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Right-Wing Network Puts Anti-Union Case in Samuel Alito’s Lap


Right-Wing Network Puts Anti-Union Case in Samuel Alito’s Lap

Mary Bottari

Justice Samuel Alito has been scouring the land looking for a case to make his mark on history.

Could he find a way to hold a big bank accountable for ripping off millions of consumers? Could he interpret intellectual property law to give more desperately ill people access to essential medicines? Could he hold a chemical company to account for poisoning people and hiding it for decades?

No. Alito apparently decided to make his mark by helping a massive right-wing funding machine crush wages for teachers, nurses, firefighters, cops and prison guards.


Thank you, Ms. Bottari for exposing many of the key players within the Koch nexus.

I wish there were (and there ought to be!) a mechanism by which citizens could impeach Superior Court Justices.

This is a court that has:

  1. Upended the popular vote to place Bush, Jr. (the chimp) into office
  2. Argued that women who see no advancement (as a gender) at Wal-mart have no standing to sue!
  3. Turns a blind eye to torture conducted via a name change (enhanced interrogation)
  4. Stands mum while the nation turns into a former Soviet style police state
  5. Agreed that Free Speech means corporations get to purchase election outcomes (and then hide this truth behind the dubious title of "Citizens United")
  6. Is doing NOTHING to prevent the merger between church and state: the result of which would be a Christian Theocracy whose members argue that it's God's Will that they go about the world murdering civilians, many thousands, and counting
  7. Has done little to secure the voting rights of Black Americans
  8. Now is prepared to give unions the kiss of death that NAFTA failed to (yet) deliver
  9. Essentially presides over the largest prison state on the planet... what with 2.2 million active inmates and millions more on probation or parole

I mean... with a record like this, what IS it that doesn't qualify as injustice?

These kinds of persons (the majority block, that is) would be just as comfortable in the Third Reich as in a former Democratic Republic being reverse-engineered into the Fourth Reich!

And I didn't even mention the wars of aggression predicated on cases fixed FOR war; or the bank bailouts that did NOTHING to remedy the problem that tons of money was thrown at supposedly as curative measure!


Link to SCOTUS Blog 'Plain English' article on the case. The backgrounder will be followed by another on article on Monday.


The way organized big business makes its Job #1 attacking organized labor really puts the lie to their Job #2 which has been hiring "scholars" attacking the labor theory of value and anything else Marx posited about the worker-boss relations of production**. Which is it dear bosses? If exploitation of labor and extraction of surplus labor value is not the source of the boss's riches, but rather their "entrepreneurial creativity" as you say, then WHY do you so vehemently attack organized labor and anything else that might give the worker even a bit of bargaining power so they can participate in your happy-horseshit "free markets" as equals?

The idiotic contradictions of the capitalists made Marx laugh out loud - and they would make me laugh out loud too if it weren't so tragic.

** The Ayn Rand Wikipedia geeks even have a separate article - prominent in any Google search - called "Criticisms of the Labor Theory of Value"


Will they then move on to ag check off and corporate political donation and shareholder approval?