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Rights Campaigners and Doctors Face Off With Israel Over Force-Feeding



"Mohammad Allan, who has been on hunger strike for 60 days, slipped into a coma on Friday morning while shackled to his hospital bed". This is barbaric. Of course, our governments are silent and complicit in the US, UK, and Canada, among others. Only the rights campaigners and doctors braving the genocide machine.


So I guess Isis-Ra-El is doing what Jesus would do. I hqve to say, these sun worshipers are an interesting lot. It is apperent that they do the opposite of what their papaerwork dictates. But at the same time, the old testament God would be proud I guess, killing infadels of all ages.


These are the people and extremist racism we chose to count as "ally"? This is who we support, fund, and arm? The history of Israeli brutality against unarmed people, imprisonment without charge or trial, depraved atrocities usually against civilians and often children, intentional targeting of critical civilian infrastructure designed to punish civilians - electric, sewer, drinking water - endless occupation and illegal colonization of the Occupied territories, 23 year (?) occupation of south Lebanon to steal water from the Litani River, fired over a million cluster bombs into south Lebanon AFTER a truce deal was signed, routinely uses indiscriminate and banned weapons on civilian areas, and on and on and on......an Israeli history of racism, ethnic cleansing, death and destruction to take by force, territory that is expressly against modern "rules of war" - but we squander/sacrifice our honor (what's left of it), respect in the world, wealth, and military men and women carrying water for this rogue terrorist state and its pathological war criminal leaders! ENOUGH!