favorite bit:

> I have met many young people who expressed sorrow that they were not alive during the 1960s, when vibrant social movements encouraged youth to change the world. Well, their chance is now.


Link to the Lin Dinh article?