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Right "To Their Faces," 16-Year-Old Greta Thunberg Tells Davos Elite Climate Crisis Their Fault

This is unreasonable guilt that all of us must face. Yet, we have done something: we have written, called spoken and in many cases taken small steps to limit our use of fossil fuel to the best of our ability. However, this unreasonable guilt is not necessary as the institutions must be the ones to set limits on their use for everyone. We must all work together, and limitiations on use must be equally divided among all of us, and only government can legislate that equal responsibility based on those limitations we must all follow to try and avoid climate disaster for all life on Earth. And while we are at it, we must limit population. This is especially true for advanced societies which are especially guilty for our overuses.


I know you didn’t mean it literally, but unfortunately she’s not leading them. They clapped at her speech - it was an insult. If there was any real respect at all for Greta then, it would show in their radically and suddenly changed actions. They care not one iota for Greta or the entire generation she represents. I think they thought it was amusing to watch a child fighting for its life.

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It’s not the first time that a youthful activist has taken on our elitist “leaders”. What a shame that they are too lazy / incompetent / apathetic / invested in the status quo (take your pick) to resolve the problem.

But it’s not just the elite who are to blame. There are also average people who are content (through ignorance or apathy) to continue their wasteful ways: unmitigated use of energy, to give just one example.

I think that’s probably the truth,they are so caught up in the illusion.
Responsibility and acceptance is for those that choose the illusion to end .Denial is for those that wish to continue living in the illusion.

Now more than ever we need those that choose responsibility to become leaders.
Those in positions of so called authority and power do not wish to share power but seek only power over .
True Power is a line not a pyramid.

I would hope not! Thanks.

Their house is on fire, but they will keep on clapping and doing nothing until their house burns to the ground. Yes an insult!


I agree, I was being facetious about hoping not true. Must be nice to be as climate ignorant as Trump and his Bible, trumpers and believe it is all a Chinese hoax! Climate Ignorance is bliss?

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"The top 25 rich people who own as much as the world’s bottom 50% "
And, that is not an economy. It’s feudalism. So much for faith in the “invisible hand”–a seductive meme that turned neoberal economics into a religion and the 1% into a priesthood.

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For me that was 1967…girls, cars and the Beatles.

Ah, I was 17 then. And naive to a degree. I felt the world was going to change and almost 52 yrs later, it really hasn’t changed that much.
Still a Beatles fan even if I did give up cars and girls. I am too old to chase cars and girls. And neither chases me.
I hope she does better.

Yeah its our cultural story that causes this, it’s never been seriously challenged .
Read the book Communion With God if your searching for the why’s it goes straight to the answer.
What we must put in place is a New Cultural Story based on a higher understanding not fallacy .

While we support Greta, let us not forget to do our part by minimizing our personal fossil fuel use. One of the easiest ways to do so is skip the flights to sunny places to rejuvenate ourselves from the toxic world we have created. Have to admit, pretty irrational right? Imagine that - using personal choice to actually address global issues by reducing dirty energy use in feasible ways.

"…preserve your memories, they’re all that’s left you…Paul Simon :-)))

Thank you for your kind reply.

At the end of the day, it is all we have left.

My biggest complaint is I have almost total recall, it isn’t photographic but close. There are so many things I’d just as soon forget. Head-up, keep moving forward. Peace.

Fortunately I don’t have such a memory, too many things I remember as it is that I would like to forget.
Same to you. Peace