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Right to Internet Privacy Under Threat as Debate Reaches House Floor


Right to Internet Privacy Under Threat as Debate Reaches House Floor

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

This story will be updated.

Privacy advocates are frantically urging voters to contact their Republican representatives as the U.S. House on Tuesday prepares to vote on legislation which would strip citizens of their right to online privacy.


By voiding our Right to Privacy in this way, the Republican Subversive (or Subversive Republican) Party has again blatantly trashed our principles as Americans. I expect EARTHQUAKES as millions of US servicemen who died defending our country roll over in their graves all at once. We now have an enemy in Washington and statehouses across the country far more deadly than any in Moscow during the Cold War. Let's kick those lazy foreigners out of Guantanamo so we can use the facility to house our own politicians who violated their Oaths to uphold our Constitution.


In the words of that venerable statesman: An elected terrorist in every pot, and a GUILLOTINE in every driveway!


Bing search by me (soon-to-be 64 years young): 1. Best home pregnancy test. 2.Cutest maternity dresses. 3. Where to buy old-fashioned baby buggies. 4. Best and cutest baby backpacks! 5. WHERE IS IVANKA TRUMP BUYING HER MATERNITY CLOTHES?!?!?!???


"nternet is that one's search history—information about health"

Health info is protected under HIPAA. You saying the new law repeals HIPAA?


Any suggestions regarding a good VPN service?


Time to boycott the internet. If we all did it for just one organized day, it would bring us some unforeseen power. Time to get off this site as well. If you don't think you will be targeted for your radical political views (according to TPTB), well--good luck with that one.


great idea, and remember there are over three hundred million of us. They can run, but cannot hide.


I heard it does. What is the purpose of this? This admin has accomplished nothing for the people at all.


Just another chip out of our already scavenged Constitution/Bill of Rights-
"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized".


I haven't read the bill yet, though I guess now it's time. Does anyone know whether an ISP like Spectrum (TIme-Warner) can now sell the e-mails stored on their servers?


An ISP that advertised itself as NOT using/forbidding this rule would be fairly successful I would imagine...
I would be all in-


Well, I think we need to revise our national anthem.
* America the Beautiful used to have my vote, but that's been mined, drilled and trashed out of existence.
* A national anthem should reflect the country. I've got it!
* How about the Horst Wessel Leid? The Third Reich only used it for about a decade or so and the Fourth Reich is certainly living up to it.
* Just think about it. If the orange turd signs it and it is in force for about five minutes, all that stored info on us will be set aside and used, even if the legislation gets repealed almost immediately. (fat chance)
* The Oilagarchy just about has it sewed up now, thanks to herr Twitler.
* "Oh the fuehrer said 've ist der master race' und so ve "Heil pffft! Heil pffft! right in herr Twitler's face."
* (An adaptation of a song I learned at my mother's knee, so long ago. I think it still fits. Only the name has changed, not the office.)


Its no surprise that the Republicans vote this way against overwhelming public opinion. What is outrageous is that these same Republicans can get reelected when the Democrats have money to effectively inform the people, but choose not to because their donors and the Republican's are effectively. It is time for revolution.


Google, Facebook and the rest should be declared public utilities, run by a committee of their subscribers chosen at random. Advertising would be strictly regulated, if allowed at all.


Do we even have public utilities anymore?


Don't Republicans care about losing their Internet privacy?

Direct Democracy


They are already selling our information and have been for quite some time. This is not new. It's just official now.


There's plenty of them out there, not expensive either. As an added bonus you get to change your IP address faster and when some forum decides they don't agree with your views anymore and decides to block you, you can hop on new IP, email, etc and be back in less than 15 min.

Easier than changing your MAC address, which most people have no idea how to do. Then again, most people have no idea how to take advantage of a VPN either.


You mean the ones who use the "wide stance" dance in the stalls?