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Right-Wing Operatives Accused of Trying to Entrap Progressive Pro-Democracy Groups in North Carolina to Undermine Their Election Work

Of the 7-8 young women Mr. Weiner sexted, texted and engaged in swapping pornographic material with, only the last one was identified as a minor (2016). No good disgusting guy for sure.
Your reporting is impeccably …interesting.

That was back when Republicans had spines. They were willing to vote against Nixon erego his resignation. My father was a CBS anchorman when the hearings were ongoing. When Nixon’s crimes became known (and it took about 20 years for his base to finally turn on him) I very clearly remember Republican courage, not the fascistic cult know-nothingism of the base today. I clearly remember Walter Cronkite and there was no Fox propaganda. In 1972 everyone was cheering Nixon on; by the beginning of '74 you could barely find anyone who’d admit they voted for him. I remember the coffee mugs for sale with a picture of Nixon on one side and the graphic on the other “Would you buy a used car from this man?” There is a reality in this country called media consolidation and wealth inequality unseen since about 1885. And the country has gone so far fascist because of the corporate MSM that the most powerful Democrats face economic ruin if they go too far left. How old are you?


The situation I have been trying to expain just seems to go over the heads of most people because it seems they cant understand what its doing, as its stealing our country out from under us in a way which we wont survive unless we are independently wealthy, wealthy in a way that requires no jobs or other income generation.

Do you know what happened in 1993+ 1994 while we were negotiating the Marrakesh Agreement?

What it did as far as jobs and the mpromises that were made to other countries, what they needed to do to gain market access to them?

A few years later in the negotiations on fincnial services. the reality is so different than what we’re told that people will probably need to be deprogrammed like cult members are. Its that far removed from what people are fed, including places like here, too much of what we’re told is very badly wrong - its decpetive, very deceptive.

We’re in the process of being screwed very badly. It wont be pretty what the outcome will be for the bulk of the American people and the reality we would all agree it was criminal if we knew the reason why. We actually agree on a lot more than we realize and we’re being taken advantage of by crooks who are trying to whip us into a frenzy to distract us from a huge theft.

they are stealing the future from the people of this country and the entire planet and that sets up a conflict where the government - having been run by members of what amounts to a cult, real world class crooks is going to want the angry victims sent away somewhere else. Because they will be right, and have a good case.

Whats being done is an attempt to steal the whole future and destroy the middle class and the dream it stands for to all people of things improving in the cuture, not getting worse, that conflicts with neoliberal cult dogma which insists that wages must fall, fall a lot because of the artuficial enlarging of the labor market from local to global, with the intent of destroying the lives of the people simply for wanting a decent life and a living wage, having earned it by working hard.

It threatens the ruling class because they believe getting it all is their entitlement. Both Trump and Biden are clearly 100% true believers in this global grab agenda.

To them politicis is an act, and they are actors, seeking to create an entirely fake “historical record” where we go along with whats being done, but not even knowing whats being done that would be impossible.

All of the politicians we revere are varying degrees of fake, some totally fake. We wont get out of this trap until its too late the way things are going now.

Fairly consistently, everything were told is actually backwards, thats the mark of the true extrinsic fraud.

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The richest 400 families worldwide are carving it up amongst themselves. I am waiting to hear Trump and Barr announce the “discovery” of a plot of “traitors” to overthrow his regime. The MSM will dutifully spread the false narrative (like what they’re doing to Assange).
And as Thomas Jefferson predicted long ago…

“A single zealot may commence persecutor and better men be his victims.”

There is a good discussion on YouTube in Zurich with Dani Rodrik about the economics of populism, that contains a realistic discussion of whats going on both globally and locally (meaning the US) . But keep in mind that Rodrik discusses the entire world, from the perspective of rich people, not us and locally, his critiicsm, although he is clearly talking about Trump, is just as true for Biden as Trump unfortunately because Biden is - as far as I can tell, is even more dishonest, but a much better liar, even in his old age. .

A Trilemma, not Dani Rodrik’s invention, (its much older than that), is why both parties are colluding together to hide the theft of democracy.

To hide it and frame how this is being spun. making political activity a one way trap that gets tighter and tigther around democracy’s neck.

Unless we end this infantilization of the country, we’re toast because the system thats being put into place will just discard the whole nation because our labor is too expensive, and replace us with others, here in a artificially disempowered status, what amounts to modern slavery, we’ll lose tens of millions of jobs, soon.

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Joe Biden is not rich, or at least up until relatively recently. He was for many years one of the poorest members of the Senate. He has made most of his money on the speaking and book touring circuit and that very recently.
In other words, I think he has worked harder for his money than most Republican senators.
As for lying, you know a politician is lying when their lips start moving.

Thats interesting.

I wish I wasnt so cynical, but I am and have lots of good reasons to be. They are not what they claim to be, they sold us out and now are faking it, totally faking it.

Healthcare is broken because they literally traded the right to fix it away, and thats killed at least 1 to 2 million people while its been rigged. And they lie pretending they might fix it, and to hide how its been rigged.

GATS is horrible but its just the tip of the iceberg. We’re really doomed by all this.

If we dont wise up.

No. Its not going to get better if we vote for Joe they will use that as their excuse to literally sell the country, They will say, after all we voted for it.

I know how they operate. All roads lead to our destruction, they are already counting the profits they’ll make.

To them the US is their brands, and we are just inconveniences, standing in the way of them getting the value they are entitled to out of their investments.

Hi mresannhitts:
Thank you for the correction : )—but I was also horrified that Hillary’s stuff was kept on her home computer and also on her aide’s husband’s computer too.
By the way, where did all that money go which she collected for the Clinton Foundation? And what exactly did the Clinton Foundation DO? : )

You didnt know?

They were fixers for the bad people of globalization. Bill Clinton’s Administration represents itself as having created the WTO, and basically they get paid huge amounts to give talks. Most of those talks are not public. The neoliberal movement is trying to take over the world. literally, to steal it.

They probably give tips togroups of people on strategy. GATS is literally a scheme to destroy public services globally. The two met because of this issue. Their firs date was visiting a museum that was on strike and they walked through the picket line and helped the management do the work that the striking workers were striking so did not do. They want to globalize with all the rights, regulations and wages to meet at the lowest common denominator. The Democratic party always to me represented striving for if not the highest, at least a higher level and safer level than before. That is anathema to neoliberalism, which insists that only the arket can or should determine prices.

the rest is a bit of a rant, and its about the neoliberal grab, not about any individuals,

Which means they mustplummet if the size of the labor market is increased many many times as GATS and especially TISA try to do.

All of the things that Democrats want become impossible if we set up this organization WTO that forces the truly evil GATS ideology on the world, trying to quietly replace human values with corporate global pillage

So really they are like moles, destroying the Democratic Party from within, by methods, and for reasons one has to dig into to understand. GATS strikes a deal between oligarchs of the Global South and the Oligarchs of the Global North to undermine the poor and working class and especially the hated middle class, technical experts of all kinds and people who literally learned a new area on their own or created some new technology, that they need.

GATS makes it difficult for any profession to make decent money, framing it as more efficient to haave lower wages, what that does is makes established businesses very hard to challenge and it makes it hard for real inovators to get help from governments - also it makes ibvestors demand higher and higer yields, forcing perfectly viable and profitable business that takes a longetr view to come under great pressure if they dont adopt the sleazy tactics of others… Neoliberalism wants sleazy accounting to be okay, so its basically pro sleazy business tactics, its what thieves do when they get given too much power.

Its very bad for firms that want to do good work and do honest business. Its also very bad for everything thats existing and that works, because neoliberalism wants nothing more than churn that does major destruction to anything stable in order to churn up profits and disruption for the rich.

Its very bad for workers, whose work the oligarchs need and often dont understand so they hate them, GATS is trying to eliminate all the things that reduce inequality, framing them as unfair to busiunesses.

They dont want smart poor people to be able to rise up to a higher level, they are attacking public higher education especially, on a global level, claiming it prevents commercial education which they frame as more innovative (which is actually the opposite, commercial education is riddled with sleazy ripooff artists) Neoliberals want to privatize water, they hate rights to decent anything, they feel people should have to pay more for clean water and that dirty water should go to poor people… Bascally they want to nullify all the good things brought us all by technology, life saving drugs they want to find some way to make then unavailable to the poor, or expensive…
If it helps people get out of poverty, they want to make it costly, that much is painfully obvious. Instead they want their fellow oligarchs children to get the jobs, all of them. Often there is a srious problem with bribery in developing countries so many of the degrees held by supposedly skilled workers coming here to take others jobs are fake, a huge percentage of them dont check out.

Again and again the various things that the FTAs like GATS and the proposed TISA and other similar deals which often borrow their definitions, are forcing, are taking away what the oligarchs view as a threat to their overlarge and growing cuts of the pie, the improving levels of worker safety and food standards, the shorter weeks, and especially any law that prevents cross border trade in services, they frame as an onerous trade barrier to be eliminated, so other things, its intended to force wages down to third world levels in expensive developed countries, where getting skills and living are expensive. Destroying the US’s large, inclusive middle class. the envy of the world and the pride of our nation.

Which is a historical anomaly the rich would like to see vanish. Despite how its been whats made them rich. So they are in some ways very myopic and delusional, they want the world to think it needs them when it actually doesnt. They are obsessed by this.

Hi zed:
I don’t understand why having a functioning middle class is a bad thing-----if no one can buy—there is no economy!
But if what you say does come to pass—then when people find out what is really going on—very sadly, I am sure that the children of the Uber rich wiII became targets for all these who are the left behind---------those who have nothing.
I never realized how angry people could be—until I read of the French Revolution—and found that dead kings and queens were ripped from their graves-----but then seeing what the French leaders did to the people— I suppose the i should not be surprised.
Is there a name for the psychological condition when those who have everything , STILL don’t think they have enough? : (

they base it on being wasteful, if people couldbe compelled to compete against one another more, they will deliver more work for less money. They frame it as more effocient if its more profitable. They view the money spent on wages as a loss so laying off employees is an efficieny gain. You often see neoliberals speaking in terms of efficiency gains and most people dont realize that that means job losses, etc. What are the people who lose their jobs supposed to do? Anything they want! They are no longer employed so they can do whatever they want. Thats how they see it, they dont want any obligations to anybody, its just a business relationship. Similarly they see nothing wrong with replacing all the workers in the country, if they could with cheap guest workers, if they are cheaper, neoliberals allegiace is to their movement and their fellow neoliberals, not to a country, which they see as an obsolete concept, they see themselves as a gloab “vanguard” just like other cult like political movements. This they feel gives them a right to lie, cheat, kill even, to advance their takeover of the planet and its future. they feel they are “destrying the world to save it” Save it from what? As i said, they dont like the concept of democracy at all, they dont like the idea of everybody having opportunity, and it getting better, instead they want people who are happy in a decent life with their families to be unhappy, it seems. they see themselves as being on a mission. They see themselves as soldiers involved in a cause. I think that the thing that scares them is the appeal of the decent life and decent work concept, and that ther countries want it too and deserve it, they see the American Dream concept, which is based on reducing inequality especially in workplaces, a less hirarchical, more functional actually quite high functioning cooperative workplace and business models, as threats, or even as acontaigion that had to be stopped, hence GATS.

You definitely see them talking that way about public healthcare and about the Europeam social model which GATS - and treaties like the lisbon treaty thats one of the national legal frameworks that definitely arose outof GATS, as a contagion… for example, they blame public helthcare sstems in other countres for high US drug prices and healthcare costs!

They cant stand the idea that everybody in the world deserves a decent life and decent work, especially not us. They also clearly feel that rich people should get to be treated much better by the law, after all they own the world. Unlike mormal people even normal rich people, they hate the idea of sharing success with the people who made them so, they see us all as making much much too much, not the CEOS whose income relative to workers has been rising rapidly, no thats not the problem, workers making a tiny bit more is, when to them their wages should be falling, I actually remember arguing about thies with a young friend when we were talking about the future, after visiting Disneyland.

I was lucky to have exposure to a variety of viewpoints even as a child… even when I disagreed with them.

in the 60s and 70s especially, seemed as if large numbers of people were starting to see how lacking in meaning pure materialism is, and neoliberalism is really like “the Empire Strikes Back” Neoliberalism, I think is the reaction of the people who felt like the country and world let too much change happen, and it now is trying to take it back, and then some, and succeeding. By dishonesty and deception. Using trade deals and their international binding mechanism to enlist oligarchs in other nations and ther newly manufactured, superior rights, in a strange parody of the US civil rights movement, to destroy all it really stood for, as an international law, scam/ pretext to nullify voters and the vote. And future proof the status quo. More than anything else thats the goal of GATS to prevent progress and growth in the quality of life and decent work - neoliberals feel wages should be in free fall now. As a matter of principle. they dont see any irony there.

The sooner we all see this, the sooner we can get the people to realize exactly whats being done, virtually nobody wants anything even remotely like what they are doing, so they are getting away with it because people dont realise they are lying, shamelessly, saying things they never in a million years would otherwise, just to win elections. They all see that as necessary to win, the idea of actually being honest is alien to them, if that meant they wouldnt win.

They have real contempt for the idea that the will of the people would really steer the ship of state.

Here is a video that will show you what they are really trying to do, this is >20 yrs old but its so perceptive it all is still true (but 20 years later so this agenda is much further along and hardder to stop)


Hi zed;
Thank you, and I will get to it soon as I can—as I have a lot of catching to do. : )

I am not trying to defend sexting with minors or what I think was an equivalently mean thing, probably embarrasing his wife, but I think its more likely than not that they went after “Weiner” (his name never fails to make me laugh) mostly because he was a single payer advocate.

He was an idiot, yes. But also he was a good Congressman in the wys that matter, except for “the incident” popular in his district and up until he screwed up, he was highly regarded.

The country really needs single payer - a huge number of people are dying under the current system, and they went and made a treaty banning it. Not just here, all around the world, if they were dumb enough (like we were) to commit it to its clutches. Now we’re in a hell of a mess.