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Right-Wing Honduras Government Cracks Down as Protests Grow Over Alleged Vote-Rigging


Right-Wing Honduras Government Cracks Down as Protests Grow Over Alleged Vote-Rigging

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Leftist coalition is charging fraud as ruling party, which came to power under U.S.-backed coup in 2009, faces growing outrage and demonstrations


I bet the Russians didn’t interfere with that vote, eh.

/yes, I did see that part where it says “U.S.-backed coup in 2009”.


I hate to interject religion into a political report (of sorts), but it borders on the miraculous that the entire “progressive” media apparatus (and much of the left) gave its full-throated endorsement to criminal Hillary Clinton who led the coup effort under Obama as his Secretary of State – and those facts are somehow missing from this article.

Yet another Miracle of Omission by a U.S. lib-prog community that has been so thoroughly corrupted by the theology of lesser evilism that they have become a Greater Evil that has birthed the Orange Idiot of Tweet and will guarantee the election of the child-rapist Roy Moore by the lack of cold-eyed reporting and inability to catalyze concrete action.

But as many others have pointed out: it’s those dirty Rooskie Commies who are behind all this.



Nice, Tom.

The United States has become synonymous with Terrorist.


Not sure why the US keeps interfering. Let them choose whoever they want and live with it. Took them about 15 years, but Venezuela is gonna snap out of it soon and they gonna be better off. Most people once they taste the misery of forced equality come out stronger.


We all choose lesser evils - most of us before breakfast.


Apparently you are not aware of the most recent local/municipal elections in Venezuela, where the Venezuelan people overwhelmingly elected PSUV (United Socialist Party of Venezuela) mayors and governors?

And unlike Honduras, these were widely recognized free and fair…


I suppose Zayela’s attempt to pass a minimum wage law counts for “forced equality” to you.



Hey, they voted for them that means they love it.


The tragedy that is Honduras today is a pure Clinton play: She ordered a U.S. plane to spirit the democratically elected president Zeyala out of Honduras into exile, at the behest of her well greased confidant. Then, against the judgement of her own State Department experts, refused to call that coup a coup.

Clinton is for Clinton; never mind anyone else. It is a fatal character defect, wedded to cool competence. She was more dangerous than Trump. It was the reason I could not stomach her as our president. I was banking on Trump to self destruct, which apparently he is doing.


This too facile. Of course we choose; but some of those choices are based on principles and pragmatism, not just the expediency of the moment.


I don’t know what you are looking at. In the contest between the dictatorial state and the people’s power, the state so often wins and holds. Particularly when it is an unscrupulous left-wing government. Willing to bring famine on its own populace.

The man who sees the future. snark. Today is Dec 3rd. The most recent local & municipal elections were in 2013, with the next ones scheduled for next week Dec 10th. To be seen what the turnout is and who the people vote for, given that whether a person gets a ration card and food to eat depends on their support for the government. As for the claim that Venezuelan elections are recognized free and fair, what dope has Yunzer, and the election monitors been smoking?

??? A sad example that history is what you want to believe. What I remember from back then was that the ouster of the President was a surprise to Obama and Clinton. That Manuel Zelaya had engaged in strong-arm tactics that broke Honduras law and its Constitution, therefore the people involved believed they had the authority to do what they did. That the people involved in Honduras didn’t need no stinkin’ U.S. plane to fly Zelaya out of the country. That it was endorsed by the Honduras Congress later the same day. Clinton was up front that she regarded it as a coup and demanded that Zelaya be restored to power. That after several weeks and the holding of free and fair elections she relented, although she never lifted the sanctions against the top persons involved in the ‘coup’. That the Honduras Supreme Court left the topic alone, except ruling that the people who did it had no authority to expel Zelaya from the country.

I think it interesting that the third place in the national election for president went to Liberal Party candidate Luis Zelaya. Same party as Manuel Zelaya. Apparently not Manuel’s brother, but might be his cousin… In 2013 Manuel’s now-wife ran against incumbent Pres. Hernandez.
– And worth probing the re-election / no re-election issue. The Constitution is firmly against re-election and Manuel Zelaya got ousted for even suggesting that he be re-elected.


The election you referred to is for governors only; mayoral elections are set for Dec. 10. The results were ‘overwhelming’ because the opposition boycotted the election, expecting foul play. Sure enough, international observers were excluded, and exit polls vary widely with the published results.

If you are a socialist, then you are the worse kind: Semi-informed, spewing tired old failed dogma. Self styled socialismo societies are kleptocracies, hell bent on nationalizing companies to steal from. I would like to think that Chavez did not foresee the effect of bundling the leftist parties into one giant PSUV. In Venezuela today, as it was in India, China, Japan, and Mexico in the 50s, party cadres flocked to the ‘socialist parties’ to loot.

Ordinarily, I would have ignored posts such as yours, but I was compelled to write this because many old fashioned socialists insist on calling Bernie a socialist, as opposed to social democrat (a la Norway) which is how Bernie refers to himself. Your slur, born of ignorance, can cause Bernie much support in the U.S. And that makes me angry.