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Rigged: New Report Details How Combined $5.1 Trillion in Tax Cuts by Bush, Obama, and Trump Went Mostly to Nation's Richest


Of course it’s a choice. But working people like me who do earn a living wages via our skills and education will never go along with the government taking even more of our money to give out stipends.

“75% of corps pay nothing in taxes” - seems high, got a link for that?

I wouldn’t mind a capital gains tax that is higher, maybe 25 - 30%.


Sure. If you stock shelves at WMT or flip burgers at MCD’s you don’t get a living wage. You do realize that skilled workers at major corporations are doing just fine?

I believe the minimum in Oakland is around $13 now and heading to $15. That gets you more than a tent in most of the country.


Are the rich Rich because they work harder, are inherently "smarter’ or otherwise more deserving (and the poor Poor due to obverse reasons)? i regard the thirteen years I was working poor to have worked ten-times harder at infinitely more socially important (moving furniture) work than the eight years I made a salary in the 98th percentile. Sorry Jim… the whole manifest discourse of wealth and its historical distributions are DOA.


Smarter? Generally, yes. Better educated, for sure. Working hard doesn’t just mean physicaly. Has there ever been a mover who figured out how to start his own moving company and become well off? Did he deserve to make more than the guy lugging the piano?


Well I had that (your response) coming I suppose, as predictable as it was. But I don’t have the time or the energy for this dialectical impossibility. But i will say this…You missed (overlooked, or ignored?) the intrinsic paradox’s (i.e. Subject, wealth, poverty, intelligence, market vs social value, to that of implicit structural and historical contingencies, etc., etc. ) with my brief, personal example. The crux was, however, the enormity of their historical falsehoods and or reductive tropes to each, save their respective, cyclic reanimation in the body politic.


The right-wing/corporate/R’Con theft from our society and people is the greatest theft in history! A crime of vast proportions that has murdered and injured and dispossessed hundreds of millions of people!

The theft should be considered treason, and a hanging offense! With any real leaders of courage and integrity and/or political “parties” representing the people, not profits (read theft) the criminal perpetrators would be charged, indicted, tried, and hung!


I don’t know but that graph looks pretty fair, considering the percentage of taxes paid by each group. If you don’t pay any taxes, it’s pretty hard to get a tax cut. Looking at the bottom 20% thay pay about 2% of all fed taxes but 3% of all the cuts.


Don’t be too hard on people. Some of them have trouble with reality. It’s been kinda hard on some since Nov 2016. Most didn’t get over the abject failure of their candidates.


If you pay a person a decent wage for a day of work he would have more taxes taken out and he would buy more stimulating the economy. It is a big disparity of pay for work done. Take a teacher who does a very important job and get paid pennies compared to these greed mongers and war profiteers of indudstry and politics. So many jobs that are underpaid by these greedy sycophants who hide their tax cuts overseas or buying back their stock making them richer instead of investing in something that would help the world and/or people. I could go on and on but it would be lost on you.


Seriously Duckpins you Americans have to get out more often see what 3rd world looks like.


Unfortunaltely you can always get 5 healthy men in their 40s to move furniture. A little harder to get doctors, engineers, nurses, pilots, teachers, you name it. That’s why the mover gets crappy pay, i can get a dozen of them behind the local Home Depot. It’s more of a capability and supply issue than muscle and hard work.


Yeah, and it’s purely the natural operation of the labor market that caused the average CEO pay to worker pay ratio to skyrocket by literally more than a thousand percent in fifty years:

“In 1965 the typical CEO earned about 20 times as much as the average worker. In 2016, the ratio was 270.”

Nobody is gaming the system to plunder and make themselves ridiculously wealthy at other’s expense. It’s all purely natural and good.

You are such a bullshitter.


Don’t have the time but have to set Jimbo straight:

The Rich DO NOT pay most of the taxes. They pay about half of the FEDERAL taxes. FEDERAL income taxes account for only 20% of ALL taxes going to Federal government. Income taxes are less than 1/2 of federal taxes and 20% of all taxes at all levels of government

Payroll taxes (soc sec/medicare/unemployment ins) are paid mostly by the bottom 90% of wage earners. And tax rates for the wealthy are about 1/3 lower than wage earners, meaning it is wage earners who keep the government running, not the wealthy.

Regarding the poor: the DO PAY TAXES; gas, sales, utility taxes, etc.

So stop with you BS Jim.

BTW: My source is David K. Johnson


Wow. Everyone pays payroll taxes sure, and they are capped. Payroll taxes fund 2 specific programs. The military, Federal employee salaries, cabinet depts. etc. are all funded via Federal Income taxes. Federal taxes are about half of government revenue. Tax rates for the wealthy are NOT lower than wage earners.

“gas, sales, utility taxes, etc.” none of these things fund the Federal government


Welcome to society crybaby. You notice that things are crumbling around you and you, as a “working person”, defend rich people getting even more. They bought the damn government, get a wide range of policies passed that benefit them but harm society and working people, and they are able to pass costs they create onto me, society at large, the environment and future generations. Did anyone consent to that? Of course not.


What is crumbling?


WRONG. Like I just stated, Fed income txs account for about 20% of revenue, not 50%. What part of that don’t you understand.

And the rich always pay less in taxes. Where have you been?


Other than your mind? Infrastructure is crumbling. Trillion and a half dollar infrastructure gap, American Society of Engineers gives our infrastructure a grade of D-. Wages been stagnating for decades (let’s get into another long debate about when that stagnation started), jobs aren’t paying well and the costs of things from healthcare, education and housing have been far outpacing wage growth for decades. Private debt has exploded. Poor communities are already in horrific shape and have been abandoned. So, communities and the economy are crumbling for most. We are much worse than most other developed countries on a wide range of social indicators. Our healthcare system was never built up and working well enough to crumble, it has long been a steaming pile of shit. The environment is collapsing, global warming is just one important part of that. Why you asking Jim? Things going really well in your gated community?


Sorry, but no.


Nope, infrastructure is not crumbling. Got to stop there. Just more Pollyanna nonsense.

Are YOUR wages stagnant? Mine aren’t.