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Rights Campaigners 'Disturbed' as Obama Offers Further Spike to Israeli Military Aid


Rights Campaigners 'Disturbed' as Obama Offers Further Spike to Israeli Military Aid

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

President Barack Obama offered Israel even more military aid this week as a consolation prize for the Iran deal, raising the concerns of human rights campaigners who oppose U.S. funding of atrocities against Palestinians.


And if the poor in this country were to have a temper tantrum, what would they get? Nothing.


This was very easy to predict.


This $$$ is just for " military aid ". What other monies are we sending Israel on one Federal Gov"t form or another? Israel is now No. 1 in sales of small arms and weapons into the U.S. market, as well. We could hope this money could only be used to form circular firing squads. And, Biden wants to send $1 Billion to Central American authoritarian gov’ts to bolster their police state security, too. How much $$$ will NATO now send to Greece’s military and security forces to make sure the austerity measures are " properly " implemented? Right wing private or gov’t para-military death squads around the globe, butchering the poor and politically powerless, is a fine print distinction without a difference. Pres. Obama’s high falutin’ jibberish aside, he has not changed the meme from the 1960s one iota: " we have met the enemy and it is us. " Putting crypto-fascists around the globe on our Federal gov’t dole, how exceptionally American of us.


Surprise, surprise. BO acts more like a Mossad plant than the Potus!


Not so. We’d get shot while reaching toward our waistbands.


2% of Americans are jewish. Why does the jewish lobby have so much more influence in American government than any other lobby?


After JFK, every POTUS fears the Mossad. NSA leaks revealed another Mossad murder victim in Syria. How many ‘others’ have met with accidents at the hands of these killers?


Go back to the 1912 and the lecherous school teacher president, then move on to Jekyll Island and the takeover of the $$$. Rothschild banking cabal wins, Americans lose.


Everyone should wear the shirt, " Hands up, don’t shoot" to obviate the repressive Fourth Reich.


They would probably get killed by the police!


Of course, that’s because Bibi is the capo di tutti capi.


Good to see you here. But you’re wrong–the additional money would be get a top-notch shrink for Bibi.


Because they’ve a disproportionate presence at the top of three critical sectors: media, banking, and elected federal office (perhaps appointed, too, but I’ve not spent the time to check).

And in general they act in concert because of a sense of group identity lacking in members of other groups. Jews were divided in Europe (e.g. urbane, educated Litvaks and German Jews sneered at the East Euro peasant Khasidim) and in Palestine (Ashkenazim treat Mizrahim and Sephardim poorly) but they’re much more united here, divided mostly on theological grounds (the frummies don’t consider the Reformed to be “real” Jews, the Modern Orthodox think the traddies should leave their mental shtetls, etc.)


“Additional money”?


There is plethora of anecdotal evidence that Bombboma was actually a CIA plant. Obama’s surreptitious and covert, clandestine background is certainly not a coincidence!


Probably many, many more than we will ever know.


Ultimately, they are ruled by the same big bankster clowns.


BO has very little choice. Senior politicians everywhere risk election loss or untenable interferrence if they make decisions that are seen as anti-Israel. That is what AIPAC and a few billion can do.


Yeah, the fascist states of amerika; world leader in hypocrisy; the mass murderer in chief blathers about his work for peace, while he sells/gives away weapons of murder! Annnd the drone murders continue, and imperialist amerika’s immoral occupations continue! On the bright side, the rapidly collapsing imperialist empire slides further into the abyss!