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Rights Groups Fight Back Against Canada's 'Stomach-Churning' Spy Bill


Rights Groups Fight Back Against Canada's 'Stomach-Churning' Spy Bill

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Press freedom and civil liberties groups on Tuesday mounted a legal challenge against Canada's recently passed anti-terror law, arguing that it poses a "grave threat" to the constitutional rights of citizens.


I do not believe this law will stand up to scrutiny when ruled on by the Supreme court and that it will be deemed un-constitutional. I also think those that signed it into law know this.

They will keep passing such laws as tools of oppression over and over again even after such rulings.

In other words these officlals of the State will violate the Constituion with impunity. Any true Democracy based on the rule of law would have a mechansim wherein public officials face jail terms when they violate Constituitonal rights.