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Right-Winger Rick Perry, DAPL Board Member, Picked for Energy Secretary


Right-Winger Rick Perry, DAPL Board Member, Picked for Energy Secretary

Nika Knight, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday appointed former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to head the Department of Energy.

Perry infamously forgot the name of the department at the same time that he advocated for axing it, during his failed 2012 presidential bid.


Maybe this forgettable fool forgot that he forgot the name of the Department.


ARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH :rage: :angry: :scream: :cry:

The speeding train is careening down the track to Hell led by burnt orange Satan himself.


Perry has a conflict of interest, his seat on the Board at Dakota Access Pipeline, Energy Transfer Partners. He cannot be confirmed as Energy Secretary. In fact he cannot rule on any other pipelines either. This is horrnendous.


In a perfect world, perhaps. But when considering the makeup of both chambers of Congress, who knows what to expect...sad to say. If T-dump is not made to divest, then the precedent is set for all his annointees to follow suit. Lord save us!!!


With all of his 'in your face' nominations and appointments, plus conflicts of interest make me wonder if Trump is daring the electoral college anyone to put a stop to blatant corruption in the presidency. Failure to at least try to stop him before he gets started will be the official, final demise of any pretense of democracy IMO. The fact of democracy never was.


"This glaring conflict of interest should disqualify him from serving as Energy Sec" -B. Lee
The entire Trump administration is one big conflict of interest, that is, with regards to the future of the nation and Earth which all of Trump's minions threaten.


I do believe that this guy is the same that was proclaimed a Prophet that would lead the USA back to the Kingdom of God by some of this fundamentalists down there.

During the drought in Texas he proclaimed that all Texans had to do was pray and God would make it rain and he even issued a proclamation to that effect.

As I recall after that proclamation and those days of prayer the drought got worse.

I suppose if you all PRAY hard enough burning yet more fossil fuels will end drought, Climate change , and usher in a new prosperity. It a win win for his type because all he has to do is blame any failings on the lack of faith amongst the people.


I see he's wearing his "Makes Me Look Smart Glasses"