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'Right to Work' Debunked: Economists Find Anti-Worker Laws Lead to Lower Wages



""Policymakers who are concerned by the three-and-a-half decades of wage stagnation that have plagued American workers should be trying to strengthen unions..." And that's the fallacy. Politicians in general have shown little to no concern whatsoever for wage stagnation and widening income disparity--they have been creating it in fact. Are these researchers naive Polly-Annas??-


Contradicting arguments typically used to advance so-called Right to Work legislation, new research from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) shows that wages and benefits are actually lower in states with such anti-worker laws on the books

What arguments? It's bad enough to claim that there are such arguments but to avoid listing them is ridiculous.

The paper, released as part of EPI's Raising America's Pay project, finds that the negative impact of Right to Work (RTW) laws—which undercut unions by allowing workers to benefit from collective bargaining without having to pay dues—translates to $1,558 less a year in earnings for a typical full-time worker.

My response has the name "Sherlock" and a feces-related vulgarity.

If right-to-work laws did NOT depress the earnings of workers, such laws wouldn't exist.

I'm going over to the weather channel to see if there's an explanation for everything being wet after a rainstorm.

Good lord!



RTW in Oklahoma didn't stop at union membership. It included the right of the employer to fire anybody for no reason, anytime. It won approval of the voters, who are some of the poorest in the country, overwhelmingly. But, of course, these same people re-elect Jim Inhoff every chance they get and he is nothing but a shill for the oil industry. He makes a few comercials about how much he cares about Oklahomans (the usual jacket over the shoulder while appearing to listen attentively to old people pose) and gets in by a landslide. And that's the last we see of him for six years, until the next "election."


Everywhere Right to Work is enacted becomes a workers' nightmare. In California you are warned about moving to Arizona because of Right to Work, which they've had all my life. Despite commerce being drawn to Arizona and people to live there, it still known for it's low wages. Only in certain sectors of the economy do people make decent money. It tends to favor developers, some white collar professionals and other groups but the bulk of the workforce tends to be underpaid, like Florida. It always sounded to me like something Reagan would have come up with-doublespeak, "right to work" whatever that means....


OHSA is captive of the corportariat. Accidental workplace deaths and injuries are inching up. Unions are disparately needed for workplace safety And to counter management abuse. We have been in a race to the bottom since the WTO came on the scene. The oligarchy must be stopped.


Right to work breeds discord between union and non-union workers. If employers want a happy, productive work force they would see the wisdom of allowing their employees decide whether their workplace should be a union shop, meaning union membership would be a requisite for employment. Not only would wages/salaries gradually improve, but labor unrest would gradually decrease.