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Right-Wing Attacks on Abortion Access Driving Clinic Closures Across US



A new and shocking undercover investigation has alleged that Planned Parenthood is selling aborted baby parts using the outlawed gruesome partial birth abortion procedure. In the PBA procedure, an almost fully developed unborn baby is delivered from it’s mother, feet first, with only the head remaining inside the birth canal. The abortionist then punctures the child in the back of the neck with a pair of sharp scissors. The abortion doctor then sucks out the baby’s brain tissue to collapse the skull and deliver a dead baby.The video released at the CMP website shows Planned Parenthood Federation of America Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, admitting to using illegal partial-birth abortions (PBA) to get higher-quality fetal body parts to sell.

You think this could be the reason?


Just asking: why do these right-wing people think it is okay to condone the murder of thousands of innocent people all over the world after they are born? Where is the outrage? Also, if they really feel that way, why do they not volunteer to adopt?


The accusations in the videos have been disproved, including by a string of state-level investigations that found no wrongdoing on the part of Planned Parenthood. Still, the videos resulted in five separate congressional investigations of Planned Parenthood and unsuccessful efforts by Republicans in Congress to strip the group of some half a billion dollars in federal family planning funds. Conservatives in some half-a-dozen states also attempted to strip the group of hundreds of thousands of dollars of state and federal family planning funds and Medicaid contracts.

Your simplistic, bible-based absolutism discounts the value of women. It's not nearly as life-affirming as you like to pretend it is.


It is a fact of life that some people are vehemently for abortion rights and some are vehemently against. That is just a fact that will never change. Instead of labeling people and demonizing each other, why don't we just do what we think is right and accept the fact that not everyone agrees with us. Better still, perhaps it is time for the Supreme Court to decide when exactly life begins.


It seems to me that with all the available birth control methods abortion is down right barbaric. It is a murder of a living organism and no one should have the right to terminate it unless the bearer of the child's life would be in danger. Others have different opinions but killing humans has always been called murder and now we wonder why the world we live in is awash in it? If you don't mind killing babies, then I doubt too much that you would mind killing me.


Just asking: if left wing people are so against the murder of innocent lives all over the world, why aren't you organized to protest against it the way you are to protect your right to abortion and keep PP open? I have not seen a protest by the left - physically or in the media - since George Bush left office. That would appear to suggest your sympathy for the victims of war is less sincere that just politics as usual.


I believe that the "bearer" is the one who has the right to decide the answer to this question. I believe that you think it's OK to usurp that right, and again, I do not think that a simplistic generalization is a good reason to do so.


No woman, under any circumstances should have the right to terminate a pregnancy of any maturation, unless of course she is going to die, right?

My guess, is you would force that 16 year old girl to by-God have her carry a pregnancy by a rapist right?

Your supposed support for reproductive choices via birth control is rich indeed. Typically people holding your views either think that teaching about condoms, etc is immoral, or that it is in itself a form of abortion.

Also, your characterization of women who would seek abortions, as being mindless killers is misogynistic to the extreme, whether you are a man or a woman.


Welcome to the forum. This is going to be fun.

Your moniker is true to your form. Yes, you can't fix stupid.

That "investigation" has been revealed for the fraud that it is, but then you are a hater, not a seeker of justice.


As we've seen over and again, it is a small -- but violent -- group of people who are opposing abortion.
Women's groups have long known that the "pro-life" extremists are connected to White Supremacist groups -
and that has just recently been re-confirmed by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

We have also watched as our corrupted government and DOJ/FBI have failed to stop the war on women's
clinics, despite the fact that these attacks -- arsons, bombings, murders -- are domestic terrorism.

Majority of Americans are pro-choice --

Americans want full funding of Planned Parenthood --

Even Catholics -- 99% of them -- use contraception --
Just as many Catholic women as any other women have abortions --
not only in the US -- but all over the world.

You seem to be suggesting that if the SC would only decide when
exactly life begins that they would begin protecting it . . .
That would mean no more wars, no 30,000 dead of gun shot wounds
every year, no more lives destroyed by filthy drinking water, pollution,
Global Warming. Of course, those lives mean nothing to those who
confuse "pro-fetus" fanaticism with a pro-life position.


The guy who created the fake film from 15 hours of video which
he reduced to 15 minutes is now under indictment --
and he and his co-film maker are colleagues of Terry Randall --
having worked for and with him.


They then take the position that the person who created the child was irresponsible, and that providing for that child is not their responsibility (after having forced to mother to give birth to the child in the first place). Is it really about the right to life and personal responsibility, or is it about creating a permanent underclass?


The right wing has succeeded in putting their extremists in office and this
is about more than abortion -- it's about preventing the rise of women.

And there are many reasons why patriarchy objects to women having a role
in society, equal representation and equal political power --

One very clear reason is that women are the protectors of children. Nature
has given just about everything to do with reproduction to females.
There is no child -- male or female -- who comes into this world except through
the body of a female.

What every family needs to know and understand is that our sexual abusers of
children are MALES. And as studies show, they are heterosexual males.
Heterosexual Males are 100X more likely to sexually abuse a child than a
Homosexual male.

Further, as Freud knew and lied about it, these are heterosexual males who are
the fathers and step-fathers, brothers and uncles of the victims -- and often
male friends of the family. These are also heterosexual pedophile priests who
have been trusted by families who are members of the church.

Freud's claims in the "Oedipus Complex" that young children are the sexual
aggressors versus adults is not only ridiculous, it was an evil betrayal of his
clients -- both young males and females -- who make clear that they were being
sexually abused by males within their own families.

In order to protect young children from pedophiles and those who are attracted to
_ 11 to 14 year olds, the public has to understand that our sexual abusers of children_
_ are MALES -- and that they are heterosexual males.undefined> _ Heterosexual males are 100X more likely to sexually abuse a child than a homosexual male.

_ A 1998 Study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that 90% of pedophiles are men, and 95% of these individuals are heterosexual._

_ Research has indicated that gay men and lesbians are less likely than heterosexual to sexually abuse children._

_ Perhaps the most egregious and damaging claim promulgated by anti-gay groups is the claim that homosexuality is intrinsically linked to pedophilia and child sexual abuse._

_ The social science research on sexual orientation and child sexual abuse clearly disproves the claim that homosexuals are more likely to molest children. A 1998 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that 90% of pedophiles are men, and 95% of these individuals are heterosexual. One researcher explained this statistic by noting, "Gay men desire consensual sexual relations with other adult men. Pedophiles are usually adult men who are sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children. They are rarely sexually attracted to other adults. In fact, research has indicated that gay men and lesbians are LESS likely than heterosexuals to sexually abuse children. Two studies that examined the sexual orientation of convicted child molesters found that less than 1% in one study and 0% in the other were lesbian or gay. One psychologist reviewed the existing social science literature on the relationship between sexuality and child sexual abuse and found that "a gay man is no more likely than a straight man to perpetrate sexual activity with children." Further, "cases of perpetration of sexual behavior with a pre-pubescent child by an adult lesbian are virtually nonexistent."_

_ See: Focus on the Facts" -- Sean Cahill, PH.D, 2004_
_ Also : The right-wing "Family Research Council" notes/confirms findings that "almost all child sexual abuse is committed by men."_


Good answer!


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Oh no you don't. That bogus "investigation" you speak of was proved to be a hideous pile of expertly edited propaganda. A judge in Texas (of all places) is having those involved placed under investigation (a real one) that could put those SOB's in prison where they belong.


Stunted minds play the same short sighted games over and over. It's like the nun said "these people are not pro life. They're pro birth. All they want is for the child to be born but don't want to make sure the child has enough food, clothing or shelter or safe community to grow healthy and strong." These damnable hypocrites say it's about "keeping women safe." Bullshit! Just like voter ID is protecting democracy is also bullshit. It's really about Koch funded radicals establishing control over our lives with their ALEC driven state laws.
What will they say when women die from back alley abortions? That's when the denial will really plat out. They naively assume their laws will successfully make abortion just magically fade away from society. To these sickening SOB's I say: remember prohibition?


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