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Right to Vote Must Be Enshrined in Our Constitution


Right to Vote Must Be Enshrined in Our Constitution

John Nichols

On April 9, 1865, barely three months after his promotion to serve as general-in-chief of Confederate forces serving in the Civil War, Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered to Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant and the Union Army of the Potomac at Appomattox Court House in Virginia. Five days later, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at Ford's Theatre in Washington.

Lincoln died the following morning.


Go back to1913 and the state of Pennsylvania automatically registered its residents who were eligible to vote. That was in the middle of a wave of European migration so to restrict voting the state withdrew its active role in registering voters. It should be put back. A holiday for voting should be established, a mild incentive to vote such as a tax break or a lottery should be established, how votes are counted should be made a uniform procedure. So many things that could be done but are not–because we do not live in a society that promotes or even trusts democracy. The deep, deep falsness and self deception in our minds is that winning an election means presenting your policy and getting more people to vote for it than the other side. How naive. Winning an American election is getting your side registered and voting while denying the same right to the oposite side. The next most prevalent way to win an election in America is to falsify the vote count. Even if a candidate emerges who represents the public will, that’s barely a problem–just buy him off. Let’s tell the truth about the sorry state of our democracy. I doubt that a single amendment can change it. We need a new form of government, a new constitution and an assurance that those who have upheld this fetid excuse for a democracy, our “elected” officials are barred from any participation in it.

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Our liberal bourgeoisie works hard to define voter suppression as a racial issue. It’s not. The measures used to block citizens from voting clearly target the poor. Those who lose the right to vote by current voter suppression tactics are the poor, elderly and disabled, especially those outside of the major cities, most of whom are white. Few of these have cars, for example, and the nearest DMV (to get the mandated voter ID) might be 30 miles away. This generation’s “war on the poor” has become so much the norm that liberals ignore it. They define “inequality” in terms of the gap between the middle class and the rich, ignoring the canyon between the poor and middle class.

On the “bright” side, for whom could the poor vote, regardless? Republicans represent the rich, today’s Democrats represent the middle class and rich. No party/candidate, to my knowledge, represents the millions of poor (working poor, or far worse off). For the poor, the elderly poor, and the disabled, the New Democrats (as Bill Clinton proudly labelled them) are far more toxic than the traditional Republicans.


For what it’s worth, we can note that those who are still in the middle class at least still have the money and means to organize and push back against excessive corporate power, if they feel like it. It seems that every effort to organize and do just that was quickly redefined (by Dems and much of the liberal media) as pointless pep rallies for the better off, those still in the middle class. Each time, the rest of us (the poor, and those who get how our policies against the poor are sinking the country) walked away. It’s worth noting that many middle classers themselves oppose our current agenda against the poor.


Your posts are a mishmash of disinformation.


"“SECTION 1: Every citizen of the United States, who is of legal voting age, shall have the fundamental right to vote in any public election held in the jurisdiction in which the citizen resides.

“SECTION 2: Congress shall have the power to enforce and implement this article by appropriate legislation.”

I believe “Section 1” should include a way to establish a voter as a legitimate resident participant. If driver’s licenses, or State Identification Cards do not determine that the voter resides where they say they reside, then a special identification document (card) should be developed to insure the veracity and integrity of the Voter. One might even consider issuance of this identification card at the County Level.

Usually “residence” is acknowledged by utility receipts, though exceptions to this method can occur. For example: An Individual sometimes lives at a place where they are not required to pay the utility bills. Some sort of “other” verification, in these cases, should be developed to expedite this phenomena.

Regarding “Section 2”, about the role of “Congress” to augment Our Constitution: It is my opinion that We should not rely on the status quo political apparatus that We have had and now have. Congress itself should be “augmented Big Time”, with the establishment of a dominant Third House Of We The American People, that will make the final determination about these Constitutional Guidelines and Laws.

I am enjoying the writing of a suggested New American Direct Democracy Constitution and I plan to include firm and clear clauses for this Voter Recognition and Verification, for the Healthy Governance of Our Nation.


You do know that in none of the electoral systems of the democracies of the world do they worry about the problems you describe. Don’t you?

For example, in Canada, starting at you 18th birthday, and wherever you move thereafter, you receive a notice where you go to vote. they have voter rolls at the polling place to verify that you are at the right polling place. You go there and vote. That is all that is needed.

The idea that you would show up at a polling place and claim that you are a person on the rolls that you are not (they ask your name before you have any chance to see any names on the list) is utterly, utterly ludicrous. Also, in particular, there is none of thus “voter registration” stuff. Only stupid idiotic USAns come up with this “voter fraud” stuff.

Now, please learn something about the world outside the USA’s insular borders before you come here to comment again.


Good Evening Yunzer. Your comment begins with: "You do know that in none of the electoral systems of the democracies of the world do they worry about the problems you describe. Don’t you?"

No. I do not know this. I have not studied other electoral systems of the democracies of the world. I suppose it is possible, that these other nations do not have the social situations from which Voter misrepresentations might occur. They might not be getting a heavy influx of illegal immigrants, or they simply don’t care about legitimate criteria for Citizen Participation in the governance of their nation.

Here in California, I receive a notice of when and where I am to report to vote…so, I am aware of that process. The polling place officials do verify that I am who I say I am. If I remember right, they have me state my address and ask to see my driver’s license. Then they hand me a ballot. This works well.

What Voter Registration should want to achieve is to make sure that a Citizen is Truly a Citizen…and therefore has the right to participate in the governance process. One day, “Standards For True American Citizenship” will be developed and these will not allow non-Citizens to “warp” Our National Will.

Our borders are not as “insular” as they should be. And this could become an additional problem in Our Governance Of Our Nation.

You ended you’re reply with: "Now, please learn something about the world outside the USA’s insular borders before you come here to comment again."

Yes. I will make a positive response to your request. I will learn “something” about the world outside of Our Borders, before I come here to comment again. I already learn something of this kind, every day, so your request is not difficult to fulfill.


Until you replace the machines or use the best minds in the country to make hack-proof types, all the voting rights in the world will not really give you the right to vote. I wish high-profile writers like you were more passionate about this.