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Right-wing Groups Plan to Spend Millions to Convince Americans GOP Tax Scam Is Actually Good for Them

Right-wing Groups Plan to Spend Millions to Convince Americans GOP Tax Scam Is Actually Good for Them

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While Trump says tax plan is "selling itself," GOP donor groups launch major advertising campaign amid growing opposition

Protesters demonstrate against GOP tax plan

Well that’s cuz most Americans are too stupid to understand that their representatives voted for this or elected not to mount a full court press through media and resistance groups cuz the Democrats are owned by the same donors. They look at the facts but refuse to believe their rep and their party are to blame. We have a nation of hypocritical sheep that expect the other guy to change, and heaven forbid they should have to spend time at a protest.


Will this Republican kool aid taste like the kool aid we all drank in 2008? The one about hope, change and “yes we can”? Damn tasty, that.


Pretty smart move by the Koch Bros.

Kinda makes me laugh about the messaging machine the Dems (don’t) have.

How’s the roll out of the “Better Deal” going? I fell asleep as soon as Pelosi and Schumer leaped to the podium.

Did I say “leaped.” Sorry, I meant “limped.”


Liars gotta lie!

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Malefactoring consent

I don’t know why we’re still calling the Republican party the GOP, which stands for Grand Old Party. Either we should stop referring to them as the GOP or change the meaning of that acronym. I propose Greedy Old Party, Greedy Old Prevaricators, or Greedy Old Poops.

How about Grab Others’ Pussies?

We can expect a massively funded push back against an expected Democratic mid term wave. One obvious tactic would be to divide the Democrats in progressive media such as this one. Look for posts on these pages that, out of nowhere, lit into Obama’s short comings, or the Clintonian two step. Not that they have not sinned, but now is not a good time to dwell on them. We have bigger fish to fry in 2018.

GOP. Greedy Old Punks?

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