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Rights Groups Demand DOJ Stop 'Burying' CIA Torture Report


Rights Groups Demand DOJ Stop 'Burying' CIA Torture Report

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

It's been six months since the Senate Intelligence Committee released its damning investigation into CIA torture, and still, no perpetrator has yet to be charged with a crime.


Aww heck… Just for that, I won’t vote. They’ll be sorry when I let them win.


Our Government should not be a hideout for torturers.
It’s time to bring the #kittiekutter torturers to justice. Low level offenders should have personnel records black marked. Hi-level #kittiekutters should serve time. The highest should face firing squad.
These people do not (at least i hope) represent American values, ideology or Democracy


So vote and justify the election system. Do you think you win?


But wouldn’t prosecuting officials in prior administrations set a precedent for future administrations to prosecute officials in the current administration?

What if they should suddenly decide something done during the current administration, say drone strikes or failing to call a coup a coup, needs to be investigated/prosecuted?

No, looking forward at that we definitely don’t want to look back.

Hey, that’d be a good way to sell not prosecuting people for torture: Look forward, not back.


So vote and fix the election system. Do you think you can win a democracy without voting?


Gerald Ford does his job whitewashing the work of the Warren Commission and is named Vice President to replace the shamed Spiro Agnew. Ford pardons Richard Nixon. Ford is allowed to run for Prez in ‘76. Behind the scenes, the Bushes, Cheneys, Clintons and Obama are thick as thieves. You don’t get to be Prez without joining the corporate "good ol’ boys" club.

American politics is a system of bribery, extortion and blackmail. It always has been and likely always will. Money controls all.


Been voting since Goldwater and haven’t seen a democracy win yet and I do not expect to see one in the next election we will have the same non-choices decided for us. These two parties are two nuts sharing the same sack and they came from the same sperm bank the 1%. So if you want to legitimize their game go ahead.


What part of OFF THE TABLE don’t the 110,000 signers understand ?


If you can get the rest of the public to vote (64%), then you will see some wins. Republicans can’t win without suppressing the vote.


Failure to vote is never interpreted as disapproval or as approval. It is always interpreted as apathy because that is exactly what it is.

The message is do what you want to me, I don’t care and I won’t protest.


Thanks for defining not voting. Dictionary?


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The US is either a democracy ruled by law or it isn’t. So which is it? Why should their be any hesitation in responding to that question after all the American government just loves to lay down the “law” to every other nation on earth but can’t seem to enforce its own laws? GW Bush and his neocon cronies are war criminals as evidenced from their own confessions. Cheney especially just loves to tell everyone how he would torture again if given the chance. Either investigate, charge and prosecute these evil individuals or let other nations do so. The US has lost every bit of credibility it ever had and it will never regain that credibility until it does the right thing. Why is it so impossible to do the right, moral and ethical thing?


Torture. Bankster coup. Confederate flag.

(not to mention a bogus war killing a million innocents)

Being an american leader means having to never say you’re sorry.


Voting only justifies the electoral system when it helps move things forward for people. That usually takes a lot of work for election, and a lot more work after.


I vote green and I get the same result as I do voting dem or repub, I lose.


Yes. Democracy only works when all the people vote. Voter turnout seems to be what separates a democracy from a dictatorship. The best democracies have 100% voter turnout.


Greens and Progressive Democrats need to make alliances. With proportional representation, your vote would count.


"Failure to vote is never interpreted as disapproval or as approval. It is always interpreted as apathy because that is exactly what it is.

The message is do what you want to me, I don’t care and I won’t protest."

Well said.