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Richard Nixon’s Authoritarian Loathing of the Media Lives On in Donald Trump

Richard Nixon’s Authoritarian Loathing of the Media Lives On in Donald Trump

Randall J. Stephens

[Note: This article was originally posted at The Conversation on Feb. 22, two days before the White House barred multiple news outlets from an off-camera briefing with press secretary Sean Spicer.—CD]

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41% of respondents approving of Trump after he has unequivocally shown his true colors for more than three months is not a low number, its downright frightening !


Trump has called the MSM: " the enemy of the people" and for once I agree with him! The MSM has been nothing but cheerleaders for illegal wars since before I was born. But I would rephrase it to: the MSM is the enemy my people.


I would agree with Trump if he had not unequivocally proven during the past three plus months that he is better at fake news than any media or any other politician have ever been.

Goebbels emphasized the need to transfer your own sinister strategies to your opponents to put them in a defensive box that they can’t get out of. The GOP has refined this strategy for at least four decades and Trump’s campaign took this and other parts of Goebbels’ pioneering work to new highs.


I actually had the chance to meet President Nixon a couple years before he passed away. He struck me as a decent, very shy man. I don’t agree with what he did, and agree he should have resigned. I do think he should also be remembered for some of the good things he did though…creating the EPA, starting a dialog with China, his work on racial equality, ect. He is not the total villain that the MSM likes to make him out to be.

Grammatical errors aside, Tweetle-Dumb is correct.  If the utterly corrupt Korporate Media (as identified above) had given Senator Bernie Sanders’ rallies just one-fourth of the cost-free airtime that was given to the bloviating Orange Ignoramus we would now very likely be five weeks into the administration of one of the best presidents in American history instead of the absolute worst of all time.   Way to go, Fake News!!


Frightening Indeed, Ray.  IIRC, Hitler dominated Germany with fewer than 10% of the people as actual members of the Nazi party (although in the early thirties his approval ratings among the populace as a whole were nearly double Tweetle-Dumb’s current numbers) and only about 4% or 5% of the Russian people are card-carrying Communists (a lower percentage than Trump’s cabinet inner circle, so it seems).

Nixon may not have been a total villain, however, we the people of the United States can never again put a ‘known’ Lier in the White House. Any individual who has a history of lying, must be immediately shouted out of any political race they are in.

In this past election, the two old party candidates were ‘known’ liers. Yet, over 120 million voters cast their votes for them.

I know many of my fellow posters here think that I am a broken record on this point, and I’m frankly getting tired of it myself, however, there was only one candidate out there seeking the Presidency that from the beginning to the end consistently spoke up for the People, our Planet, and Peace at home and around the world, over Profits for the Corporations and the Banks were considered.

Why were so many, so blind to this that they voted for despicable liers?

In my life, I have had difficulty admitting when I have made mistakes that caused others harm. This mainly occurred during my younger years, and as I aged, I’d like to believe that I learned from these unfortunate actions or decisions. Now, in my last decades, I am seeing life much clearer, and rarely choose unwisely when presented with difficult decisions.

To all who wish to listen or not, it’s your life being laid out before you, each and every day.

Think. Consider. And choose wisely. Your choice today could hurt you and countless others, for a very, very, long time to come.


I shall never get tired of hearing these words spoken that you give to us today Fester.

I proudly and publicly agree with you.

Even though Bernie was not a Democrat, although a ‘Temporary’ one at best, he was the last Democrat that this citizen will ever vote for.

Let’s face it. The fake msm led the American people into the highest war crime. An unprovoked war on Afghanistan and Iraq. Judith Miller and her bosses at the new York times belong in jail.

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“Taking the stage in the White House’s East Room, Trump ranted and raved”

I tried reading that CNN transcript in its entirety – I couldn’t finish it as it was painfully mind-numbing, with the speaker (our idiot-in-chief) being stupidly intransigent. Some of his speech can only be described as ‘word salad’ – I think that’s why he repeats what he thinks sounds good more than once in a sentence. In one graf he started out talking about Canada and Ivanka and then completely switched gears and talked about ISIS – how does a sane, normal person go from talking about his daughter and her company to ISIS??? He is 70 … could this be the beginning stages of some form of dementia, or is he simply on the same cognitive level as Duh-bya or Caribou Barbie? Whatever the case, I’m going to cook with wine tonight … some in the food, with most of it in the cook! :confounded::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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