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'Riddled With Lies': Analysis Finds Fox News Covid-19 Coverage Featured Misinformation 253 Times in Just Five Days

one of those americans is bernie sanders. instead of sticking with principles he elected to support biden, rather than go green.

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I don’t get Fox news or folks like Rupert Murdoch, why would you want to not tell anything but the truth as best you can.
It’s like cheating at golf , it’s only the self that one is ultimately harming in the long run.
Its important at this time we become “stewards of the truth.”


I think Murdoch sold his interest in Fox News (actually all Fox media) to Disney, and former speaker of the house, Paul Ryan is on the board of directors.

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Indeed as Sanders has done an excellent job of placing party over principle which is not what one would except from an alleged independent.

Probably started when they were infants forced to abandon thought when presented with the family religion. Nothing does nonsense better than religion.


There a video out on youtube showing a number of Fox News Commentators claiming COVID as a hoax that being used as a weapon against Trump. They claim it no deadlier then the common flu and there nothing to worry about.

It then shows them a few months later stating "No one on Fox News ever said that Covid was a hoax and Fox News always took it seriously.

There another video where they claim the media creating mass hysteria over COVID and that it irresponsible. It then flashes back to when Obama in office and there were Ebola cases in the USA. They were ranting and raving about how deadly Ebola was and how Obama doing nothing about it. They brought on “experts” who claimed that the lives of tens of thousands at risk.


Just watch this.

I would love to see this Video played to Hannity, Pirrio and crew and then have them justify their takes on Ebola versus COVID.

2 died to Ebola.


I think Murdoch sold his interest in Fox News to the Devil.

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Just so we keep in mind that it is us the voters that let Bernie down. He doesn’t owe us anything after that poor voter response. imo

We know for sure that they are all already with very few exceptions, mentally sick!

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Robots running on Windows 95 operating system.

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I never believed in the Devil, but I having to re-evaluate. They are in the very bad dude club now.

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That describes many of my Bible Trumping, relatives. They are like robots that have been completely hypnotized! And part of the problem it seems to me, is they watch Fox News 24/7 and call all the other News Networks…fake news. If Goebbels was still alive I am sure Fox News would hire Joseph as an anchor to replace Tucker Carlson.



Almost every one of your stories is a lost teaching opportunity.

You dont get a free pass just because the misinformation you spew is 65% true, because the things your stories dont talk about are SO important.

Just like Bernie Sanders. The final effect is tragically wrong. (For example, trying to fix healthcare and destroying it because of lack of paying attention to the single most important fact)

In times like these, what youre doing is not just good enough. Its arguably terrible, because this is an emergency, a real emergency. And its not Trump thats causing it. He is a reality show actor who is doing his job, to distract the country while the entire world is being stolen by ALL the oligarchs. Who include (fake) Democrats among them. Our party has become a sham.

Your stories contain one big missed opportunity after another. Cant we get better ?

i often think one of the prime purposes of dogmatic religion is to instill in the faithful the ability to believe anything, no matter how ridiculous, as long as it’s source is perceived as authoritative (‘god’ is the ultimate authority figure?!). such gullibility makes it easier to be deceived, manipulated, and exploited. indeed, dogmatic religion is a great friend to oligarchic and despotic rule.


hey shantiananda, i think that’s a super name for president pussy grabber’s conservative christian supporters. bible trumpers!


‘our party has become a sham.’ go green, mr. mean

Last time I attempted to discuss the issues as I see them with the capaign manager for one of their candidates she was hostile to me despite it being extremely important to actual success. Do you know what I am talking about? We literally signed our right to regulate away. So yes, our party has become a shame because the reason we have to exist was betrayed by our joining (the Clinton Administration alleges itself to have created it but thats not really true. Its singularly bad and its already caused two huge disasters. One is the death of at least one million, possibly two million poorer Americans, by rigging our healthcare system so it cant be fixed by the means we are trying, the other is by causing the 2008 financial crash which led to around 20 trillion dollars in costs to the taxpayers in taxes, but also a much much larger cost in lost equity. Also, its caused an entire generation to be undereducated and frustrated. And its going to get a lot worse because their plans for services liberalization could result in the loss of hundreds of millions of jobs throughout the world (by their own words) and the country that expected to be impacted the most by this is the US. Millions of civil servants jobs will br privatized and globalized. The people who will do these jobs didnt sign up to make minimum wage in the US instead of be paid fairly for their new skills.

If I was going to try to disguise whats being done in one sentence I would say this, It’s a theft of the entire future world.

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PonyBoy, latest on where it came from. I sent this to my biologist neighbor who got back saying VERY likely as a hypothesis. You might want to give it a read:

A Proposed Origin for SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 Pandemic



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He does owe us the truth on GATS.

I think the voter reasponse was/is probably stronger than we think. But the fact is President Bill Clinton signed away all the things people voted for when they voted for Bernie in 2020 - when on December 8, 1994 he signed the URAA. So “the situation”, whatever it is, is something entirely different than what we think it is.

How can poeople have had a debate on something which had been taken off the table in 1994?

Issues which officially had already been decided?

Under those circumstances, with the powers that be, wanting to hide that they had done that, the likelihood of foul play is 100%. Its been proved.