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Right-to-Know Fight Heats Up as Pro-GMO DARK Act Advances

Right-to-Know Fight Heats Up as Pro-GMO DARK Act Advances

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Defying the rights of Americans who overwhelmingly want to know more about what they eat, a Senate committee on Tuesday advanced legislation that will block states from requiring that foods made with genetically modified organisms (GMO) be labelled.

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Remember when the government wanted us to be educated consumers?

Now they want us ignorant.

And if DARK passes they’ll have mandated it.

And TPP will make any labeling that might stop people from purchasing a product a thing of the past. We’ll go from being betrayed by our legislators to being ignored in trade courts. We won’t be able to fix it by voting the bastards out.


Vote Hillary for more of the same as she promised.

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Hillary’s campaign manager is a Monsanto lobbyist, last I heard. It is to laugh.

Say what you will about the crappy Obama, he at least lied to America about hope and change to get elected. Hillary?

You’ll take whatever my lobbyists are going to shove down your throat and like it, America. And no, it won’t be labeled, will be fired from a drone, will cause you to bleed money from every orifice, and that money will be immediately sent to Israel aboard a gold-plated F-35, which Bibi can keep.

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I bought mulch the other day and mentioned that the bag had changed and the person helping me said,“the bags change every year”. Some labels change every season. Saying labels will increase cost is a blatant lie.

you are correct to say product producers could just label their products non gmo. funny part about that is most ALL products would be imported because virtually all corn and soy in the US is gmo. we are eating tons of gmo- every corn chip, every hot dog (feed), every roll, every squirt of ketchup, every sip of soda. if your clothes are made with cotton, you are wearing it. know this is not just a food fight! this is stopping the use of glyphosate (round up), the real money maker for ‘them.’ why should any corporation get the green light by this GOVERNMENT to deny our basic fundamental right to know what we are eating. Monsanto, etc. have spent millions to prevent this from happening. the gmo echelons line up to pass through the revolving door moving from gmo corporate offices into the highest offices of the FDA, Ag dept, environmental dept, defense dept, state dept. etc. and yes Hillary is their darling. don’t take my word for any of this. you look it up. you decide for yourself if this is right or wrong, if this is democracy, if this is something a supposed ‘free’ people should roll over and accept. I am choosing not to wear the sheeple hat.

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Buy/eat organic.

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That the men and women we have sent to represent us could even waste a moment’s thought on such a blatantly anti citizen effort is in itself astounding. That any would argue in its favor is grounds for dismissal.
That said, I can’t remember rat droppings and pesticides ever being listed among the list of ingredients anyway. Cutting funding on enforcement of regulations and inspections is even more disgusting. This statement made necessary by the GOP.

The PTB know that we need information and many would not eat GMOs if they knew, so of course we must be kept in the dark. Other countries (like most in Europe, and now all of Russia) refuse GMOs as unneeded, possible unhealthy and definitely harmful to the environment when they escape, as has happened already.

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I remember the SiFy movie Soylent (spl?) Green where the government concealed the ingredients.

I would add that under the pending regulations I can know more about what’s fed to my dog and the chimps at the zoo than I’m allowed to know about what I feed my kids & grand kids.

Even that is no real assurance. My family has a 'play farm where we ‘think’ we have eliminated GMO but there ids no way to know.

Yes you are correct. Contamination is a huge problem.
I believe the best we can do is eat/support organic and continue pressure for labeling.
You are to be commended for your efforts.

Think of all the money spent to fight this labeling -----what are they hiding? People who care about this stuff already buy organic or look for no-gmo’s