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Rights Groups Demand DOJ Probe Clinic Violence as 'What It Is: Domestic Terrorism'


Rights Groups Demand DOJ Probe Clinic Violence as 'What It Is: Domestic Terrorism'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Reproductive rights groups are formally calling on the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate recent attacks on Planned Parenthood clinics, including last Friday's shooting in Colorado, as acts of domestic terrorism—sparked by "hateful rhetoric" from Republican leaders and anti-choice organizations.


The clearly mentally ill shooter/killer at Planned Parenthood performed a hideous act of violence, but that doesn't rise to the level of "domestic terrorism" IMHO. His crime against innocent people was likely the result of "religious" intolerance and propaganda against abortion, but still the same holds true.

The police execution of laquan McDonald and all the other victims of police racism, violence and brutality does constitute domestic terrorism IMO.

The victims of this organized terrorism are by and large people of color and the poor. I will mention two other names and videos, James Boyd executed in a similar depraved way posing NO threat to police - he was homeless and "camping without a permit" and white, outside Albuquerqe, NM.
Also Walter Scott shot repeatedly in the back by a depraved coward cop executioner - another example of domestic terrorism.

We have all seen the Laquan murder vider, here is James' and Walter's - two other cases of domestic police depraved indifference and terrorism.......these examples had video evidence and still the cops lied and covered-up the truth and defended the brutality, how many others with no video evidence have been committed and killer-cops let free to kill again?

http://mappingpoliceviolence.org/unarmed/ unarmed people killed by police terrorism


Of course it is. Shooting at people who are just trying to take care of their bodies is terrorism. The shooters and harassers of woman's clinics are trying to alter politics with violence and threatened violence, which is the very definition of terrorism.


It is precisely terrorism. It is public violence DESIGNED TO TERRORIZE far beyond the immediate victims.

Even if you mount an argument that this shooter was a dupe, he still carried out the intended actions of the "intellectual authors" of the terror attack.

Really unsure why you would mount this argument though.


It sure IS terrorism. The war on women--as sovereign human beings with the right to control their own lives and reproductive capacities is a HUGE threat to the underlying teachings of patriarchy which regard women as the property of men.

Insecure men who are upset about the jobs sent to Mexico and Asia, or the government spying on them, or that gays are acquiring so many Civil Liberties have one group that's easy to target: women.

When you put together the role played by pornography that is designed to degrade and denigrate women, the fact that the leading reason why women go to hospital emergency rooms is from violence from their partners, that 20% of young women face rape on college campuses, and that abortion clinics have had Target Signs painted on them for 30 years... you put it all together and when a maniac takes out his gun and MASSACRES people, THAT is terrorism.

Of course, solider boys apparently can only recognize terrorism when it's wearing an Arab Uniform.


The causes of these horrific attacks on reproductive clinics and on womens' rights to choose whether or not to terminate a pregnancy are much deeper than just the hateful rhetoric of the GOP alone. The causes are deep, deep societal and cultural problems. Our society has been a violent society since day one, and these horrific attacks on reproductive clinics and women's reproductive rights are a big part of the net results, especially when there are so many guns around.


After the terrorist murders yesterday this takes-on greater impact.

I responded to this article expressing myself and thoughts poorly, as replies clearly point out. I tried to focus on police violence/killings as "domestic terrorism", not lessen the impact of the PP attack/murders or how violence against reproductive rights or women should be perceived.
The demand by PP for a DOJ probe into "domestic terrorism" stated a wider focus on violence against women's rights and health providers to include overt incitment by those who oppose women's reproductive rights, PP and other providers; people other than one deranged shooter/murderer.
"These attacks on clinics are part of a long history of ideologically-driven violence. They're perpetrated by an extreme minority that's committed to ruling through fear and intimidation," - that is very true.
The CO killings were clearly a depraved act by a really crazy/insane person and I conceived that was a factor to differentiate between the term "domestic terrorism" rather than criminal murder instigated/incited by others. Somehow I thought using "domestic terrorism" might dilute focus on the anti-abortion and PP camp rather than focus on those behind violent attacks/killings.
I did not mean to imply the attack caused anything but terror for the inocent victims, only the term used. I do offer apologies for what might have seemed an insensitive or ill-conceived comment. I have always supported women's rights in all regards and PP as any who have read previous comments should see. Mea Culpa.

"Words matter. When we dehumanize people – when we call them demons, monsters, and murderers – we make it easier for others to do them harm. Let’s not pretend that we don’t know that"



Oh, come on now, bccarver! The fetuses aren't people until they're fully developed, and out of the womb.


It's not cavalier for a woman to make the decision to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. It's beyond cavalier for the so-called "pro-life" people to try to force other people to kowtow to their point of view, and it's wrong, wrong, wrong.


"But it's okay to terminate life? Okay, got it."

The fetus is not a person, but it's a blueprint of a person and a life. Imho, to say that to abort a pregnancy makes it easier to commit murder is a lot of bunk. If Roe v. Wade is overturned, illegal abortions will once again crop up and more women will die of infections due to illegal, unsafe abortions that're performed by untrained people with unsanitary equipment, in unsafe, unsanitary facilities.

Also, the rate of crime, including homicide, would go sky-high, because kids who are unwanted know they're unwanted from the time they're tiny newborn babies, and anger and hatred, and thus the violence that often results from that will grow.


Nobody's talking about a baby who, for whatever reason(s), was born prematurely and is already outside the womb.

What I am talking about, in particular is the fetus that's in the first trimester stage and has not developed into a human being and is still inside the womb.


Again, bccarver--This:

"Maybe these women should be forced to carry flutter and then give the child up for adoption. Killing babies is wrong."

is something that I strenuously disagree with. Imho, bringing unwanted children into our society and into this world as a whole, is even more unconscionable, and so is forcing women to do so. Bringing unwanted children into the world is wrong, and it's a crime against humanity to bring unwanted kids into our world, not aborting it before it's fully developed into a human being and outside the womb. That's my take on it.



"You have to live with a deliberate ending of a life. Enjoy it if you can."

is a ton of irresponsible baloney, bccarver.