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Rights Advocates Decry 'Unconscionable' State Dept Decision to Cut Women's Rights From Annual Report


Rights Advocates Decry 'Unconscionable' State Dept Decision to Cut Women's Rights From Annual Report

Julia Conley, staff writer

Human rights groups on Thursday denounced the State Department's plans to re-frame its upcoming global human rights report, paring down its focus on women's reproductive rights and discrimination—saying the decision is clear evidence that the rights of marginalized groups are insignificant to the Trump administration.


So from this report I am to understand that if you aren’t a white male, you have no rights. Is this correct? Just the other day Tillerson said he wasn’t gutting the State Dept… Right. Okay. Gotta ya. Hey Tillerson, white males are in a minority, watch yourself there good buddy.


Tillerson: “I can’t hear you, I’ve got money in my ears.”


The trump regime of racism, bigotry, sexism, environmental destruction, endless war, and servitude to “religious” extremism/fanaticism, corporate, banker, wall street greed and the obscenity of great wealth, rolls ever on…a blight on all the earth and humanity!

trump and his co-conspirators should be forced to repay the nation for all the destruction and waste of resources they have caused and all the harms they have done to ordinary people and Mother Earth!

The lowest form of life with zero redeeming qualities…


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So glad ivankas in there to help women!


Actually, the section of these reports having to do with reproductive rights hardly mention that issue at all. That’s the section where they discuss things like

  1. ability to secure contraception without coercion or violence
  2. access to pre-natal care
  3. access to doctors/midwives or other skilled care at birth and maternal mortality
  4. government dictation of # of children through coercion and violence (e.g. loss of jobs, jailing, forced abortions and sterilizations are mentioned in the China report)
  5. the influence of war on mothers/infants at time of birth
  6. the affect of HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted deadly diseases
  7. treatment of pregnant female prisoners
  8. treatment of women having babies outside of marriage

Aside from governments forcing abortions there are a couple of countries where the reproductive rights section would mention particularly high rates of women being jailed for terminating a pregnancy.


Jeff Sessions needs to remember that there are more of us than of him. And we are not the submissive little mice in corsets and aprons that he wishes we still were. And that we VOTE! Everything he and his boss’s ruinous administration do to push us back to the 19th century only makes us stronger, more angry, and more determined to take him and his fellow male chauvinists down a few pegs, to the status they deserve.


The way that these reports are displayed on the State Department website (a separate pdf for each country) make searching very cumbersome so it is difficult to say how common various practices are. Access to contraception for single women is illegal and punishable by imprisonment in many countries so that type of thing isn’t too tough to find. Iran has a law that punishes anyone who performs a vasectomy or tubectomy even for married people. Also, many countries require permission from the husband to be obtained before a women can get contraception creating the conditions for domestic violence.