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Right-Wing Wish List Proposes Gutting Obama-Era Rules on Climate, Nutrition, Wages

Right-Wing Wish List Proposes Gutting Obama-Era Rules on Climate, Nutrition, Wages

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A wish list from the conservative House Freedom Caucus delivered to President-elect Donald Trump recommends dismantling a whopping 232 Obama administration rules and regulations that govern everything from school lunches and ceiling fans to net neutrality and the minimum wage for federal contract workers.

Deregulation is just a code word for corporations being allowed to cheat you and not be held accountable.

Just like privatizing is just a code word for giving the public trust to the rich at the expense of the citizens.


Reagan made ketchup a vegetable. Trump will add mustard and relish.



In the context of the climate crisis gutting many of the regulations should be labeled as insanity.


Meanwhile…, "the Russians did it…the Russians did it’


Recall the 1960s movie: The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming.

Cold war tactics will not work during the 21st century.


"It would overturn restrictions on oil exploration and coal extraction on federally owned land, "

On my wish list, that this movie finally gets on the screen, and even attempts to live up to the novel: The Monkey Wrench Gang.



That was a great film! I loved it!

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As long as the Sheeple would rather watch the Kardashians- this is what we get . That’s what happens when not enough are involved.


I remember that. In hindsight, many thought he had alziemers when he entered office.

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I remember that movie, and cold war tactics certainly will not work.

There was an old joke at the time.

  • Ronnie and Nancy go out for dinner at a fine restaurant.
  • The waiter takes the order. Nancy orders “Chateau Briand, truffles for desert,” and the waiter says, “And for the vegetable, Madam?”
  • “He’ll have the same,” she answers.

I am not for this, but I am for putting a stop to the torrent of rules and regulations pouring out of Washington.

So, they may as well just take us out and shoot us, the unwashed masses, and get on with their game.
Noam Chomsky has it right, that the Republican party is one of the most dangerous organizations in the country or world. They don’t stand up for anything, they just destroy everything they touch. It’s psychotic and they need to be put on the hate group list and barred from any public office.
George Carlin had it right too, when speaking on abortion rights, he said, they just hate women, that’s it, they just don’t like them. My thought is they don’t like them because they feel inferior or they need to control them. The old Plantation mentality. They own their wives like they own the right to screw you out of everything and call themselves Christian.


That depends on what they are.

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Thank you for that one. I think I remember that.

Lots to look forward to with all these corporations running the white house and calling the shots…Skullduggery will know no bounds…Our health and well being be damned…Profits before people is now the new world order…Brought to you by lying cheating republicans.

and by the lying cheating neolibs of the clinton-democrats

Frito Lay is like the cigarette companies, if they can get you over 100lbs by the age of six you’ll be a life long customer.
Shouldn’t be too hard to see who’s interests are being looked after here.

Exxon Mobile CEO Rex Tillerson is in charge of the Office of Global Climate Change?!? HAHA

I would say we are totally screwed if I didn’t know that it is just as hard to follow as it is to lead. Ever wonder why Bernie Sanders did so well in the primaries? We were willing to follow the causes he stood for, and we still are. Obviously there is no certainty that we will be victorious, but there is no doubt as to whether we will contend. Without appealing to the masses there is no way to lead besides absolute tyranny, at which point there would be no legitimate authority conveyed by the people, which could encourage civil war, hooray for the war profiteers, but do you want civil war?? No, most people don’t, most people want to change things for the better, and most people have enough sense to see that war won’t bring about the changes they want.

So… IF the world is going to hell in a hand basket then you should expect to see a lot more people of good conscience becoming politicized, (its about damn time Americans abandon their apolitical traditions, nothing screams “AMERICA” like a family fighting over birth control for the holidays)

the torrent?? haha.

Wow, you really spoke to my heart, you said everything I wanted to say and more. The simple beauty of your insight is breathtaking, you are an artist, a master of the written word.

Your ideas are so revolutionary, I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight, I’m just too excited. You have opened my eyes and put everything into perspective.

Have you always been so perceptive or did you receive special training?