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Rights Groups Are Trying to Stop 'Unnecessary and Potentially Disenfranchising Purges' of Voter Rolls in Pennsylvania

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/11/rights-groups-are-trying-stop-unnecessary-and-potentially-disenfranchising-purges

Hats off to the League of Women Voters and the ACLU, so glad someone is fighting this proactively. It’s much harder to reverse these decisions than prevent them in the first place.


And it is the kind of a struggle that never ends.

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Here in Maryland, my Absentee Ballot was mailed to me automatically, without my asking. Not only does Maryland protect my right—yes, right—to vote, but Maryland protects my health. I made my choices and mailed my vote back to the Election Board right away. See how easy? This is what they call a no-brainer. And we have a Republican Governor!

“We want to ensure eligible voters and election integrity are protected.”

That would matter in a democracy, but this is not a democracy as our votes are essentially meaningless in this manipulated and corrupt system where our only choices are limited to what the two monopolistic parties give us. In the 50’s we were taught that the votes in the USSR were meaningless as you could vote only for who the party put on the ballot which is where we are on the national level. It can not stand as it is rigid, designed to stifle change and benefits the privileged few at the expense of the ever diminishing middle class.

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That’s for sure Roberto.