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Rigged: New Report Details How Combined $5.1 Trillion in Tax Cuts by Bush, Obama, and Trump Went Mostly to Nation's Richest


Obama is included in the list but I saw no reference to any action on his part. As far as the Bush cuts, Obama actually reversed the cuts on the higher incomes while keeping the lower income cuts. Just tossing his name in there without further information seems sloppy.


Less than 1% of people are homeless, healthcare “reform” gave access to tens of millions that didn’t have it. We’re not giving people 10k stipends.


I didn’t say they were overburdened. We could argue what the right burden should be until the cows come home, there’s no magic number. My point, and you’ll need to let go of your ideology and beliefs about inequality and banana republics for a few seconds and actually read the words I am about to type and understand they are facts, is that the “rich” and corporations are currently paying for almost everything. The bottom 40% contributes nothing to the operation of the Federal government and the next 20% pay very little.

In this current system, you can’t give a tax cut to a poor person, they don’t pay any taxes. The faux outrage over tax cuts “going to” the rich is just that.


Are you STILL “proud to be an american”?

For Lrx and the rest of you damnocrat addicts: NOTE OLIARS NAME ON THE LIST!!!


Most places with a high COL have passed their own minimum wage laws. I would agree the Federal minimum wage need to be raised to about $10 an hour or so to keep pace with inflation. In fact I believe it should be auto adjusted annually for inflation without needing Congress to do anything. Other than that a living wage is up to you as far as I am concerned.


That was the context of the article - Federal Income taxes.


No it’s a fact. the top 1% income earners pay close to half of all Federal taxes.


And Now they want to claim the government is bankrupt instead of Paying back the money that had to be borrowed to finance giving them tax breaks. It cost us money and it’s costing us interests to have given them tax breaks. And now when it comes time to pay back, their tune is calling social security insolvent.

We need a new tax bracket.
That should be our mantra:
We demand a new tax bracket!
75% over $750000
Simple, fair, and It fits on a bumper sticker, Which matches the attention span of people these days.


Did you pass first grade idiocy class or are you still working on it???!!!


ANY SANE and AWAKE person would not only “dispute” your post but flush it with the rest of your alleged brains!!!


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As I explained the poor should get the benefits. You first argued that a tax cut could not by definition aid the poor. When that was revealed as a mistake, you said “we” are not doing it. What is your connection with the Oligarchs who run this country? Basically admitting that it is a choice. 75% of US corporations pay nothing in tax. 25 of the S&P 500 pay nothing and another 25 pay their CEOs more in salary than they pay in total taxes. We need both a higher corporate income tax on the gross not the net and a value added tax system to fund infrastructure etc… Trump won’t release his taxes because he likely pays nothing in tax. Romney paid about 13% on over 20 million. That is just a little more than the average Joe making less than 50,000 pays to the state and local governments in tax never mind the Federal Government. If you can’t see this is immoral you either cannot reason or don’t want an egalitarian society. Which is it?


Major corporations have been paying below a living wage, in even lowest COL states, for decades. Governments, Federal, State, and Local have subsidized that practice with tax supported benefits, housing, food stamps, school lunches, etc. that’s how you get to be a billionaire dynasty.

10 dollars an hour might get you a tent to live in in Oakland.


No, the argument is about the logic of giving tax cuts to people that don’t fucking need it. We aren’t arguing about giving a tax cut to people that don’t pay taxes. YOU are the one injecting nonsense.


You sure put me in my place. Powerful reasoning. CD must be so proud to have you among their posters.


You’re obviously free to spout inanities all day long, but the massive distortions in the US economy are very serious, and need to be rectified. Here’s a clip from another article:

The United States is among the richest societies ever. But despite all of its productivity, all of its abundance, and all of its potential, the US economy does not adequately meet the needs of the human beings who give it life, rely on it, and live and die by it. We can do way, way better.

To get there, we need to recognize that a kinder, more equitable, more democratic, and sustainable economy is possible. And we need to reject the false, dismissive claim that we “can’t afford” a better economy. We can imagine and build an economy that centers the needs and aspirations of the 99%, and we can afford it.

Since 1973, labor productivity – the market value of what the typical US worker produces in an hour – has increased by 74%, while real wages (what a worker gets paid for an hour of work) have barely budged.

Among the world’s rich countries, the US is the most unequal, and it’s been getting worse over time. Over the past 40 years, the incomes of the top 1% (and, especially, the top 0.1%) have soared, while most everyone else has struggled to stay above water. Some have, some haven’t. Since 1973, labor productivity – the market value of what the typical US worker produces in an hour – has increased by 74%, while real wages (what a worker gets paid for an hour of work) have barely budged. 13% of US residents (including 25% of African Americans and 16% of children) live in poverty. The wealth of the median African American household is about one-tenth the wealth of the median white household. Many millions are a lay-off, a health crisis or a divorce away from bankruptcy and/or poverty. Tens of millions are without adequate health care. Our schools are under-funded, we work too hard, and the organization of economic life – the ways in which we produce, distribute and consume stuff – has put the planet and the fate of our grandchildren at risk.

Meanwhile, the rich are getting richer, and US corporate profits continue to break records. In 1965 the typical CEO earned about 20 times as much as the average worker. In 2016, the ratio was 270.


Just stating facts to those who CHOOSE to be blind.

So…are you going to research or choose to remain a loyal follower of a liar just because he’s black and has a charisma when he lies?
(Rhetorical question)


But the context in REALITY makes your discussion context free… which is what you need to keep making the same mindless argument over and over.


That simpering son-of-a-bitch, Steve Mnuchin, and his wife, holding up a sheet of ones, is a perfect illustration for the article.


There is no logic around you unilaterally deciding what others need.