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'Right Now Is the Moment to Decide If You Are Pro-Peace or Not': Ocasio-Cortez Joins Progressive Chorus Against War With Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/03/right-now-moment-decide-if-you-are-pro-peace-or-not-ocasio-cortez-joins-progressive


Hey Nancy and Chuck !!!

THIS is what a Leader Looks Like.


We are such a STUPID country that NEVER LEARNS from the past.

We are going down the same road that Little George and Darth Cheney took us down in the Middle East. The voices of those opposed to war were shut out of the corporately owned media’s discussion then and they are again now.

My age and health will not permit me to join anti-war protest marches and rallies as I did in 2002 and early 2003, but I hope that large numbers will raise their voices against a tRump ME war.

Good luck all from a member of VVAW since 1973


Hope you can feel better, thank you for being a member of VVAW.


I was in the streets back then protesting those wars and unfortunately none of our protests stopped any wars. Those wars proceeded as scheduled, as they will do this time around. The one main difference now is that the anti-war movement is dead today. It was quite active when Bush was in office, but it died after Obama took office and it’s been dead since out due to partisan allegiance. Wars were bad when Bush was in office. The same wars became okay when Obama was in office. I don’t know that the movement can be resurrected even though there’s an R in the White House especially when many of the Ds in congress are going along with this. Their only problem with it is that they were not consulted first.


It is a sad commentary on the US as a failed state when the best hope internationally is that cooler smarter heads will prevail and not fall for Amerika’s provocations. Putin’s handling of Syria is an example. The Iranians are no dummies and will probably come up with some covert response.
The irony of US military policy is that with over 700 bases around the world it has put thousands of its soldiers in potential harm’s way in the name of defense. US national security would be more secure if they mostly came home where it is safe and they won’t bother anyone-other than causing traffic jams in Northern Virginia.


Good for her. The imperial legislature never stops wars. Ever.


Good health to you friend. We are going down an even darker path towards the death of millions. A path even Bush/Cheney didn’t stoop to. There is no avoiding the fact that this is due to Trump seeking to distract from the impeachment and the recent documentary evidence that Trump was directly responsible for ordering the hold on military aid to Ukraine. No one is talking about this new evidence. A very damning piece of evidence for Trump’s defense in the Senate.

Moreover, it seems obvious that the Trump administration was afforded a heads up that he had lost the ability to hide this evidence using a heavily redacted version. Trump was obviously warned that the unredacted version would be released and therefore some high visibility diversion was needed. A distraction that would command the air waves and be (unavoidably) headline dominating news. It is beyond sad and truly appalling that this corrupt clown in orange make up should be allowed to start what might be a terrible war that could end up being the genocide of millions of civilians.

The rich and powerful want to keep Trump in office. They do not expect Biden will win and are willing accomplices to whatever would keep a progressive like Bernie or Warren from causing an immense shift in direction for America. Anything goes except Trump is their thinking. They don’t want what the people want. They want what they want and democracy be damned. Even including what could be a truly terrible war and possibly even the start of a world war at that.

Listening to the drums of war talking heads on air constantly right now, lots of intelligent and decent people are sad along with you too!


Sign here to Stop War with Iran:

Commendable petition, but in my view, it is now way past any petition time. The only petition that I would like to see is one where about 50 million people vow to descend on D.C.and frog march Trump out of the Oval office in an orange ( perfect color) jump suit!


True. I realized after the shocking, awful and illegal attack on Iraq that we the peaceful protesters no matter how many millions! Were now irrelevant. It has happened here; WELCOME TO THE FOURTH REICH!


You are what cowards look like!


Well, if it was about their political career they would be in the fight, But, they know that the propaganda machine is controlled by neocon sympathizers. So they run away with their tail between their legs.


Post here, but get out and get on the streets. Organize or join a group fighting against this.


This is getting sold to the American public as an Osama Bin Laden killing. Here are the problems:

General Soleimani and his staffers were acting as military representatives of a nation. The general probably wasn’t a political mastermind, nor was he much of a cult leader. Trump and friends are most likely assigning all sorts of Dr. Evil traits to some confident-posing brown-noser of a military bureaucrat.

The thing about brown-nosing bureaucrats is that 100 other guys already want his job. Any one of them hopes to be well-paid to heroically pin all the medals on his own chest and dine on pheasant at a state dinner with his President.

So, the U.S.killed some country’s pet general and a couple of staffers. Did they actually kill anybody at all who is capable of marching and holding a gun? Did they kill any of the engineers who created Iran’s new weapons that US soldiers now fear so much?


Much more could be said and it could be said much better but least it something people could link to in the meantime.


Ah, the new weapons. Well, that is the reason the US chose this confrontation.Alas we may soon see the metal of their engineering teams.

The US stealth drone, with a value somewhere around $150,000,000 was shot down by a domestically made in Iran, $7,000 rocket.

Tulsi was correct, this will be much more costly.


This should unequivocally put and end to any doubt that the most bloodthirsty and dangerous terrorists on the planet reside in the White House and within this administration.


Gads!! What a bone-headed action–and I’m being nice here. All Iran has to do is close the Straight of Hormuz and tank the oil markets and probably the world economy would be in serious jeopardy. That’s the easiest way for Iran to say fuck you to most of our allies. But really who knows what’s next? Everyone in the Pentagon, most of Washington, the media, you name it, WAR, WAR!!! I say we’re fucked. I’m glad I’m too old and disabled to get called up in an all out war. I bet Trump’s kids won’t get sent to get slaughtered. I said the other day this decade will show all the stresses humans have done to Earth; now add another big war. Geezzz


That drone was supposedly untouchable. And the Titanic was unsinkable.