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Righteousness Someday Prevail


Righteousness Someday Prevail

Tuesday marked Bob Marley's birthday; he would have been (only) 73, a mournful reminder of how young he was when he died - just 36 - and how long he's been gone. What sweet solace he might have tendered- "Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery/ None but ourselves can free our minds" - in these dark days. Still, his music and legacy live on. So "Come we go chant down Babylon one more time."


A reminder that someone from out of nowhere can change the planet through song. Guitars, not guns.


The pure poetry of truth and beauty simply being the natural interconnectedness and putting evil and corruption in its place - which should be nowhere but timely fully heard caveat -

Bob Marley … Presente!!


"Jah would never give the power to a bald head"
Wish it weren’t so.
But voting for independents committed to democracy might turn this autocratic hell into ‘heaven’.
Robert Nesta Marley ~ his message brings wisdom to life.


We do not need stoned Christians as role models at this time, thank you. There are plenty already in the White House.


I think one of the problems with the ruling class is that they don’t partake in the almighty weed. They should most definitely take a page from Marley’s book, chill, and give the rest of us a break.


Earthstrong ~ February 6, 1945 - May 11, 1981 ~

We be Jahmin’ with you, Bob! Martin. John. Jimi. Peter.
Love. Honor. Peace. Respect. Family.

“They” (the “its”), the corps had something to do with your murders,
one and all. Goddess forgive us.

Please, excuse godzilla’s efin’ ad:

Bob Marley, "Redemption Song"

The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival
is here. Now.


We the Poor People demand: Love. Respect. Honor. Peace. Family. The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival

Cannabis is a medicine. Calling this medicinal herb “drugs” (as in big pharma drugs) is a pejorative weasel meant to obfuscate this fact that cannabis cures cancer and many, many maladies that have afflicted humans and animals for millennia.


Yo got it, ‘D’!!! BOB ROCKED!
And: The Poor People demand: Love. Respect. Honor. Peace. Family. The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival


Everyone want that Babylon now though.


And what, pray tell, is a real Christian?

I can’t wait to hear this.


Babylon gives with one hand and takes away with the other. It is a racket.
Everyone should know that going in or choose another way. Bob just reminds us there is one.


Another prophet has walked on as well. John Perry Barlow has passed this way. I remember him well.


The ruling class? You do know that pot is legal in Washington DC?

Bob Marley was an uneducated Christian dope smoker who wrote a few good songs. Yeah, he should be a role model.


Possessing pot is legal in DC, but it is still illegal to sell it. In a real world application, it’s only quasi legal. Off point though, because one is not forced to purchase, participate in, or employ a thing just because it is legal. Considering this nation is taking a giant step backwards in terms of civilization, thanks to the ruling class, I’m for any mind-altering activity that will slow them down or outright incapacitate them.


Who exactly is the ruling class? Are the seas rising where they live?


Marley was not Christian, he was a Rastafarian, a religion that took root because of the colonization of Jamaica. So yeah, this country and its leaders could learn a thing or two from Bob Marley and other rastas.


I certainly hope they don’t learn about how women should be treated in society.


Rastafarian believes in the same nonsense. Only high on pot.