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Right-Wing State Legislators Working to Destroy Climate and Science Education, Analysis Warns

Right-Wing State Legislators Working to Destroy Climate and Science Education, Analysis Warns

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A new analysis warns that right-wing lawmakers across the United States are working to water down science education, as students around the world hold weekly school strikes, calling on adults take action to address the human-made climate crisis.

Anyone who insists on destroying science education should be limited to the tools of chalk and stone for such purposes. No computers, phones, televisions, radios, telegraphs, etc. allowed. Paper might be OK, but it requires science to manufacture the quality stuff. Oh, and make them drink from their piss & shit buckets, too. That’ll learn 'em…

We live in a different world today. Climate deniers were here before Trump, but Trump’s butchering of truth set us back generations in civil discourse and moral understanding. If the population is willing to disregard lying, direct and indirect thievery, and look the other way at debauchery, it can’t see danger in other forms either.

“Situational science is about respecting both sides of a scientific argument, not just the one supported by facts. That’s why I always teach the controversy…”
–White House Situational Science Advisor Dr. Nathan Null (thanks to Garry Trudeau)


Ya know we’re going down the shitter slowly now and these fucking morons want to make OUR children fucking dumber than they are now due to the piss poor education system we have in this country. What the fuck do they think, that jesus is gonna educate all of us through osmosis? Anyone that can afford to and is educated enough ought to seriously start thinking of moving outta Dodge to another saner country.

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If there wasn’t any Wall Street and there weren’t any oil wars, what would engineers be doing?

They’d be asking why the solar heat falling on a house can’t be stored to heat the house at night. They’d be looking for ways to store power for after-sunset or cloudy day electricity generation. They’d be re-inventing transit.

They wouldn’t be looking at classrooms full of students, telling them, “I’m sorry, but we’re doing everything that we can to save you from eventual starvation, except I’m sure not working on anything like that and nobody else in the whole department is doing a thing either, suckers.” Maybe with a bit of primitive climate engineering accounting, your college’s student body and some friendly faculty could realize this. Start asking up and down the hallway!

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This is another issue that won’t make any difference whatsoever.

Climate chaos is now baked into the future. And it’s gonna fuck up the lives of those who understand the science and those who don’t, alike. Kiss this iteration of ecosystem Earth goodbye.

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In order for fascism to fully rise and take hold here, there can’t be any TRUTH
anywhere –

Either we begin to face up to this reality and act together to bring it to a halt, or it
will overturn democracy and all law just as Hitler did.