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Rights Campaigners 'Disturbed' as Obama Offers Further Spike to Israeli Military Aid


I understand that liberal media have made it cool to scapegoat Israel. This, of course, allows those of European ancestry to maintain their long tradition of anti-Jewish sentiment, albeit couched in more “refined” terms. But consider another perspective:

Israel is a tiny country, the sole Jewish nation – historic and modern nation of the Jews – surrounded by vast, oil-rich Arab nations, each of which are heavily armed by China, Russia AND America. (note: This fact makes America a rather shabby excuse of an ally to Israel.) Consistent with the attitudes of Medieval Europe, we seem to attribute supernatural powers to Jews, and to the tiny country of Israel, and we condemn them for everything the Arab states do to wipe out the Jews.

Israel’s sole – but vital – use to the US is as a landing base for troops fighting our periodic oil wars. US political careers depend on ensuring an abundant supply of affordable fuel to our middle class. US oil corporations, vital to the wealth of the wealthiest few in the Mideast, remain a cause of constant Mideast conflict which, of course, tends to be aimed at Israel – America’s military landing base.

No question, this is a tremendously complex issue, and we are a sound-byte society. But it would be in the best interests of Americans to take some time to actually learn about these complex issues, rather than merely jerking their knees at Israel.


This has been a paid political announcement? By the tiny little country with 280 large nuclear weapons who won’t sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty and has defied U.N. Resolutions condemning their actions in the ME, especially with regards to Palestine, almost 200 times. Who has stolen nuclear trigger mechanisms from the U.S, committed espionage here, meddled and actively supported the overthrow of MENA gov’ts, aligns themselves with the most authoritarian and repressive gov’ts in that region who are possibly linked to the 9/11 attack, and is currently trying to use almost untraceable campaign contributions to buy our next President, in 2016. A country, I might add, that allows, possibly encourages,a professional gambler to advocate here, in America, dropping a nuclear weapon in a remote area of Iran to send them a message. A message, really?


Increasing support for a religious state trying to commit genocide while stealing all the good water and land in violation of international law is one thing the U.S. is number one at. If the U.S. had a free press and one not owned by the super wealthy and their mega-corporations, this would help end the propaganda that Israel is only defending itself like so many Americans are falsely led to believe. Of course, this is true about most issues today and is effective too. It’s become so pervasive that when citizens actually hear a little truth, they think it’s some kind of radical stuff that couldn’t be true. State run media is proving to be a horrible thing for most people and even worse, they mostly seem unaware this is the case.


Not one word for the plight of the Palestinians? The endless crimes against humanity by the State of Israel? Or is that okay?

Israel’s sole – but vital – use to the US is as a landing base for troops fighting our periodic oil wars. US political careers depend on ensuring an abundant supply of affordable fuel to our middle class

Oh yeah? Name one time that any of these oil wars was offered up to US citizens as being wars about oil. Bullshit.

Considering all of your attacks on the middle class this one is a whopper. The middle class as scapegoat for bloody US/Israel foreign policy directed by the 1% and devised in secret, and sold to the US public in propaganda campaigns in the “liberal media”.

Good fucking grief man.


I agree with most of your position about the lack of concern for the poor, DH, but claims like this are just ridiculous and should be beneath you.