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Richer Rich People and Terrified Brown People: Bush Was Basically Trump With Better Manners


Richer Rich People and Terrified Brown People: Bush Was Basically Trump With Better Manners

As expected, the funeral for George H.W. Bush offered abundant drama: The Awkward Pew, where the political elite's affable meet-and-greet shut down under the chill of Trump's vulgar entry; the subsequent snubs and scowls; the lofty praise of Bush as an avatar of decency, honesty, integrity. Yes, but: The reality is that Bush and his bloody crimes - his wars, lies, terror, racism, patrician arrogance, "murderous neglect" of the AIDS crisis - paved the way for the kindred Trump, likewise pursuing impunity for the ruling class but without Bush's "dinner-jacketed decorum" to distract us.


As I Posted on the New York Times; Now politicians of both parties are gathering to abase themselves in an orgy of disgusting hero worship of a criminal in a prime example of Adrienne Rich’s dictum that Nostalgia is amnesia turned around. Still, some of us remember a more accurate Bush legacy. https://truthout.org/articles/i-will-not-speak-kindly-of-the-dead-bush-was-detestable/

To assert that Trump and Bush are the same is not accurate. Bush was far more competent, intelligent and successful a warmongering mass murderer. A better comparison to Bush would be Bret Kavanaugh in his elite, prep-school; arrogance and vile nature. One of Bush’s primary accomplishments was control of news and the deeper embedding of the CIA into the press. Trump is a clumsy buffoon by comparison and much more transparent. As the gathering at the funeral again showed us, all of these presidents are mega-criminals serving the same criminal class. This brought to mind an article of mine on the nature of the American presidency and what we, as a nation, value in our choices.


Lest we forget the worst and most far-reaching –

Bush Sr’s granting Most Favored Nation status upon China, thus leading to:

  1. China’s massive contribution to global warming through double-digit industrialized growth, GHG emissions
  2. Millions of American living wage jobs replaced by Chinese wage slavery jobs
  3. The pyrrhic consumer ecstasy of cheaper trinkets and trash products from China
  4. The ascension of the Walmart family to orgiastic wealth, by buying cheap products from China and reselling them to those Americans whose jobs went to China
  5. China, with its huge dollar reserves – gained from items 3 and 4 – becoming the largest financier of America’s growing debt, and acquirer of real estate assets in the US.


By coincidence, I had just finished reading “The Bush Crime Family” (Roger Stone and St. John Hunt, Skyhorse Press) a week ago. Knowing the resumés of the authors, I was prepared to be skeptical; but for the most part, it seemed (if you’ll pardon the phrase) fair and balanced, as well as detailed and dispassionate.

That’s why it struck me as odd that the authors seemed to have gone out of their way to first raise the issue of the “bankers plot” against FDR, and then to categorically deny that Prescott Bush had any part in it, contrary to what I had heard (and still believe). Readers? Any thoughts?


I have often seen Prescott Bush linked to the “business plot” and if was not complicit, it would have only been due to his not having been a big enough fish. Since you’ve given me an opening, I’ll give a truly patriotic shout out to Gen. Smedley Butler, who foiled the plot brilliantly. FDR in thinking deeply about the true national interests (and not the shit that today gets labeled such), chose to bury the lede of the story rather than expose the nation to fractious forces at a moment of great global significance. I feel better now reflecting on two of our nation’s genuine leaders and heroes. Let’s hope that Beto, AOC, et al. rise to their level.


Loved the before and after photo. Remove Michelle Obama and possibly Melania Trump (jury is still out on her Christmas decorating being a possible crime against humanity) and you have a great lineup for the International Court of Justice at the Hague.


Melania needs to get out of her marriage before she takes on the “constipated vulture” look of her husband. Note the corners of her mouth are already taking a downward turn; not as severe, yet, as DJ’s, but getting there.
I saw a video of the First Couple’s arrival at the pew and was surprised that the Obamas actually shook hands with the Resident (1600 Pennsylvania Ave.). Bill and Hill kept looking forward, not deigning even to acknowledge the Trumps’ presence.


They are not angry at what he does - just how crude his is. He just wouldn’t fit in at one of the elite social clubs of the ivy league and skull and bones crowd.


It was all just a game by the boys from the club. We - the little people - wouldn’t understand how they play. And the same rules never apply to them that do to us.


Yea - one of his great successes for the oligarchy.


And what is soooo egregious is these mega- criminals are being idolized by the Fourth Estate! Which are really nothing more than quislings and acolytes of the Fourth Reich.


Hey, don’t insult vultures that way!


My favorite video of GHWBush is shocking and fun at the same time. He was in Japan at a dinner, and then------his face was in his dinner. I think he passed out or something. I also read that he was the first to embed the reporters with their same platoon… making them just one of the guys would tend to corrupt and overly influence the report, I would think.

I like reading the Ernie Pyle guy from WW 2… he would write about the regular soldiers and even write their home address right down to their apartment and street. I could actually read about what was happening and how the actual Americans felt. He could just wander around and go with whoever he wanted. That would seem to be the meaning of a free press in war time. Used book stores are amazing : )


Good point about the embedded reporters. Journalists still had at least moderate freedom in Vietnam, and that was pretty much the end of that.


Notice the contrast with the press . When one of these white mass murdering thugs passes away , they go out of their way to ignore all that persons crimes and blood spilled on his orders. Instead they want to focus on things like “decency” and “Valor”.

If a cop guns down some unarmed black guy in the street the press goes out of the way to dig up any dirt they can on that person. “Yeah he needed a good choke hold, he was caught illegaly selling cigarettes before you know!”

The corporate press are little more then lickspittles