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Right-Wing Pundits’ Anti-Memorial Day


Right-Wing Pundits’ Anti-Memorial Day

Jim Naureckas

Memorial Day is the day the United States sets aside to remember those who died in wars–a legacy of our Civil War, which killed 625,000 people out of a nation of some 35 million.

But to hear some conservative pundits tell it, there’s something wrong about being asked to reflect on war–and questioning whether we could have avoided it a metaphysical impossibility.


“It’s hard to understand how this became a thing,” she [S. E. Cupp[ wrote, noting that “the Iraq War is not a topline issue for most Americans.”

Which is why Ray McGovern discussed the poverty draft yesterday.


Right wing pundits are always lying about something, which provides fodder for the left wing pundits, who only talk about what the right wing is doing, instead of talking about what the left wing is doing. Left wing pundits lie, too, and worse. They fail to tell the broader truth or effectively relate a left vision. Domination and aggression are historically male traits which fit nicely into the right wing world view. Add a little sociopathy in with the most powerful propaganda machine known to humanity–corporate owned news (CON)–and factual history literally becomes a thing of the past.

There’s one simple thing to remember when it comes down to Iraq and Afghanistan. PACK OF LIES. Always has been, always will be, until long after we pull out completely, which isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. We as a nation must accept that those wars were lost the day we invaded, that it’s in our own best interest to avoid right wing/left wing pundits, and think independently.


Whether as a result of all those card-carrying Nazis smuggled into U.S. armed forces after W.W II (Project Paperclip) or otherwise, the combined capture of media and through it, a capacity to repeat lies often really does deteriorate the intelligence and soul of a people.

High paid pundits ARE high paid pundits because these shameful sycophants will do the bidding of their pay-masters. Spin a tale that turns Putin into the aggressor–IN SPITE of the facts: No problem!

Spin a tale that turns the poor Black kid gunned down into the neighborhood drug-wielding villain: No problem!

Convince readers that were it not for torture (working “the dark side”) terrorist plots like Boston, that would kill and maim many citizens, could never be foiled.

Since a captured, corporately-controlled media allots no real alternative to the narratives it sets its sights upon to justify its martial and/or exploitative acts on a vast economic scale–no one with Official Clout is ever seen or heard challenging the lies told often.

Prior to the run-up to the War of Aggression in Iraq:

There was Hans Blix and proof of no weapons of mass destruction.
There was Scott Ritter stating likewise–and finding his reputation soon destroyed.
There was the Downing Street Memos announcing that a case was being FIXED for war.
There was the lie of yellow cake uranium, and curved ball, of smoking bombs over U.S. cities and babies placed in incubators… ALL of it was fabricated and barely meets the caliber of “Intelligence.”

Like the oil barons who claim–time after time that they made use of all safety features and that crimes against nature will NOT happen again, but indeed do; these liars have their story in place and they all stick to it. TRUTH be damned.

Part of the “Truth be damned” apparatus is to, in fact, go after those who know it and have at least some agency for relaying it:

Chelsea Manning
Julian Assange
Edward Snowden
John Kiriakou
Sibel Edmonds
Vince Foster


Your post utilizes things I state often. Naturally, I agree with it… up to the use of the felonious meme: “wars were lost the day WE invaded.” WE represents the entire citizenry. The military under the direction of coup-style deep state operators is NOT indicative of that same WE.


Forget the past

We’ve got a future to fuck


Well said SR!


David Brooks: “Don’t look at what I wrote yesterday. Yesterday’s gone. Look at the really important and insightful stuff I’m writing today.”

Reader: “But it’s exactly like the crap you wrote yesterday.”

David Brooks: “What part of, “Look forward not back” do you not understand?!?!?!”


I agree with everything you sais. You have made a very consise comment. I also agree that it is not we but something else. Government by the people is not happening in America today. It is government of the propagandized by the propagandist.


An analogy I have used before when one advances the “Balme the citizens” meme is where a group of people sit on a Jury to determine anothers guilt. All of the evidence presented by the defense and the prosecution is presented in collusion and all of the evidence in fact faked.

Any Juror that raises a question about a particular piece of evidence that might question the narrative being presented by the prosecution is removed from the Court Room and “disappeared”.

Can people blame the Jury if under such circumstance they pronounce an innocent man as guilty?