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Rights Groups Call On House to Fix Bill That Allows Spy Agenices to Search Browser Histories Without Warrant

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/18/rights-groups-call-house-fix-bill-allows-spy-agenices-search-browser-histories

I think once then Director of NSA Keith Alexander articulated “collect it all” that the ship had sailed over the horizon no matter what official orders might be penned in public. With technology we should assume that if they can they will.

Anyone worth surveilling (is that even a word?) will
-not do any searches while logged into their Google, MSFT etc account
-browse thru a VPN and change the server frequently
-shred the browsing history after they are done

Everyone else thinks too much of themselves.

They say Americans are polarized.

On the bright side, we’re united by all us of being suspects.


What did Mr. Snowden tell us.


Yes it is a word. And now they know i looked it up.


That’s cute, rights groups demanding that the party that repealed Habeas Corpus in the last administration stand up for civil rights now.

It’s time the People awakened and rose up.


The point is that those who aren’t worth surveilling are lumped in with those who MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT BE.

And we just saw how General Flynn was treated after committing no crime, didn’t we?


SpeakerPelosi is deciding RIGHT NOW whether to allow an amendment to the PATRIOT Act that would prevent the FBI / Bill Barr / Trump / the next admin from spying on your web browsing activity and search history without a warrant.

Deciding… Let that sink in. Deciding.

#Revolution2020 #FtheDuopoly


Yes. You have put your finger on the problem. In the Senate, ten Democrats voted for it, led by Sen. “I never saw a civil right I wouldn’t take away” Feinstein. It’s appalling that any Democrat would even consider supporting this nonsense, much less vote for it.


Only if we knew the extent and content of his conversations with the Russians.

Do not be too quick too acquit.

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Hi MrTuttle:

I wonder what’s on Nancy’s computer? I suppose hackers could have a jolly time with that.
So Nancy and others: There is a foolproof way to proceed. In fact the Founders put the roadmap into just 52 words. So run the Patriot Act against what the Founders said:

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. "

The Founders did some weird things with some words being capitalized and others not—but this is what they wrote, and if Nancy and others would actually read the Preamble , it is perfectly clear that spies and lies are not included!

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This would have to be the worst job ever, having to go though everyone’s browser history and what not. Not to mention a huge waste of tax monies.

I would think just like the alphabets, they will use algorithms with key words to do the actual searches, actually worse than a human search in most cases.

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We know that the content of the Flynn calls provided no crime that Mueller could charge him with.

You are a trusting soul Tank.

Flynn lied to FBI agents twice and later lied to the DOJ about his work for the government of Turkey. He admitted to all of these things, but wasn’t charged for the latter. His testimony was germane to the case against his business partner, Bijan Rafiekian, as well as the Mueller investigation.

Oh, I think you right about this. And, it is worse than I thought. egad.

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The point here is actually that they are building behavioral models for each of us. As they say, “Soon, we will be able to compute on the whole population.” The point being that once these behavioral models are built, they can run them to work out our behavior in aggregate. And, since we are all the same species, collecting data on one person allows for proving out models that can be applied to other people, even if there is far less data available for those other people. It’s like all the voice recognition technology they are using now. Once they have a model, they only need a little bit of data from any particular individual to get the parameter values necessary to apply that model to that person. So your use of google is giving them the data they need to figure out how to manipulate me, even though I don’t use google.

But fern does have a point. A lot of these ex-CIA “security professional” types spend their hours pilfering and going through the trash of others. It’s so the opposite of glamorous as to be utterly pathetic.

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