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Right-Wing Operatives Accused of Trying to Entrap Progressive Pro-Democracy Groups in North Carolina to Undermine Their Election Work

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/18/right-wing-operatives-accused-trying-entrap-progressive-pro-democracy-groups-north


Don’t fall for the cheaters, North Carolina---- Remember to live up to your state motto.

" ESSE QUAM VIDERI = " To BE rather than to SEEM."
BE that democratic republic state -----and withstand those who win by cheating. :slight_smile:


Huh. Based on the title of the article, I thought maybe Common Dreams had decided to cover the Democrats illegally removing the Green Party from the ballot in two states so far this year.

Jimmy Dore talked about it:


Kind of three as the Green Party in Alaska refused to try to get Howie on the ballot.

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That’s pretty standard practice. A strong faction of the Democratic Party would rather lose to the Right, and fundraise off it until the next election, than make coalition with the Left. They seem to consider all votes to the Left of the GOP to be rightfully theirs, and they don’t see any reason to offer anything at all in exchange for those votes.

It was the Democrats who stopped recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio in 2016; with help from Republicans. Those recounts were requested by Greens, who suspected that Democratic Party poll workers had stolen votes from the Greens as they did (and were convicted for doing) in Ohio in 2004.

Since the Reagan era, the Democratic Party presidential front-runner has been convinced to chase away the Left, and with them younger and more enthusiastic voters, in every election but 2012. Bill Clinton was able to win with pluralities in his two elections, thanks to Ross Perot’s peeling off votes from GHW Bush. In 2008, Obama couldn’t hire the top Democratic team of operatives, because they were already working for Hillary Clinton who was the Democratic front-runner. She of course chased the Left into the Obama camp.

You would think that a strategy that always loses without the help of a spoiler candidate would be abandoned, but such is the strength of the ties between the Democratic Party and the Finance sector as corporate finance capitalism destroys itself and the nation.


So many little wannabe dictators in this country, they want all the power so they can rule with an iron fist.

Very scary what is coming out of the woodwork!! Despotic all of them. They’ve been cultivated by repbulicons for decades.

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Read Theresa Amato’s book about her experience as Nader’s campaign manager. Even reading about the anti-democratic behavior of the Dem establishment turned my stomach enough that I thought I might actually sick up.


Nixon ordered the break-in of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s office in order to steal his medical records in order to smear his reputation in public and probably also ordered the Watergate Democratic National Committee headquarters break-in to steal documents in order to do the same thing.
The theft of Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s communications on John Podesta’s computer is exactly the same thing.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The GOP, the most corrupt political party in American history. As long as they can commit felonies with impunity, they will never stop.

The corporate MSM would destroy any Progressive and/or Democratic operatives who tried to pull this shit.

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As many of the trouble makers as possible should be watched, recorded, and arrested if they go too far. These days there is no guarantee of such action.

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The Right knows that if every eligible voter actually voted, within a few election cycles there would not be a single republican in any elected office, certainly not at the state or federal level.


Smug and self-righteoue " political cleanies " scream like a newly cut tomcat about every political dark money campaign event, large or small. Yet, only about 15-20% voters consider giving $$$ for promoting public financing of elections. Or, giving to clean and " proggy " folks.
I supported ( $650 to The Sandernistas/Common Dreams/Homeless Issues ) during this crazy and frustrating year. Incidentally, Portland has public money to tap into for an office run.
Please consider, as many do, this to be one of our most urgent problems to be solved.

All significant parties look for dirt on the other side at every significant election. That is how most violations are found. Its seldom started by insiders wanting to confess.

But yes its significant to note that when such probes are active checks on whether the other side will break the law…its almost a requirement that the investigators themselves must make an illegal offer. Technically most active probes should result in both going to jail.

Because of such potential blow-back most active probes are done by gung-ho loyalists operating outside the actual permissions of the political compaign they support. Most core players in political campaigns are too knowledgeable about the potential issues of direct involvement even if they get positive evidence against the opposition.

That does not mean active investigators are not sometimes part of the official campaign organization – only that they do not have official group or candidate approval. In those cases people have decided to act in their capacity as an overly concerned individual. But most times they are a minor player in the campaign organization, an volunteer or simply a groupie.

Yes the more canny players might observe and vaguely hint to particular groupies outside the official campaign that “the opposition seems like the type to get caught doing X and that would really cinch this election”. That is as far as it would go officially. .But there are always groupies ready to do the crime for the cause. We are just lucky in America that such hints on how to ensure the cause wins an election does not include violent means.

I propose that to be a new Democratic party rule #1.

Time to BE rather than just SEEM,

Need #1

Nominate New Preidential candidate because existing Presidential candidate proposes to make a subtle change in Medicare that unknown to all of us it seems sneakily puts it directly in the line of fire of a developing world country that seems to be cooperating with us behind the scenes to do all sorts of anti-poor people pro-corporate things. India.
(See the story on the better than Cash Alliances Indian “pilot project” Indian demonetization! Which was a disaster for the poor. Its no secret that India wants our jobs and our patients.


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But that was back when Democrats had spines, maybe you are not old enough to remember?

What happens when they find out the candidate they are supporting has done somethng reaily heinous that the media is covering up? I am thinking specifically about a trick involving Medicare but really this pplies to all candidates. What do they do when they find out the person they are supporting is actually the opposite of what they were supporting? This is important because of something thats happening now. Its actually inexcusable by any stretch of the imagination to expose Medicare to this risk, as it destroys Medicare’s ability to be Medicare by removing its ability to be legally subsidized, under a trade agreement which is enumerated in the TPA bill as being our top priority. Not among our top priorites, our top priority.

according to experts. This is unambiguous, from them. Its written out in black and white at the very top paragraph of the Annex on Financial Services at the WTO site in Geneva. (We committed Financial Services to the WTO in the General Agreement on Trade in Services, as part of the Marrakesh Agreement establishing the WTO. So if there is any question of priorities it needs to go to Congress, can we please do that, now?

To decipher the text, at the top of the Annex takes a little brain power, one has to look up the passages in the GATS that are laid out there and what they mean.

It will take around five or ten minutes.

Expanding Medicare to begin before our “statutory system of social security” without leaving GATS first, WILL KILL IT.

(By making it “subject to the gats” (by being defined as “services” under the GATS definition of same) , and not “services suppliee in the exercise of governmental authority” (exempt from innumerable GATS privatization rules)

This is undeniable proof that Joe Biden, our Presidential candidate is a right wing operative. because there is no way he could have been Vice President and not been an insider on this global war to privatize everything which we are waging, with GATS and ikely, soon another recently pending agreement, which he will most certainly revive as talks have been going on concerning it since 2006 - not 2013 as they claim, 2006) The new plaurilateral services agreement is described as “GATS on steroids” and public services like Social Security and Medicare are against our ideology of private service provision, also Biden cannot "expand the ACA " because the ACA itself was a violation of GATS rules were it not for the 2010 finaicl emergency (which was also itself caused by GATS, since GATS is the reason the Glass-Stegall Act was “reformed” out of existence. See ~~ttps://www.g24.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Financial-Services-the-WTO-and.pdf for some background

Hi zed:

sigh—both candiates are losers in terms of helping humanity-----but this is America and no doubt someone will try to blow them both up so that we all have to start over.

Hi 1Ed Benti:
sigh—but Hillary have all her mail moved to her personal home computer which was not well secured. In fact some of her mail was on her aide’s husbands’ computer too—you know, the child molester one. How is it that people get to a powerful position and truly believe that they are untouchable? She came, she lied —she lost!

R U sure the women in question ( Weiner case ) was actually a minor? Small point of order, but still.
These things turn into Q-Anon conspiracies.
Not defending the creep.
Just saying.

I think our official goal now is helping corporations to make a feast of humanity.


Hi mresannhitts:
I am going by the papers of that time. and the fact that the girl was underaged makes it a crime.