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Rights Groups Demand Congressional Probe Following Release of 'Assassination' Docs

Rights Groups Demand Congressional Probe Following Release of 'Assassination' Docs

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In the immediate wake of Thursday's publication of astonishing leaked documents and in-depth reporting by The Intercept which reveal the inner workings of the U.S. military's covert drone campaign overseas, human rights groups are calling for an official congressional inquiry into the program and the Obama administration's efforts to keep it secret.


Okay Barack, here’s a one question test:

What do you call anyone attending a wedding party in a mid-East conflict area?

  1. A Wedding Member or Guest
  2. A Terrorist
  3. All of the above

Oh. I’m sorry Barack. The correct answer was 1.

No, I don’t care what the Saudis told you. They’re not terrorists, they’re people with rights.

You do remember what rights are, don’t you?

No, not the right to drill in the arctic, human rights. We went over that ages ago.

I guess you need a review session.



I have never felt such contempt for an American Prez regarding such an array of betrayals! Even the war criminal Bush’s who said plain what they were about, or “Tricky Dick” who was only a crook and not entirely depraved. Even among the worst in recent history there was sometimes a kernel of integrity, or an issue that was laudable (maybe I’m reaching?), but that seems to have disapeared in todays politics and politicians, notably the current inhabitant of 1600 Penn Ave. I know Obama is just a cog in the gears of the war-machine, but he has been so despicable and cowardly and lacking in integrity while speaking soothing words; those who voted for this person and felt a change was really in the air were betrayed and used, lied-to and deceived. The betrayal is more contemptible because of the lies and deceit, using progressive rhetoric issues to serve the 1% and MICC so very effectively and tragically for his victims and whatever honor America may once have claimed…Am I over-stating this assessment?


This whole situation is a mess, really. Thanks Obama and Co.


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I think you are 100% correct. That is why Black Agenda Report called him the “more effective evil” in 2012. He says whatever the left wants to hear, then does worse evil than Bush did, and he can get away with it.



All in accordance with the NWO’s depopulation scheme.


Excuse me but Bush brought us 911, Iraq and Afghanistan no-one can top?


Obama expanded both wars and the drone program, and entrenched the obscene abuse of power by refusing to prosecute Bush era criminals for anything. He prosecuted more whistleblowers than all past administrations combined. He expanded the illegal mass surveillance of all of us, and started the new precedent of killing U.S. citizens with drones, and their kids for having the nerve to pick the wrong father. He bombed so many other countries I can’t remember them all, without congressional approval required for starting new wars, and Libya in the face of a congressional vote specifically prohibiting it. As the Black Agenda Report article I linked to put it, he protected corporate power and advanced the imperial agenda more aggressively than Bush.


Thank you for your comment.
How can we explain that there are still so many people that regard Obama as a good president? So many people get angry at me when I mention his record and call him a murderer.


How can anyone ever believe that a war contains anything intelligent, anyone, any thought, any purpose? War should be considered the least intelligent and most criminal act anyone can be involved in. Everyone involved needs to be prosecuted.


“Am I over-stating this assessment?”

Not in the least Emphyrio, but Nixon was more than a petty crook, he plotted the disastrous Bay of Pigs in Eisenhower’s basement (think Cheney) and was likely aware of President Kennedy’s assassination before the fact.
We cannot move on until we deal with the succession of illegal power post Kennedy.


"We should not engage in international conflicts if, at the beginning, we cannot describe an end, and if we’re not willing to sustain the effort needed to achieve that end. …”. Henry Kissinger

It seems that some “serious” intellect like Henry Kissinger or Zbigniew Brzezinski always comes up with a great thought that moves “their career” along, at great cost to us commoners. Enough, they were Always Wrong, are still wrong. I don’t think they have a clue. And, President Obama and his three dimensional chess, forget it!


Obama and it is Obama is doing “body counts” for the profits of the MICC.

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I guess my meaning Andrew was cowardice for failure to stand-up in any meaningful degree to warmongers or warprofiteers (among other criminals), US and Israeli…or Saudi, Turk, Egypt, or others. One must assume that most people do not take delight or pleasure in the torture, killing, maiming, or deaths and dispossession of millions…all in all you may be right…he has seemingly enjoyed the Kool-Aid and gone back for more. Neither has he shown courage to stand for justice for Palestinians, Houthis, the 99%, the environment, single-payer - guess I could go on and on…keep the faith…

Emphyrio, no, you are not over-stating your assessment. Please allow me to share: there was a girl who grew up in the 50s and 60s, in a small village. Her father was a cryptanalyst during WW II and she was very proud of him. In fact, she wanted to follow in his footsteps to honor him. She joined the US Army in 1976, and after she was honorably discharged, she went back home. She decided to enlist in the US Army Reserve and stayed in for almost 12 more years and was very proud of what she accomplished militarily, becoming a First Sergeant. Later on, this girl started doing research and discovered what she had been taught was nothing but a bunch of propaganda. She now despises her government and is very disillusioned that all she thought she knew was nothing but lies. I am that “little girl” and it makes me sick to my stomach that our country is based on lies and is, indeed, a terroristic government and a hegemonic empire.

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