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Right "To Their Faces," 16-Year-Old Greta Thunberg Tells Davos Elite Climate Crisis Their Fault

Right "To Their Faces," 16-Year-Old Greta Thunberg Tells Davos Elite Climate Crisis Their Fault

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Sixteen-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg just told a group of the elite gathered in Davos for the World Economic Forum—as they were seated just feet away from her—that they are among those directly responsible for the climate crisis.


Greta, so true! " And a child shall lead them."


“We have reached our burning building moment ,and the fire brigade have arrived .”
Those that have arrived are the ones that have so far awakened .However there are no judgements here just observations .
As no one does anything wrong given their model of the world.
That’s where the work must be done !
Greta knows intuitively what must be done,she speaks from her heart.

From the book… Awaken The Species.


Well said!

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They will still be laughing all the way to the bank.

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Reading Greta, at almost 68 I realize I’ve not done enough.


If our survival is in their hands then we are effed.


Big hearted billionaires allow themselves to be lectured by an intelligent young sixteen year-old. That one act proves they are getting ready to save the world from the seemingly terminal illness of insatiable want.

Perhaps Ralph Nader was right; only the rich can save us. Really, If they just quit doing what they do, everything should be okay.

Unfortunately for Greta and her generation, the guys at Davos and similar people elsewhere will not be around to be affected by the upcoming catastrophe, so they don’t feel the need to act. Their descendants will be affected, but human instinct doesn’t compel them to act when the threat is a generation removed, that is the way we evolved, there is nothing that can be done about that.

Damn right it’s their fault! These corrupt billionaires been doing a bang up job for all of these years making Global Warming a reality even for themselves. We need a 16 year old to remind us???

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I was listening to a podcast recently in which the speaker was speaking of wealthy “philanthropy”. He made a some excellent points. The very wealthy withhold their fair share of funding through various tax loopholes unavailable to the rest of us, while the middle class shoulders the financial burden for agencies designed to protect us all.

When they pick a pet project, they “generously” pour money into it while simultaneously exerting undue influence on policy. We’ve certainly seen this played out most in the education arena with disastrous results.

First, if they were paying their share of taxes, the professionals and experts whose job it is to handle problems would have more resources with which to do so. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the proper percentage the very rich should pay. If they just paid the percentage most of the middle class pays, it would mean billions. I was incensed when Romney disclosed he was paying 12% taxes on his wealth. At half the rate at which my husband and I are taxed, he thought that was a lot. But I digress.

Secondly, instead of inserting themselves into the policy making end of things, they could apply that great wealth to fund exploring various methodologies, then turn successful best practices over to be implemented at a savings to taxpayers to benefit us all.


I love Greta. These billionaires go to the bank they own, the World Bank of International Settlements, the top of two. It is 120 RIGHT NOW in Australia AND 96 AT NIGHT. CHEW ON THAT. Even billionaires know you can’t grow food. So we live underground like moles OR they listen to Greta OR die. These temps are coming to us and a war near you. Wear shorts, we’re turning up the heat!!


I enjoy your point of view. Even so, it’s usually the taxpayers that fund the beginnings of things like the internet and space travel. Rich guys use our space ports for their own private rockets, for example.

The french revolution approach proved too extreme, yet something must be done. The top 25 rich people who own as much as the world’s bottom 50% cost us regular people billions of times more than the extra money the rich ones don’t need and keep hidden on secret islands. Delete button would get rid of those electronic digits. A modern electronic reverse cash machine to replace the guillotine.


Most of us haven’t. I wish I had her courage when I was 16.

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Apparently the rich do.

A.I. is the number one discussion on the table at Davos says The NY Times. The largest companies will race to adapt robots and eliminate 40 percent of the jobs humans now do in 15 years. The major CEOS claim there will be replacement jobs and are job Creators, but it’s not true. Apple,Google, IBM to name a few have already begun. They are very excited about not having to pay salaries and increase their stock price for more Profit. Add this Extinction Event to Global Warming for a double whammy. What these Geniuses have not thought about is who will be here to buy their products?

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They, the tech giants after robotized manufacturing is complete, can then sell their products to robots as well.

Someday they’ll blubber and weep their way to the gallows. Sure hope I live to see it

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Greta should also tell the Elites at Davos she doesnt like Robots and expects a full time, well paying job with benefits, after she pays for college.

All those suits are thinking as they sit around pretending to listen to Greta is “How can I make a buck off of this”.

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