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Rigging the System and Poor Shaming (Rightly) Are Incompatible Political Strategies


Rigging the System and Poor Shaming (Rightly) Are Incompatible Political Strategies

Jenice Robinson

The absurdity of blaming poor and moderate-income people for their circumstances is close to running its course as an effective political tool, particularly as some elected officials more boldly assert their intent to cater to the whims of the wealthy.


BDS the US.


Lets talk about our real reason for deficits for a change. Yes the tax cut for the rich is bad, but our real problem is unpaid for continuous wars (MIC welfare), and corporate welfare. It might never happen, but talking about severely raising taxes on these welfare queens every chance we get, will at least let them know were on to their con.


The rich and the wealthy, corporations included, are “not” worthy of any tax cuts, corporate welfare, or government funds of any sort, when there are millions starving, millions unable to get medications and healthcare, and millions unable to find jobs.

There is only the politicians that give “their” representation to these groups in exchange for campaign contributions, instead of representing the working classes, who must take responsibility for “Rigging the System.”

Democrats and Republicans, those politicians that 95% of the voting electorate vote for, election after election after election, are the ones who sell their souls to the rich, so that they can keep their shameful jobs.

It’s not enough for We the People to shame them, as they have no shame.

All that we have is our votes.

We, must refuse to vote for those who have no shame.


This is kind of long because I am really annoyed!
LOL America’s biggest Welfare queen is actually a King—and for SEVENTY years this entity has been on the public dole. It is of course, Israel . If we can’t afford Puerto Rico, then there’s no sense giving money to Israel------is there?
I read chairman Womack’s proposal…he should d change his name to WOEmack, because this will be a tale of woe budget for America, He bases cuts and changes on to Amendment 10 where powers not given to FEDS go to states and people------wow, what a nightmare that will be all these separate nation states—kind of like ancient Greece—what a mess.
Please Mr. Woemack CUT OUT THE WARS—no one wins , especially not the planet.
Make Congress live in dorms, and they might learn to civilly speak to each other. CUT the wars and cut the debt.

As much of the world no longer trusts America----see the Libya story----if the government cuts social security and medicare , then America just told the world, “even our own people can’t trust us.”

Like ancient Greece----LOSING generals get ostracized OUT of America. Hey a new use for Gitmo! : )
Education and WORKFORCE—what is that? Serf jobs? Maybe they misspelled and its workFARCE?

Get rid of citizens United, since they want to get rid of Frank/ Dodd—:0
I’d add this too. If a president gets the nation into debt--------it comes out of his pay, so perhaps we can begin by selling off the Bush Ranch? :slight_smile:
SO the WOEmack man says 9 years to a BRIGHTER FUTURE------sure, the GOP will send each and every one of us a LIGHT BULB in the mail----
oh wow, my life is brighter! ----


Does that mean we can’t call poor people deplorables anymore?


Well, it’s nice to see the concept of rigging get a mention.

It’s a bit naive to suggest that corruption and rigging and poor-shaming are not politically effective, though. Where else can one find so much corruption as in politics? Apparently it is still possible to fool some of the people some of the time. And, having read through twice, I am still uncertain just what system-rigging and poor-shaming are to be incompatible with.


You’re correct, I completely forgot about Israel, and their inhabitants who are not descendants of the original Israelites.


Why would rich capitalists change a stable, centuries-old austerity program of government that still works for them?


When was the last time you heard someone talk about campaign finance reform? The central most issue regarding the utter collapse of our democracy and I haven’t heard anyone refer to it in a year. Not one single person…other then myself. They have the public so programmed that the vast majority are sheep to be led by the nose free of any ability to think critically about anything.


If indeed big business and wealthy sources of all types promote the promise, a ‘virtual’ guarantee, that additional financial resources would create a super charged economic growth then by all means let them do what the rest of the population does when it needs finance. Get a loan. Let them make their super duper sales pitch to a lender. Let them put their money and debt where their mouth is. The only remotely acceptable way for the public to do such favors is to have the ‘permanent tax cut’ in the form of a temporary tax deferment, which is paid back in full PLUS interest to compensate for the reduced public resources that pay for expenditures and investments during that deferment interim. Nothing less. Or don’t the wealthy believe in capitalism? Silly question, of course they don’t. They believe in a nanny state just for them. And that should be shouted from the mountaintops every single day and not just on election years.


I talk about it to congressional “reps” all of the time. Remember McCain Feingold? How did we get from that to Citizens United? Please call and write your reps and google represent us and keep at this. A bought and paid for politician is just a salesperson not a leader.


What is BDS?