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'Ridiculous': Anti-LGBTQ Groups and Businesses Got Millions in Federal Coronavirus Relief, Analysis Reveals

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/13/ridiculous-anti-lgbtq-groups-and-businesses-got-millions-federal-coronavirus-relief

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Let’s make a mountain out of a molehill. Less than 0.0007% of the funds when to groups the SPLC (a bunch of scammers if there ever was one…) claim are anti-LGBTQ.

Why not focus on real issues, like the billions in fraud under the program. Oh, wait, that doesn’t serve an agenda.

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This is why 40%(ish) of the population doesn’t bother to vote.

It is unfortunate because if they all collectively voted for a 3rd person, they’d win.

I guess that 3rd person hasn’t said the right things to distinguish themselves, doesn’t get the publicity needed to create the movement, OR hasn’t arrived yet.

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That’s correct. This website has an agenda, just like you.


Any business which qualifies for relief should receive it regardless of the political or social views of its owners. Stop attempting to divide people along the lines of race, gender, identity, outlook, etc.who share the same economic grievances against the government. Anti-LGBTQ groups should be no more or less likely to receive government aid than pro ones. What’s ridiculous is the incessant, unproductive culture wars engaged in by liberals and conservatives to avoid discussing common economic goals.

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Are you Agent Brown or Jones?
Agent Smith was here already.

Hate groups attempting to divide people along the lines of race, gender, identity, outlook should get tax-payer help?

what are those goals?


Put words in other people’s mouths. Good tactic…


Resisting the effort to silence necessary conversations about racism is Kimberle Crenshaw. A pioneer in critical race theory, she’s a professor of law at UCLA and Columbia Law Schools, and executive director of the African American Policy Forum and the Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies. We talk with her about Trump’s order and the Truth Be Told campaign that’s pushing back on it, and the ideas behind it.

Since were discussing money on this thread, the Jimmy Dore vid below explains a lot. Dore’s guest, Steven Grumbine, does a good job of explaining how and why we operate on the MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) system, and how neoliberalism pushed to privatize the profits of the system, and everything else that were once considered public entities, going back to the 1960’s.
It’s one of the most informative shows JD has done, you don’t want to miss it if like me, you need a better understanding of the system.

“What You Need To Know About Money”
The Jimmy Dore Show


Good one.

55,440 views • Dec 13, 2020
we need to multiply that by 1000 or more

As long as there is money,
Nothing will change.

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There are some here on CD who have explained how MMT works, but this man seems to simplify the explanation to me.

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As trump slinks away congress should press for search warrants for all republicans under trump’s thumb.
See if there are pallets of cash in their garages and bundles in their freezers.

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That isn’t what I said. But are they committing an illegal act or just exercising their 1st Amendment right and saying something you find distatseful? Were you one of the fake resistance heros who cheered when Alex Jones was de-platformed? If so, you are no better than a Trump supporter.

LoE - I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume I am not understanding the argument you are making.