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Rights Groups Demand Justice for Unarmed Black Man Shot and Killed by Tulsa Police


Rights Groups Demand Justice for Unarmed Black Man Shot and Killed by Tulsa Police

Nika Knight, staff writer

Civil rights groups and family members of Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man who was shot and killed by police in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Friday, are demanding justice for the slain father of four.

Dashboard and helicopter footage released late Monday shows Crutcher with his hands in the air as four police officers approach him, guns drawn and pointed at him, in the moments before he was shot.


Looking forward to a day without such senseless and racist deaths. To that end we must be willing to completely dismantle the USA as we know it because racism is at the very marrow of the institutions that define America.

My heart felt condolences to the Crutcher family.


How many more??? Every ONE is a tragedy and a CRIME!


The officer who murdered this man indicated she shot because she thought he was acting strangely?

So in the future this Police officer and others in the Tulsa Police Department will shoot people they think are acting strangely even If no crime has been committed and there no threat of violence?

Or does this mean it only applies to Black men they think act strangely.?

This has to be one of the lamest excuses I have yet heard. The Cop saw an opportunity to murder a black man and took it.


When these senseless attacks on people occur, and the cops claim the suspect wasn't following orders so they Tasered them or shot them, do any officers ever give a thought that the suspect may be hard of hearing, or deaf? Or maybe too much highway noise is causing confusion? Maybe even the flashing strobes are causing communication difficulties? Perhaps even, the person doesn't speak English, so cannot understand commands. If you have two or more cops barking orders to do something, that may create enough confusion to cause disaster.

My view of these tragedies is that many of these officers are poorly trained, as well as too fearful of confrontations unless they prepare to use deadly force before the situation is sized up and understood. That appears to be the case with this shooting.

The two officers discharging weapons at this scene need to be held accountable for their negligence in the death of the Tulsa man.


I am sick of the police being so stupid they can not perform any operations without thinking if they are black, I have to kill them. That cop needs to be indicted. Take the guns away from the cops until they learn how to police without murder and let the results fall where they may. Nothing but idiots.


You do have to give the police some latitude you know. This is Tulsa, a horror of a racist place to live full of scumbag White trash!


The cops are now claiming they "found" pcp in his car.


Thanks for the reference, markus44. In light of all the unjustified police shootings in this country, this SC ruling needs to be reversed.

Bad policing in the USA is supported by local citizenry, as in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The video, from several angles, is clear that no police officer's life was in danger. It's clear that this was an unjustified execution.

Absent conscience, the element that matters is money/taxes. A major and milestone lawsuit award, perhaps $100 million - $500 million award, needs to be rendered to the Crutcher family.

While an insurance company will pay this, the local citizenry will see their taxes raised dramatically, thus the carnage may begin to cease.


Yes, there are severe problems in other institutions involved in evaluating, processing, transferring and holding people. The immigrant detentions, the prisons, the jails, the mental care facilities. Problems in government institutions involved in government with integrity, seems nothing is clean.


A shooting like this indicates a complete failure of that police department to screen out candidates who are unsuitable for front line police work and a failure of their training system to address underlying racist attitudes and how they can lead to tragedy. The evident racism is indicative of the fact that the black citizens of Tulsa are at risk of harm every minute of every day from the people supposed to be protecting them from harm. I'm sure that this incident will polarize the people of Tulsa unless they have some extraordinary leadership who can help people move away from their worst selves and be open to a new way of seeing themselves and their city.


Police officers that are women operate in Countries such as the UK where there next to no killings of Citizens by the Police.

They do not shoot people at a higher rate because they feel as women they are in greater danger. Your "she is a woman" arguement does not wash.

If you listen to the audio you will hear a Police officer say "That LOOKS like one BAD dude". What gave him that impression? How do you see a person for the first time and conclude he a "bad dude" ? Was it his size? Was it his skin color? If either what does that translate to...?

Go back to the incident where a person called 9/11 after seeing a black man carrying a gun he had picked off a shelf in a store for purchase. Would he have called 9/11 had a white man picked up that gun for purchase and would the responding Police have shot a white man carrying a gun he had picked up to purchase?

The the "There no racism here" also does not wash. Racism exhibits itself as being present with a PATTERN of behaviour. You can not deny there racism involved without recognizing those patterns.


You responded to my posts by repeating the same false assumptions.

Racism is demonstrated by a pattern of behaviour and yet you repeat the "we can only look at one incident and ignore the rest as they have no bearing" .

By the way the Cop in the Helicopter stated that looks like a bad dude to be honest with you. I am sorry but your suggesting it because "he was still walking" does not translate into he must be a bad dude. He did not base his judgment on the fact that the man was walking. NO THREAT was being posed.


I never stated every police officer is guilty. I stated that in order to suggest Racism, one must look at a pattern of such established in a Police force. What you are doing is saying "No we must look at every case individually"

I ask you again as you refuse to answer. On what did the officer base his observation that "This looks like a bad dude" upon?

Give me some answers rather then hide behind vague responses.

I find it odd you can defend the assumption of innocence on the part of the police officer but the police officers in question never gave the man they murdered the same.

How are you different from a trump supporter?


This was not an answer. this was an excuse.

I can look at the video 100 times over and not make the conclusion the man a "bad dude" because he walking with his hands in the air. Nothing the man did suggested he was a "bad dude" so again how did the police officer arrive at that conclusion?

Give a reasonable response .

There a justifiable reason to ascribe to pass judgement on an entire Police force based upon PRIOR behavior. That prior behavior demonstrates whether faith can be put into the process or institution itself. As example here in Canada a Police officer who shot a man on a bus who was wielding a knife was found Guilty and sent to prison for he unlawful use of force. The system did not act to protect him and so an amount of confidence remains in the police force. On the other hand the people recognize that how Police respond to our First Nations peoples demonstrates racism . Picking up First Nations peoples that are drunk, driving them miles out of town and dropping them on the side of a road can not be explained away by "other factors" and there little reason given the history of Police interaction with our First Nations peoples not to ascribe such acts to racism.

The same applies to how they treated the disappearance and rape and murder of a First nations woman with a white woman. Unlike you I do not suggest each case has to be looked at in isolation. You want to dismiss all previous behavior as immaterial which is simply dishonest.

There would not be this type of reaction if this the only isolated incident yet you want to make it about this as being an only isolated incident.


No where did I say that. Please give me a single statement where I said all police officers were racists.

Either assumptions are okay or they are bad, You seem to be saying that assumptions are good?

I answered this several times over but you continue to insist that past behavior is immaterial.

Again as you simply ignore it.

If a First nations woman disappears and one files a Police report tand the Police simply ignore it or laugh it off you can not assume racism.

If they do this for hundreds of First nations women and do not act the same way for White women then it a reasonable assumption to suggest racism involved.

You keep evading that.

South Africa under apartheid was a Racist society I do not have to demonstrate that every White person in South Africa at the time was a racist.


Tulsa, Oklahoma police release videos of slaying of unarmed man
By Zaida Green, 21 September 2016
Dashboard and aerial footage show Terence Crutcher surrendering peacefully to police before being shot and left to bleed to death on the road.

Feel free to fire.
"The protection that unions have secured has helped create what Samuel Walker, an emeritus professor of criminal justice at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and an expert on police accountability, calls a “culture of impunity.”"


You are a hypocrite and dishonest to the extreme.

First you stated that I said we must assume all police officers racist, I never stated such a thing. You made that up and than repeated the lie over and over again.

I stated clearly a pattern of racism must be established . It still does not follow that if a pattern established in A given Police for it must mean all police offices racist.
These are your words again not mine.

Again if I establish apartheid South Africa was racist while it does not follow that every white person in South Africa was racist, it does follow that if a black person was murdered in South Africa for little more then walkIng with hands in the air, than it not wrong to ascribe this to racism.

This just goes over your head.

Point 2 this demonstrating your hypocrisy,

In another post you speak of Hilary Clinton and the Corruption of the DNC. Now I happen to agree that both are corrupt and this is based on their past record of behaviour which you suggest with the Police is not relevant.

You premise your statement on the DNC and Ms Clinton on past history even though not every member of the Democratic Party is corrupt or its committee . Why that double standard?

If I wade through your posts on the bankers, or on the Pentagon I am sure to find other examples of the same.

The state of Oklahoma and the City of Tulsa has a long history of racism. Tulsa is the site of one of the deadliest race riots in history where thousands of blacks were killed as the Police did nothing.

In surveys and studies it deemed one of the most racist cities in the USA. I did not give them this reputation. Just as Ms Clinton and the DNC they made it for themselves.

No this does not mean I an saying all people in Tulsa are racists. I doubt you will get it and I doubt you will ever get it as you seem to not have a clue as to what racism is and how it manifests itself so this my last response to you.


...planted by the Po-Po themselves, to be sure. If Crutcher had PCP in his car, would he have flagged down a police person, done everything he was asked and then waited to be murdered? In Tulsa, the worst criminals are outside the bars looking in and strut around armed to the hilt. Ugh!

My heart and prayers go out the Crutcher family.

May the police involved in this crime against humanity be tried, found guilty, and be sent the same prison where they sent so many others with the blessings of the prosecuting attorneys and judges.

What a pit of vipers and predators the Tulsa police department appears to be. Leaving a man they shot to bleed to death on the pavement while they nonchalantly walk around. Guess in their minds it was okay because the victim was Black.

So very tragic for any and all non-white people in Tulsa that the po-po perceive to be "acting strangely." WTF


While Times strains incredulity with his labored nitpicking of your statements, Suspira --Times has a lot of free time to criticize--- it is amazing to witness your tour de force in your reasoned responses. Truth with Power! Magnificent work. Best wishes.